Malcolm Gilroy

Finances, Global Economy and Economics Expert

Malcolm Gilroy is a seasoned financial services executive with extensive international investment and management experience. He spent eight years in Nigeria initially as a Technical Advisor to the World Bank Group, mandated to review the financial landscape of the country and to advise the Nigerian Government on ways to rejuvenate their dormant bond market. He continued to work in Nigeria as an investment banker and consultant. As an investment banker he built the global sales and trading operation for UBA Capital and was responsible for the oversight of UBA Asset Management, UBA Stockbrokers and UBA Insurance Brokers. As a consultant his clients included The Central Bank of Nigeria, The SEC of Nigeria and First Bank of Nigeria.

During Malcom’s time in Nigeria he addressed such august bodies as NEPAD and the Commonwealth Business Council, and many others. Prior to going to Nigeria, Malcolm Gilroy had a twenty-year career as a trading manager for some of the largest banks in the world. He was the Senior Vice-President and Treasurer for UBS, Canada, before moving to asset management with Laketon Investment Management, where he was Head of Global Fixed Income and sat on the Asset Mix Committee.

Malcolm Gilroy provides essential insight and advice to organizations that need on-the-ground insights into global economic trends from someone who’s been there and seen it all. Known as a straight-shooter, Malcolm reads between the lines to tell leading organizations what’s REALLY going on around the world and how global current and upcoming events could affect their bottom line. He talks about the golden opportunities that await those who are first to market, as well as how to weigh the risks before jumping onboard.

Topics include:

  • Global Business Environment
  • Investing in Emerging Markets
  • The importance of local markets in emerging economies
  • Building businesses in Africa
  • Relocating a family to a Frontier Market
  • The Political dichotomy facing western nations wishing to advance trade in corrupt emerging economies

Topic Presentations

Staying on top of a rapidly shifting world means gathering pertinent information, deciding which is critical, which to ignore, which is true, and which is nonsense. This cutting-edge speech from a global expert with hands-on experience will make sense of it all by linking demographics, economics and risk assessment to create a whole new picture of potential and possibilities.

  • Develop a solid information base on which to build your strategy

  • Get a clear sense of what is required to thrive in this new world

  • Avoid costly mistakes by learning what sources to trust

  • Find highly profitable opportunities that others have overlooked

This speech is for any organization either doing business or considering expanding into Africa. Africa is rich in natural resources and currently experiencing the fastest growth of any continent. Yet is ignored by most and feared by many. Don’t miss the enormous opportunities for early entry in order to ride the growth curve to market dominance and maturity. Learn the risks and rewards of doing business in Africa and protect your team, your assets and your reputation. Learn about the economic systems as well as the demographics of different African countries. Get the tools you need to minimize risk and maximize gain and bring a knowledge transfer and new capacity to your company.

We’ve come a long way in the last 150 years – from the Wild West and Victorian England to the transparent and politically correct world of 2019. Successful businesses are now required to review their expectations of transparency in a world of creative and opaque market practices. This hidden risk will play a major role in the management and success of any organization, economy or nation. Quality risk assessment and management is profitable and provides huge overlooked opportunities for an organization with vision.

  • Avoid being drawn into apparent opportunities fraught with hidden risk

  • Gain a profound understanding of this new world and your organization’s growth possibilities

  • Steer away from potential disaster and toward a dramatic spike in profits

  • Look ahead to find golden opportunities that are not yet visible to others

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