Dr. Aaron Barth

TEDx Speaker | Workplace Science, E-learning and Inclusion Expert

Dr. Aaron Barth, thought-leader and president of Dialectic, gives progressive leaders the confidence they need to tackle their hardest people problems using scientific methods and innovative technological solutions. Passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, Dr. Aaron Barth works collaboratively with clients to build high performing, inclusive workplace culture. He founded Dialectic after completing his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Western University, aiming to fuse theory with application to drive measurable behaviour change.

Dialectic uses the power of science to transform organizations by accelerating employee learning through digital microlearning, improving employee engagement and developing effective strategies. Dr. Aaron Barth and his team of gifted scientists and designers have implemented successful interactive learning experiences for companies across Canada, uncovering workplace barriers and mobilizing impactful strategies.

Dr. Aaron Barth, a social advocate, philosopher and entrepreneur, comes with a decade of experience working with clients to transform their organizations, and ultimately increase their bottom line. Not only does he inspire audiences to be pillars of change within their workplace, he outlines the path to action by offering tools and tactics for cultivating a thriving workplace culture. He believes while awareness is important in eliminating systemic issues in the workplace, taking action is the only road to change.

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When COVID-19 led to remote work for the vast majority of organizations, it also exacerbated diversity and inclusion concerns. Leaders assumed employees entered this virtual world on an equal playing field, but for some, this change to remote work was exclusionary in itself. Shifting to using video conferencing, messaging applications and other tech-based tools as primary modes of communication were and may continue to be difficult for many employees.

The first step to improving diversity and inclusion within organizations is empathy. The second is action. This means we need to build and maintain environments rich with empathy without the nonverbal cues we are used to. Audiences will learn how to quickly transition in-person training into effective e-learning to boost engagement and equip their workforce for success in a post-COVID world.

What are most organizations doing wrong when it comes to mitigating unconscious bias? Backed up by data and evidence from the behavioural and social sciences, Dr. Barth will explain why organizations should look at engineering a workplace environment using tools and resources that nudge employees away from bias, rather than wasting money on ineffective single session training and outdated resources. Further, he’ll show them how to do it, using short, pertinent scenario-based learning, proven to be more effective at changing behaviour, convenient for employees and offers greater ROI than in-person de-bias training. Attendees will leave with the solutions they need to create real, measurable change and achieve organizational excellence.

When leaders make decisions based on ‘gut feel’—as they often do—they are subversively relying on brain processes that lead to unconscious bias. This shortcut leads to seriously flawed decisions of which they are wholly unaware. Dr. Barth will outline how leaders can use the emergence of a ‘gut feel’ for a situation to insert small, evidence-based tactics to improve decision-making.

Providing training at scale, the main premise of e-learning, is too often accompanied by a lack of audience engagement. The good news? Scientifically-grounded design principles are available to educators to transform their learning experiences, simply by moving away from a surface-level approach to training and incorporating the element of storytelling. It’s time to stop polling, and start focusing on adding meaning and value for your learners. Join Dr. Aaron Barth as he reveals the tools and tactics necessary to foster deep learning and meaningful growth in our remote world.

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Anti-Naturalism: The Role of Non-Empirical Methods in Philosophy

Abstract: Some naturalistic conceptions of philosophical methodologies interpret the doctrine that philosophy is continuous with science to mean that philosophical investigations must implement empirical methods and must not depart from the experimental results that the scientific application of those methods reveal. In this paper, I argue that while our answers to philosophical questions are certainly constrained by empirical considerations, this does not imply that the methods by which these questions are correctly settled are wholly captured by empirical methods. Many historical cases of successful answers to philosophical questions involve strategies and methods that allow the divergence from empirically established results. I develop this idea and then illustrate it with Frege's methodology in his Foundations of Arithmetic.

A Refutation of Frege’s Context Principle?

Abstract: This paper explores the limitations of current empirical approaches to the philosophy of language in light of a recent criticism of Frege's context principle. According to this criticism, the context principle is in conflict with certain features of natural language use and this is held to undermine its application in Foundations of Arithmetic. I argue that this view is mistaken because the features with which the context principle is alleged to be in conflict are irrelevant to the principle's methodological significance for our understanding of the role of analysis in analytic philosophy.

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