Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford

Edmonton, Alberta
Linda Crawford has been a trainer, leader, educator and speaker for over 25 years, offering practical strategies for individual and organizational fitness, health and wellness. She is a dynamic, motivated & spirited individual who exudes confidence & passion for life & delivers heartfelt engaging presentations that inspire change and action. Linda Crawford founded  "LC-Inner Mastery" with the intention to support the transformation from mental stress to optimal health and a reminder of the value of taking care of ourselves by managing our energy.
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Linda Crawford has always been passionate about people, spirituality, transformation and well-being and for the last 25+ years has studied and been certified in fitness, lifestyle, yoga, emotional intelligence, shamanism, meditation and mindfulness.

After receiving her honors degree from the department of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta. Linda Crawford started her career in the field of mental health. She gained a deep appreciation for supporting others struggling with mental and emotional health and how to be an advocate to ensure people were seen, heard and supported in their efforts to navigate the best resources for positive outcomes.

Over the years Linda Crawford created exceptional content and curricula that address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and delivery of these themes through presentations, classes, workshops and hosting of international retreats to a wide range of audiences.

Her ongoing devotion to serving her client’s needs forged the desire to also become a Certified Coach and Trainer through Erickson Coaching International where Linda Crawford coaches clients looking for a solution-focused model for effective change and lasting transformation.

Also, currently, the manager of corporate wellness, working to inspire thriving people and cultures of wellness and shaping a new paradigm of “corporate culture”. Linda Crawford is excited to take her passion for supporting needed change in the arena of health promotion and prevention from a heart-centred space while always keeping people at the forefront.

After her own struggle and story of burnout, Linda Crawford founded  “LC-Inner Mastery” with the intention to support the transformation from mental stress to optimal health and a reminder of the value of taking care of ourselves by managing our energy.

With the courage to use our voice to advocate for change, ask better questions and establish healthy boundaries, our desire to serve and support others increases exponentially. Linda Crawford recently completed “Emotional Intelligence” training through Positive Psychology with the intention to also incorporate these principles in her work.

Linda Crawford is also excited to share her E-book called “Big Heart Mess” of her story and key principles to live our best lives. In her own unique style, she shares her passion, insights, lessons and wisdom with those ready for positive change and inspired action.

She recently completed her Quantum Flow practitioner certification, Shamanic practitioner trainings and eager to combine her many tools with these powerful practices with the world.




Tenacious Living Network


“The Heart of It All” inspires listeners to step into their version of self-care artistry.

LC Inner Mastery


Mom is a Verb

Linda Crawford Topic Presentations

the magic pill of wellness is within - discover how you can inspire the inner game of optimal health and take back your personal power.

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  • How many times have you resorted to a quick fix for your well-being with no outcomes? Does a magic pill even exist? What if you could tap into an unlimited resource of pure potential and remember that optional health is your birthright?

    This seminar, workshop or keynote address is suited for team members and organizations that are seeking to live a more harmonious and aligned lifestyle in today’s chaotic and stressful world and cultivate a healthy sense of self and work culture.

    Linda’s articulate and sometimes humorous presentations and heartfelt approach confirm that the key elements of strength, nourishment, attitude and heart are what bridge a powerful foundation for desired results and outcomes.

    Linda will demonstrate how individuals can reclaim control of their personal, work and home lifestyles to become “Well”. Wellness is more than physical, it has a powerful mental, emotional and spiritual dimension. Discover how we can naturally increase the dose of that P.I.L.L. Participants will be inspired in strengthening their ability to overcome complacency, uncertainty and replace it with a desire to shift from barely surviving to thriving.

    This engaging session will provide practical tips and solutions to take charge – to stay the course and embark on the journey to health and optimal well-being by focusing first on being vs doing. The presentation will invite and guide participants to connect with their body, mind and spirit and leave them refreshed and renewed. It will open up dialogue to help remember we are here to live with an open mind and heart on the journey.

from burnout to shine on - key principles to be pro-active !

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Mental health is on the rise post pandemic and that includes burnout personally and professionally for many.  It happens and happened to Linda who shares her own journey navigating intense stress and strain, imposter syndrome and a sense of helplessness. It required getting raw and real with herself and others, risking disapproval, the courage to ask for help and coming full circle to remembering what it takes to come back to alignment.  Not easy, but worth it.  In a hustle culture and wearing badges of “busy”, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of incessant doing while negating what helps us thrive in a meaningful way with ease and joy.

    And, it comes at a cost if we are unwilling to ask ourselves deeper questions:

    • What is no longer serving?
    • What can be simplified?
    • What can be let go, released to make room for what is ready to be revealed?
    • Where are you overdoing, overextending, overworking and overefforting with little reward, low productivity and no results?
    • Where do healthy personal and professional boundaries need to be set?
    • How can you advocate for system change to support ease and efficiency?

    Join in hearing Linda’s personal journey and thought provoking and honest look at how our society and systems are built to focus on productivity and performance first before people. It’s important to define what optimal health means and take steps towards cultivating resilience and efficiency one step at a time that shifts a new paradigm of how peak performance can emerge.

the real kpi’s that matter - “keeping people inspired” - leadership that matters and makes a difference.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Servant leadership, adaptive leadership, agile leadership, transformational leadership, compassionate leadership – many models, ideas and theories to consider.  The question is what works and achieves the outcomes organizations, businesses and more importantly people are looking for?

    What if it were simpler than what we have been taught or what has been modelled?  Let’s start by focusing on 3 key considerations:

    • People are human beings, not human doings.
    • People need to feel valued and appreciated.
    • People need clear boundaries, expectations and a solid why.

    Old paradigms are crumbling and it is demonstrated by high turnover, quiet quitting, the great resignation and many other examples inspiring a radical reinvention in how leaders can show up to support as heart-based humans first. The world is changing, quantum shifts are occurring and people are yearning for more than wearing a perpetual badge of busy, stress and burnout and desiring purpose, meaning and a joy-filled life.

    Linda will guide you through her own experiences, wins, losses in corporate culture, the private and public sectors,  founder of multiple businesses, a solo-preneur and being in the world leading change and transformation. She will also share her wisdom, insights and take-aways from her own journey of learning the value of leading with emotional intelligence combined with critical thinking.  And the courage to lead from the heart. The world has shifted, have you?


This was a very timely message and much needed in these challenging times, a reminder of what matters and how to create change from the inside out.

Angela R


Linda Crawford presented to the Sysco Canada team of leaders and associates to talk about “the Magic Pill of Wellness Within”.  We truly appreciated her tips to move from a state of complacency and overwhelm and to a wholistically healthier state.  In her talk, she inspires us to truly do the work – simple practices for self-care that can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing.  Linda’s expertise, energy, passion, and caring personality shone through in her presentation, and our group has already booked her for a second session!

Leadership Team

Sysco Foods

Her energy is infectious! She truly embodies what it means to be living our best lives. In Linda’s presence, I see, feel and believe it’s possible to love myself, live an active life with physical goals and challenges, be an awesome mom, nourish myself with life-giving foods and choose confidence, empowerment and health. Thank you Linda for being a model and showing us it’s possible to have it all!! I love you.

Andrea Caraca-Hart

Finally, a seminar that I can actually apply immediately. Linda leads by example and walks the talk- WOW!”

B. Wilkins

Linda is a wonderful coach, she really notices who you are and connects to you on a deep level. I had the pleasure of working with Linda and the conversations I had with her made me reach beyond what I knew I could achieve. She helped me to think about my self-care and assisted me to generate a new plan for my life. I’m grateful for working with such an inspiring woman and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Lyony Ozephius

Life Coach

Linda Crawford is HEART and SOUL, coupled with COMPASSION and TRUTH! She shines her authentic light and others are instantly at ease with shining theirs. Thank you, Linda. You have enriched my life!

Sherri Stokes

Founder and CEO
Oasis Within

Articles & Media

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