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Doug Lawrence is a mentoring and engagement expert, an international certified mentor who aims to discover how mentoring can improve your organization. Doug Lawrence works with organizations to establish mentoring programs, influence mentoring as a culture, and provides one-on-one mentoring for individuals of all backgrounds levels and globally.

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  • Employee Management
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  • Personal Development & Growth
  • Team Building & Teamwork
  • Business Growth & Strategy
  • Business Management

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  • Inspirational
  • Lifestyle & Health
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Doug Lawrence is the founder of TalentC® and Co-founder of the International Mentor Community. Doug leads organizations to experience the benefits of how mentoring will encourage workforce culture to flow in harmony (mentors), improve productivity from employees (mentees), and reduce costly employee onboarding improving the bottom line (organizations).

Doug Lawrence is an International Certified Mentor and has obtained his Certificate of Achievement – Mentoring, his Certificate of Competence – Mentor and his Certificate of Competence – Journey Mentor from the International Mentoring Community (IMC). 

Doug’s Practice of Mentoring has resulted in his accumulation of 3,400 hours of mentoring (in person and virtual), 235 hours of speaking opportunities and 672 hours teaching others how to effectively mentor.

Doug Lawrence served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for 25 years retiring in February of 1999 at the rank of Staff Sargent. As a result of his service, Doug had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Doug is a volunteer mentor with the Sir Richard Branson Entrepreneur Program in the Caribbean and with the American Corporate Partners in the United States working with military personnel in their transition from military life to civilian life. Doug has worked with researchers to examine the role of mentoring as a support for those struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His experience in law enforcement coupled with working with people suffering from PTSD has afforded him a unique view of mentoring and PTSD.

Doug lost his wife, Debra to cancer in 2021 and has focused on how grief is a part of your mental health. His journey tells his personal story one that is heart-wrenching and compelling.

Doug Lawrence is an international speaker and author about all facets of Mentoring. He published “The Gift of Mentoring” in 2014 with his second book “You Are Not Alone” being published on January 17th, 2022 reaching Amazon’s #1 Best Seller and the Global Book Awards Bronze Award in the Coaching and Mentoring genre.

Doug works with organizations to establish mentoring programs, influence mentoring as a culture, and provides one-on-one direct mentoring for individuals of all backgrounds and levels globally. Doug Lawrence uses mentoring techniques in his work with people dealing with mental health challenges. 

Business Value for Mentoring

  • This topic provides an overview of how mentoring can bring business value to your organization. We explore a number of different aspects such as talent shortages, aging workforce, and lack of leadership talent to name but a few. This is a high-level overview of the business problems and how mentoring can help resolve some of these issues. This is an interactive presentation.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

Disengaged Employees and Mentoring

  • This topic speaks to the growing issue of disengagement in the workforce and how it can be dealt with through the “gift of mentoring”. We explore the various stages of disengagement and discuss how mentoring does factor in as a potential solution. We look at how the creation of a mentoring culture can create a positive workplace with a focus on a learning and development environment. This is an interactive presentation.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

Transformational Leadership and Mentoring

  • This topic takes a look at Transformational Leadership and Mentoring in a side by side comparison. We explore some of the other leadership styles but focus in on the transformational style more so in this presentation. This is an interactive presentation.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

Leveraging Mentoring in your Leadership Development Program

  • This topic takes a look at the importance of leadership development in an organization and how mentoring can play a huge role in the success of that program. We take a look at the global picture regarding leadership talent and how mentoring can create a culture of leadership development. This is an interactive presentation.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

The feedback received regarding your session surpassed our expectations in all areas and was very successful. Thank you, again, for hard work and dedication to helping make the 2015 HRIA Conference a success!

Douglas MacKay

Conference and Event Coordinator

Human Resources Institute of Alberta

I have known and worked with Doug for just over 5 years. In my capacity as President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA), I first worked with Doug and his firm in the spring of 2012 when Doug was a presenter at our Annual Spring Meeting.

Doug gave a presentation on the differences between coaching, mentoring, and simply supervising workers. He went on to present the benefits of building a mentoring culture as the new corporate culture. By all accounts, it was a very successful presentation and an important part of the meeting agenda.

The SHCA continues to consult with Doug and was pleased to have him back to deliver a presentation during our 2012 fall conference. This presentation was titled “Womentorship’ and focused on women mentoring women working within the construction industry.

Again, we received very positive feedback on the content and delivery of Doug’s presentation. I believe Doug and TalentC truly take the time to get to know and understand the client’s needs, motivations and work.

I work with Doug because I know that I can count on his integrity, understanding, and planning to not only assist me but provide value to my members. Doug Lawrence and TalentC are truly an asset to any organization’s efforts.

Shantel Lipp


Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

• Love the information and the instructiveness.
• Very well done in a short amount of time on a big topic.
• Speaker conveyed passion for the topic.
• I really liked this seminar. Presenter was very knowledgeable.
• Very good, loved the group activities that weren’t awkward at all. Doug obviously has lots of practical know-how to share.
• Awesome. Helps me in finding a mentor and understanding roles and expectations.
• Wasn’t very insightful. Didn’t get a great deal out of the session.
• Excellent session. Having a make-shift mentor program at our office, this really helps a lot. Great job!!

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Expertise in

  • Employee Management
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development & Growth
  • Team Building & Teamwork
  • Business Growth & Strategy
  • Business Management

Speaker Types

  • Conference
  • Inspirational
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Staff Appreciation & Employee Recognition
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