Diane Bergeron

Diane Bergeron

Ottawa, Ontario
Leadership and Inclusivity Expert
Diane Bergeron is a leadership and inclusivity expert that combines her knowledge of citizenship behaviour and workplace listening to contribute to positive workplace relationships. Diane Bergeron breaks down barriers and opens doors for blind people and engages in regional, national, and international initiatives to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live the lives they choose.
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Diane Bergeron was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at the age of five. By the time she was ten she was considered legally blind and lost all sight in her 30s. Undaunted by this, Diane continues to achieve whatever goal she sets her sights on – from higher education: she has her Master of Arts in Leadership – to physical fitness: she recently completed an Ironman. What many would call a disadvantage, Diane has turned into an incredible strength.

Through all of Diane Bergeron’s work, sports, and volunteer activities she demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of life of all people.
Diane is currently a Vice President for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), in a national and international advocacy role, and has held an array of other high-level positions in organizations that advocate for people with disabilities.

Diane Bergeron began her career within municipal administration as an advisor on disability issues and policy to the Edmonton City Council (Alberta). She left this position after five years, so she could advise the Alberta Government as a staff member of the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities. For over eight years, Diane took on a number of projects and roles within the organization, including the Director of the Council Secretariat.

Diane Bergeron also has a passion for adventure and is a bit of a daredevil! She has driven a race car, skydived, and rappelled down the side of a 29-story building. Her latest adventures challenge her physically and she has been competing in longer and longer races and triathlon courses – most recently the Mont Tremblant Ironman as the only participant in the physically challenged category.

Diane Bergeron has been an active volunteer within her community all her life, from working with youth groups and advocacy organizations for people with disabilities to supporting the work of post-secondary institutions. She has held many positions responsible for organizational governance and public relations. Whether it’s participating as secretary of her child’s Parent Council or President of the National Educational Association of Disabled Students, Diane brings together her experience and passion to the role.

Diane Bergeron is also a life-long learner. She is an alumnus of both the Management Studies and the Rehabilitation Practitioner programs at MacEwan University. She is also a graduate of MacEwan’s Bachelor of Applied Human Services Administration program. In 2011, Diane graduated with distinction from the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Royal Roads University, where she was also the graduate student representative on the University Academic Council. Diane Bergeron has been a self-advocate all her life. Indeed, she has had to be. As a woman with a disability, she has experienced her share of discrimination. Always one to use a challenge as motivation, these kinds of experiences re-ignite a passion within her: a passion for ensuring that all people are recognized for what they can do and not limited by others’ perceptions.

In her career, volunteer work, and in her personal friendships, Diane Bergeron continually helps others to understand that people are more than any label that has been placed on them. Diane truly believes that we are only limited by our own self-concept. Challenging stereotypes is her way of life and is how she opens ideas and conversations, and how she demonstrates that nothing is impossible if the will and support are there to try. Even without the ability to see, Diane’s vision is clear!



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Diane Bergeron Topic Presentations

leadership presentations

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Diane Bergeron will take you through her journey to completing Ironman Mont Tremblant 2017 using leadership practices. She will cover communication, teamwork, goal setting, collaboration, feedback, resiliency, the benefit of failure, endurance, and using humor to overcome barriers to success.


motivational presentations

  • Keynote Presentation
  • If you are looking for a motivational presentation, then this one is for you! Diane Bergeron will tell her story about becoming a blind athlete and her journey to Ironman Mont Tremblant 2017. She will take you through the trials and tribulations she faced and the barriers that she needed to overcome. She will make you laugh at times and move you to understand that nothing can stop you but yourself… all you need is a clear vision!



We had the privilege of having Diane speak at our team meeting (around 20 individuals) in January. Dianne’s session with us was tremendous. She spoke with our team passionately about setting stretch goals, striving for those goals, building resiliency, and reframing failure. I was moved by Diane’s ability to connect with our team on an emotional level. Through her personal story, Diane brought us through highs and lows and showed us the importance of framing, perspective, and laughter. Diane has the ability to create an electric energy in the room that will leave your team motivated and inspired.

Heather McDonald

Bayer Inc.

As a professional sales coach, I pride myself on motivating others to be the best they can be. As I listened to Diane Bergeron, I had goose-bumps as she spoke of her determination and challenges. Diane’s story was not only motivating and inspirational, it was real and touching. Diane speaks from the heart and that’s exactly where you feel her impact! Diane and her IronMan partner Kory McDonald brought me to tears – I sat in the audience of over 400 people, felt the passion and clapped loudly as they received a standing ovation! I was honored to have had the opportunity to hear Diane’s story, to gain from her experiences and to cheer her on as she continues to aim for huge...

Paula Schoepp

Bayer Inc.

I was truly moved by Diane’s talk and she inspired me so much that I right away called my kids to tell them about her after we saw the amazing presentation. Hearing her speak reminded me of how important it was to have a defined sense of purpose behind one’s goals. She was able to overcome her obstacles, with the help of those around her, and endure all she did, because she had that driving force inside of her, and that propelled her to strive to accomplish what she knew she had it in her to do- all because she had the most important thing of all: purpose.

Cecilia Latorre

Bayer Inc.

Articles & Media

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