Alexandre Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau

Montreal, Quebec
Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership & Peak Performance Expert
After the Olympics, Top Gold Medal Speaker Alexandre Bilodeau pursued a career in accounting & is currently a senior advisor in transactional services at KPMG. As a freestyle skier, Alexandre Bilodeau captured the imaginations and hearts of an entire nation when he became the first Olympian to win a Gold Medal on Canadian soil at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. After his gold medal run, Alexandre Bilodeau quickly found his brother Frederic Bilodeau to celebrate. Frederic was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and told by doctors that he would not walk past the age of ten. With their celebration on the world stage, Canadians understood that the journey to win a gold medal was not only Alex's dream but his brother's dream. Alexandre Bilodeau has won numerous world championship titles and is the first freestyle skier to successfully defend a Gold Medal at two Winter Olympic Games.
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Alexandre Bilodeau is the first freestyle skier to defend an Olympic Gold Medal successfully. Today, Alexandre Bilodeau is part of a Capital Partners team as an investment advisor. Alexandre Bilodeau is actively involved in evaluating potential acquisitions, the due diligence process, and the follow-up with portfolio companies. The work and determination that allowed Alexandre Bilodeau to make Olympic history allow him, even today, to excel in his new favourite field: the demanding world of finance. Competition in business is fierce. The obstacles are numerous, as are the failures. Alexandre Bilodeau holds a Specialized Graduate Diploma (DESS) in accounting from HEC Montreal, a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the John Molson School of Management at Concordia University, and a professional accountant designation certification (CPA).

Previously, Alexandre Bilodeau served as an advisor in the audit team and subsequently as a senior advisor in transactional services at KPMG. He has worked on numerous financial due diligence for acquisitions and sales with private and public companies in various sectors. A native of Rosemère, Quebec, Alexandre first fell in love with freestyle when Alexandre Bilodeau watched Jean-Luc Brassard compete in Lillehammer. Following his idol’s footsteps, he became the top Canadian junior in freestyle at age 14. At age 17, Alexandre Bilodeau joined the national freestyle moguls team and went on to an astounding career through sheer hard work. In the 2008-2009 season, he won the world championship in dual moguls and placed first in the World Cup. Nearly one year after his historic medal, he repeated the feat, grabbing the world champion title in the duals event. The same year, Alex became the first Canadian to win a Gold Medal in a Canadian-hosted Olympics at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

After paring down his competition schedule to perfect his technique and concentrate on school, he made a convincing comeback for the 2012-2013 season, winning the World title in Norway and the National Championship in Val-St-Côme, Quebec, both in parallel. In February 2014, Alexandre Bilodeau defended his title and won another Gold medal in Sochi, Russia – becoming the first Canadian to win back-to-back gold medals in consecutive winter games. He’s played an active role in numerous non-profit organizations, including the TELUS Foundation’s Community Investment Committee, Special Olympics Quebec, Children’s Health Canada, the MAB-Mackay Foundation and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, in addition to sitting on the board of directors of the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence.

Alex Bilodeau delivers presentations on gold medalist determination and inspiration that motivates, educates and activates each audience to increase their performance to meet their goals and increase their performance. Whether he is motivating sales teams or inspiring leaders to manage their teams, Alex’s insights and story combine to create a life-changing and memorable experience for attendees with practical insights they can implement in their lives right after the event.



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Alexandre Bilodeau Topic Presentations

necessary failures - adapt, adjust & improve

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  • What if entrepreneurs, employees and leaders were inspired by the same high performance standard as elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels. Champions come to training with one goal in mind: to be their best. To stand on the top step of the podium, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. Much like the business world, athletes don’t “just make it” to become successful. Failure a major role in the journey. Without failure there are not lessons to learn, no areas to grow or new focuses developed for improvement. Those who have experienced failure often have an extra edge or a new found energy to build off for their next attempt. It’s when you fall that you learn, improve, refine and adjust. Knowing how to get up and focus in the right area is the key to success.


the team behind champions

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  • An Olympic medal is never won alone, it takes a whole team to be on top, and to stay there! Just like the success of a business. No champion can claim to have won an Olympic medal alone. It takes full synergy between athlete, trainers and their supporters to win a gold medal. Respect for the team is essential. Knowing how to surround yourself is knowing how to win. Bilodeau compelled our nation with his inspiring story of determination, and his personal story of the incredible support around him, including his ever smiling brother Frédéric, born with cerebral palsy.

focus on the journey

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  • Is managing the uncontrollable possible? Stress kicks in when you give meaning to what you do. This is because you don’t know the outcome of what you care for. Why fight against the stress? Instead find a way to be comfortable within it and focus your energy on the journey. Champions train with one goal in mind: to be the best version of themselves. To be on top, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. The outcome will result as the product of your journey.

high performance standards in business & sport

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  • What if entrepreneurs and business people were inspired by the same high performance standard as elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels? Champions come to training with one goal in mind: to be their best. To stand on the top step of the podium, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. Failure too plays a role in the journey. It’s when you fall that you learn, improve, refine and adjust. Knowing how to get up is the key to success. You are only as good as your next deal.


Alex was a wonderful closing speaker. He was humble, poised, spoke from the heart, sincere and people really were impressed. There were even a few teary eyes. Frankly, it made for such a high feeling for the ending of our conference. It was a real lesson for me that people enjoy something for the ’heart’ as well as something for the ‘head’ at events they attend.

Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association

The event was a great success! Alexandre Bilodeau is an amazing speaker who really captivated the audience by sharing stories and things he has learned throughout his career. A lot of his stories really resonated with the audience & we received a lot of feedback that they really enjoyed having him as a keynote speaker for the event! He was so kind as well to answer tons of questions at the end of the meeting. Thank you again NSB for making the booking of Alex very easy and seamless

Employment and Social Development Canada

Articles & Media


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How to book Alexandre Bilodeau for an event?

Alexandre Bilodeau keynote speaker is an expert presenter and has a wide range of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. Alexandre Bilodeau delivers keynotes, workshops & training sessions. They may also host or emcee events. Hire Alexandre Bilodeau from Montreal, Quebec for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives. Your workplace will benefit from our keynote speaker and their keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for the audience members in Canada. 

Interested in booking Alexandre Bilodeau for an event?

Are you looking to hire Alexandre Bilodeau for your event? Alexandre Bilodeau Montreal, Quebec is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Alexandre Bilodeau is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Alexandre Bilodeau is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Alexandre Bilodeau from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Alexandre Bilodeau to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

Known as a popular key note speaker in Canada, Alexandre Bilodeau creates life changing experiences for the participants with practical insights and strategic advice they can implement right after the session. Working with a one our leading expert speaker like Alexandre Bilodeau from Montreal, Quebec offers organizations a fresh perspective to assist the people of the organization. No matter if it is a government, association, or business crowd, Alexandre Bilodeau is a perfect speaker for your event. Through unique practical insights for trending topics and years experience speaking to different organizations, Alexandre Bilodeau focuses on changing individuals to make better decisions at work and their lives. No matter if you are holding an in person or virtual event, having an influential speaker such as Alexandre Bilodeau will engage, motivate, and activate the audience to make a change in their lives and inspire action for results to meet organizational goals. Your workforce will benefit from Alexandre Bilodeau’s presentations and speeches, with measurable results set to shift the people of the organization and core direction of the company. Book Alexandre Bilodeau speaker for your annual general meeting, conference, summit, or convention in Canada.

How much does it cost to hire Alexandre Bilodeau for a keynote presentation or virtual event?

Alexandre Bilodeau is an expert professional key note speaker with a lot of experience speaking and delivering engaging talks to organizations and audiences in Canada. Each of Speaker Bureau Canada’s talent have different ways to assess their fees, and Alexandre Bilodeau speaker fee ranges depending on the size of the audience, event format (in person or virtual), event location, and if the organization booking them is a non profit, association, government department/government agency or business/corporation. The speakers we work with are flexible with their fees, and it is important for us to learn more about your event before we approach them, as it is our role to work for you, and to help you find a speaker within budget. 

Please contact Speakers Bureau of Canada and provide us with your event details so that we can contact Alexandre Bilodeau to check availability or confirm the pricing and associated costs to hire a great speaker like Alexandre Bilodeau for your event. As Alexandre Bilodeau's agent and as a Canadian top speaker bureau and talent agency for speakers, we are able to propose each event opportunity from each host organization’s behalf to try to help you get in touch with Alexandre Bilodeau and confirm them for your in person or online meeting/event. We can also provide and advise on the booking process and potentially negotiate their fee. Speakers Canada is a client focused speaker agency, and we work for you in finding good speakers for your team meetings and booking processes.

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Speakers Bureau Canada assists companies and event planning teams seeking to hire talent like Alexandre Bilodeau for speaking engagements, virtual meetings, conference appearances, training sessions and workshops facilitations. Our Canadian speakers bureau does not claim to exclusively represent Alexandre Bilodeau, however they are represented by Speakers Canada, and we work with them closely for their Canadian speaking opportunities and bookings. As Canada’s top speaker bureau, we represent Canadian motivational keynote speakers and professional guest speakers that will be available on your upcoming events date and location that are withing the budget. Our talented bureau speaker booking agency can help find business speakers or celebrity speakers that aligns with each organization, audience, event theme and the topic themes you hope for the speaker to address in their presentation. 

When SBC receives a request to book Alexandre Bilodeau we provide you with their speaker fees, travel costs and check their schedules. We work closely with the host organization’s event planning team and the speaker to handle the logistics and to relay or negotiate associated costs. Our talented team members then will work with our talent directly or their agent/manager/assistant to confirm the Canadian speaker fee and travel expenses, so that event planning teams can receive an official quote for the speaker appearing at the event. Speaker fees and travel costs vary per speaker and our role is to contact Alexandre Bilodeau about your event, after we have connected with the event organizers to learn all the event details and/or conference program. Each booking request is unique since session durations and audience sizes can vary which may affect the speaker’s fees. If you are looking to hire Alexandre Bilodeau, we recommend filling out the booking request form so a booking agent from Speakers Bureau Canada can get in touch with our talent to help you coordinate with your team to engage the speaker for a successful event.

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