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Sharon Koifman

Productivity and longevity in remote work

Sharon Koifman is obsessed about remote leadership. After years in the web hosting industry, he started DistantJob in 2009 as the first remote recruitment agency aimed at disrupting the way companies hire. Since then, Sharon Koifman has studied and researched not only how to operate remote businesses but how to create an amazing work culture, one where people love to come to work. Sharon Koifman has dedicated his mind to finding ways – through systems and processes, services and tools – to bridge the gap between the faces in the monitor and the people in the real world.

This culminated with him becoming the author of Surviving Remote Work, an in-depth guide for both managers and employees on how to navigate the fast-growing world of remote work. Surviving Remote Work debuted in November 2020 as a #1 Amazon bestseller in its category. Sharon Koifman’s company has also launched a highly successful podcast interviewing leaders from to tech companies about the ins and outs of remote work (fast approaching 150 episodes), and will soon debut a new media company called Think Remote.

Now, we are an unprecedented time in history. A global pandemic has changed the way billions of us live and work. CEOs and workers who used to operate out of a central office suddenly find themselves working remotely, trying to be productive and content in an environment they’re not used to occupying. Sharon Koifman is the perfect guide to lead thousands of companies through these trying times, as he and his company are changing the way we think about remote.

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You have spent years working with people that you can see on a daily basis. All you got to do is simply step on your room and guess what they are there. But suddenly a crazy pandemic hit the world and your people were sent home. This is the first time you can actually hear crickets in the office. Your first question should be how did crickets enter the office, but then what do I do now. This is really scary, you no longer can see your people working, you don’t know when they are coming in, you have no idea how to make them work. The good news this is your opportunity not only to bring your management game on but get your team to be more productive. Sharon would offer you a blueprint how to become a superstar remote manager, which will make you think why didn’t your company make the move earlier.

Oh man I just sent home, after 15 years of working in the office. I don’t really have my colleagues around, I feel unfocused and distracted and don’t know what to do next. As an owner of 3 remote companies for the past 18 years, Sharon Koifman will offer you the guide of what he expects from you to succeed in his company and how to succeed in other companies even if your own bosses still don’t know what it is that they want you to achieve. Following this strategy not only is going to get you the flexibility to choose if you want to stay remote or not, but your bosses might be so impressed they most certainly think about you when it’s time for the next promotion. Go get them superstar.

Research has shown us that remote workers are happier, more independent and more productive than their office counterparts. But in order to achieve that we must understand certain key concepts. Even more important - and an often ignored aspect - is how to maintain such gain in productivity in the long term. Part of the answer is to replicate virtually the productive aspects of the office where that is possible, and finding strategies to compensate for those that can’t be replicated. And, of course, identifying the things that were never good in the office and making sure we get rid of those. While many of us do figure out the productivity aspect of remote work pretty fast, we tend to forget that in order to be truly a successful worker or manager we must train ourselves to stay consistent, and Sharon’s key insights on how to build the optimal virtual work environment enable you to do just that.

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Surviving Remote Work

Sharon Koifman, a visionary and expert in building and leading remote businesses, launches his first book, Surviving Remote Work, on November 17th, 2020. Released in the midst of COVID-19 to help businesses and employees thrive in this new environment, the book is based on the author’s twenty-years of experience of running companies remotely. Surviving Remote Work is a practical manual of tried-and-tested strategies and tools to help companies thrive with remote work. Surviving Remote Work aims to help everyone avoid costly mistakes and make working from home possible. Managers and leaders will learn practical solutions to roadblocks many face when switching over to remote work or starting from scratch. Koifman explains how to improve morale and ooze productivity while maintaining a positive working environment. Workers will find expert advice about working from home while juggling all of life’s distractions. Sharon Koifman also emphasizes the major role the company culture plays in connecting people and boosting the employees’ morale whether they’re introverts or extroverts. Sharon delves into building a culture and why is it so important for a remote team. Koifman, who believes that working from home is more productive than working in an office setting, wrote his book while being a stay-at-home dad. He understands the struggles many parents face and shows how to not only get your work done with your children and significant other around, but have fun doing it. Surviving Remote Work takes on a complex subject, with a fun, casual tone rare in management books—making it incredibly refreshing and easy to read. The book is available on Amazon.

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