Todd Leader

Psychology, Social Policy and Mental Health Expert

Todd Leader is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker who has spent the last 26 years leading service development and transformation, as well as health promotion, particularly in the areas of mental health, addictions, and primary health care while also teaching in the Faculty of Science at Saint Mary’s University. He has earned the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award; Faculty of Arts, and the 2016 Overall Excellence in Teaching Award, from the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association, and health services under his leadership have earned two international best practice awards, and a leadership award for excellence in women’s health.

Todd Leader has also led the transformation of a mental health and addiction program to achieve the best wait times in Nova Scotia (from 8 months down to 1 month for adults, and from 5 months down to 1-7 days for adolescents). His work has always been about real change, not just holding leadership positions. Most recently, Leader was appointed by the Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Wellness to the Ministerial Panel on Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions and is the incoming President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, and Vice President of the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. He has recently authored a book that is a how-to guide and a call to action for improving the mental health and addiction system and goes beyond the theory and the same old approaches used in the past.

Todd Leader has learned a lot about leading real change, and has taught, coached, and mentored many people to become more effective leaders. He has learned about how to address the psychological underpinnings of an effective leadership team, to achieve collective accomplishments that could not have otherwise been reached. He has learned how to develop inter-agency, inter-organizational, and inter-departmental partnerships that achieve synergy and deep collaboration, not just information-sharing.

If you want to move to the next level of real achievement as a leader, or to improve the skills and effectiveness of your team or your collaborative partnerships, Todd Leader can help. This is where the theory ends, and real transformational leadership begins. If you are looking to educate, inspire, and motivate your team, your community, your conference or workshop participants Todd Leader is your speaker. With 25 years of experience he has developed a style and skill set that are dynamic, entertaining, and always thought-provoking. Never trapped by slides or notes, his public addresses are always free-flowing, adaptive to the audience, and impactful.

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The mental health and addiction system has struggled to meet the needs of the public. It is not because of a lack of compassion or intelligence among the staff, management, or health care providers. Services can be improved dramatically just by adjusting the way programs are integrated, the ways policies and procedures are developed, and the way administrative decisions are made. Transformation requires a paradigm shift. Todd Leader helps you achieve this shift to elevate your program into a leader in Canada. He will help you take mental health and addiction system-improvement beyond talk and into action.

Do you deliver a public service? Are you and your staff client-centered, but still hear dissatisfaction from clients, public, and media? By changing how we think about client-centered service, it is possible to improve wait times, increase client/public satisfaction, enhance responsiveness of services, and achieve positive media coverage? It's been done. Todd Leader will help your program more effectively meet the needs of your clients and public and become the pride of your community or jurisdiction.

We have the evidence and ability to keep healthy people healthy, through public policy. Want to learn how? Would you like your department or your government to be the one known for having made real improvement for current and future generations, instead of being cynically seen as just another collection of promises and sound bites? Todd will help your safety and health and wellness team create and manage organizational policies and campaigns to make sure that that your staff stay safer, are healthier and are more productive towards making health a priority.

Most organizations have struggled to develop partnerships between departments, or with external agencies or organizations. This is because of a few common processes, which can be eliminated through training and facilitation. You can develop partnerships that produce deep collaboration, and levels of achievement that could not be reached with each department or organization working separately or in a traditional partnership model. In traditional partnerships, we don’t always create more effective or more efficient work than we could do separately. Often 1+1 only equals 2. In an effective, collaborative partnership, 1+1=3. Todd Leader will help you and your organization achieve synergy on all levels and produce great outcomes together.

If you want to get past the theory and improve your skills and effectiveness as a leader, either for your current job or for your career goals. This is change-oriented training, not knowledge-oriented education. Todd Leader will inspire your audience for the leadership team in your organization. One size does not fit all, so the training session or presentation will be customized specifically to your needs, and you or your team will become more effective and get noticed for it.

Todd Leader will help your leadership, project, or team to work to its true potential and achieve its best results yet. Teams at work don't always function as well as they can to achieve an organization's results. You may have great people on the team, but their ability to function as a collective is what will distinguish them from being a good team or a great team. This requires specific practices, based on experience and social psychology research on group dynamics, which can be developed through training.

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It’s Not About Us

It’s Not About Us is a guide to improving the client experience in the mental health and addiction system in Canada. It presents a new way to think about what it means for a program to be client-centered. If you want to advocate for a better system, this book will help you do so. If you work in this field, it will help guide you through a more fundamental change than we have seen in many decades.

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