Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb

Calgary, Alberta
Metis Entrepreneur, Global Experienced Change Expert & Women’s Advocate
Lisa Webb is a renowned international entrepreneur and advocate for diversity, leveraging her extensive experience living across continents and her mastery in Educational Leadership to empower individuals with transformative insights on building resilience and embracing change. As an engaging storyteller and founder and CEO of a women’s organization, she inspires audiences by interweaving her personal journey with actionable strategies for personal and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of community and adaptability. With her dynamic approach to public speaking, Lisa guides her audience through a journey of self-discovery and motivates them to confidently pursue the best versions of themselves, ensuring they leave equipped to thrive amidst life's challenges.
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Lisa Webb’s journey through life has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a true global citizen, holding a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and unique perspective enriched by her Métis heritage, she has experienced the world in a special way, living on four different continents and exploring over 60 countries with her family. Her story is one of resilience, passion, and a relentless commitment to fostering empowerment and community wherever she goes.

Lisa’s remarkable journey unfolds through her passion for community building, networking, and the exploration of sisterhood on a global scale. Using her background in Educational Leadership, she possesses a deep understanding of the importance of education and its role in empowering individuals and communities. Through her books and blogs, she chronicled her remarkable journey and shared her experiences with the world. Her written works, which include six children’s books, five anthologies, and her memoir, ‘Becoming French,’ serve as a testament to her enduring dedication to personal and communal growth.

What sets Lisa apart is not only her extensive literary contributions and educational background but also the tangible impact she has made through the Wine, Women & Well-Being organization. Inspired by her global experiences, she founded this organization as a platform for women to become empowered and inspired while finding a sense of community, regardless of their geographical location. Today, Wine, Women & Well-Being boasts an impressive network of 30 branches across Canada, and France, connecting thousands of women and providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In addition to fostering a sense of belonging, Lisa’s organization has hosted large-scale galas and conferences featuring well-known, inspirational women from various fields. These events serve as powerful platforms for women to share their experiences, learn from one another, and celebrate their collective achievements. Lisa, as the Founder and CEO of Wine, Women & Well-Being, is a relentless champion for all women, creating opportunities for success and support while building connections, friendships, and business collaborations within her community.

One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is her ability to inspire and guide women on their personal journeys. With her educational background in leadership, she is well-equipped to provide mentorship and valuable insights. Through her public speaking engagements, she has helped countless women find the clarity and confidence to step into the best version of their lives with confidence. Her unique perspective, having traversed the globe, engaged with diverse communities, and embraced her Métis heritage, provides valuable insights and inspiration to those she works with.

Lisa’s story is one of courage, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to promoting the well-being and empowerment of women. Her ability to bridge cultural gaps, her passion for community building, and her talent for storytelling make her an invaluable resource for women seeking to navigate the complex tapestry of life.

Furthermore, Lisa’s journey is a testament to the idea that one person can create a ripple effect of positive change, no matter where they are in the world. Her work exemplifies the power of determination and the impact of building connections, fostering a sense of community, and drawing strength from one’s challenges.

In conclusion, Lisa Webb’s remarkable journey as a global citizen, educator, author, and founder of Wine, Women & Well-Being has left an indelible mark on the lives of women across Canada and beyond. Her commitment to empowerment, education, and community building continues to inspire and empower women, offering them the tools and connections they need to embark on their journeys with confidence. Lisa’s story reminds us that, in a world that can sometimes feel vast and disconnected, the power of community, education, and personal growth is always within reach.




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Lisa Webb Topic Presentations

getting comfortable in the uncomfortable - embracing change, nurturing leadership, and cultivating courage

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In a rapidly evolving world, the ability to adapt, lead, and make value-driven decisions in the face of change is a vital skill. Lisa Webb, a global citizen with a Master’s in Educational Leadership and a proud Métis heritage, offers thought leadership on “Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable.” In this engaging presentation, she delves into change management, leadership development, and the importance of leveraging strengths for competitive advantage.

    Lisa’s expertise in organizational leadership and fostering a culture of change equips her to guide audiences through the intricacies of flexible leadership in times of complexity and radical reinvention. Through her insightful and entertaining narrative, she explores how leaders can create a culture of change within their organizations and harness the power of change leadership to unlock new opportunities.

    Key takeaways from this presentation include strategies for embracing change with confidence, leading teams through radical transformations, and using value-driven decision making as a compass for navigating the uncertain terrain of a dynamic world. Lisa Webb’s message inspires leaders to find comfort in the uncomfortable, fostering a culture of resilience and innovation that thrives on the challenges of today’s ever-changing business landscape.

the power of connection and purpose - balancing health, community, and personal growth for peak performance

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Lisa Webb, a seasoned global citizen and CEO of Wine, Women & Well-Being, brings an insightful perspective on “Connections and Purpose” to the forefront. With a deep understanding of personal wellness, work-life balance, and the critical factors contributing to peak performance, she explores how these elements are intricately linked to the power of connections and their alignment with one’s purpose.

    In this presentation, Lisa explores the dynamics of emotional intelligence, burnout prevention, and emotional health. She emphasizes the importance of activated empathy, compassion, and active listening as essential tools for effective communication and win-win situations. Lisa provides practical guidance on preparing for impactful conversations, addressing assumptions and stereotypes with facts, and navigating strategic conversations and networking with confidence.

    Key takeaways from Lisa’s message include the importance of building meaningful connections, fostering community engagement, and promoting unity and collaboration. Her insights on community development, grassroots efforts, and partnership building underscore the significance of togetherness in our personal and professional lives. By the end of this session, audiences will leave with actionable strategies to enhance their well-being, engage in effective networking, and contribute to the development and restoration of thriving communities, all while finding their purpose within the intricate web of connections.

radical resiliency - navigating change, embracing transitions, and building a resilient mindset

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Lisa Webb’s journey is an inspiring testament to resiliency. From shifting careers and immersing herself in diverse cultures, to mastering new languages and growing a business from inception to a national presence, often while working remotely. Lisa’s story is one of tenacity, adaptability, and unwavering determination. In her captivating presentation on “Radical Resiliency,” Lisa shares her experiences and insights into managing internal and external change, dealing with uncertainty, and embracing transitions.

    Through her personal leadership journey, Lisa has cultivated a resilient mindset that thrives in the face of adversity. She provides valuable guidance on building emotional awareness, finding confidence when faced with uncertainty, and understanding the balance between what’s in our control and what’s not. She also emphasizes the significance of goal management and the importance of never giving up.

    Key takeaways from Lisa’s presentation include strategies for embracing change with confidence, overcoming obstacles, and harnessing the power of a resilient mindset, both at an individual and organizational level. Her journey exemplifies the notion of failing forward, trying again, and living purposefully. Lisa’s message inspires audiences to navigate change with grace, adapt to uncertainty, and emerge stronger and more resilient, both personally and professionally.

diversity and inclusion from a global perspective - a journey with lisa webb, champion of inclusion

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In the realm of Diversity and Inclusion, few stories are as compelling as that of Lisa Webb. With her Metis heritage, coupled with an extraordinary decade of global living across Europe, Asia, and Africa, Lisa brings a unique perspective to the table. Her background in Educational Leadership and Administration only enhances her authority in this domain.

    Lisa’s Global Odyssey

    Lisa’s life’s journey has seen her traverse four continents and explore over 60 countries. Her unique background as a Metis individual and her experiences living in diverse cultural landscapes make her an authentic voice on the subject of diversity. Lisa, along with her family, spent over a decade residing in Europe, Asia, and Africa, enriching her understanding of various worldviews and fostering an unshakable commitment to inclusivity.

    Educational Leadership and Inclusivity

    Lisa’s Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration adds depth to her insights into diversity and inclusion. Her rich professional background allows her to not only understand the theory but also implement it effectively in various settings. As an educator and business owner, Lisa has consistently championed the cause of equal opportunities and inclusivity, ensuring that her impact goes beyond words and theory.


    Lisa Webb’s remarkable journey, her Metis heritage, and her educational leadership background offer invaluable insights into diversity and inclusion from a global perspective. Her story underscores the importance of embracing diverse experiences and backgrounds, making a strong case for inclusivity as a fundamental driver of societal progress. Lisa’s experiences and expertise remind us that fostering a global culture of inclusion is not just a goal but an imperative for a better future.

burnout and work-life balance - thriving amidst global challenges - a personal journey of resilience and wellness

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Lisa Webb’s remarkable journey takes center stage as she explores the often-unseen challenges of managing burnout and work-life balance in an ever-evolving global landscape. From her career shifts from educational administration, to freelancing for The Huffington Post, and then becoming a business owner, Lisa’s experiences are a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and a powerful mindset for change.

    In this compelling presentation, Lisa shares the mental wellness strategies she developed while navigating a demanding career, running a business from different corners of the world, and immersing herself in various cultures and languages. She shares valuable insights on managing pressure, breaking down stigma around mental health, and promoting psychological safety in the workplace.

    Key takeaways from Lisa’s message include practical guidance on establishing work-life balance, maintaining emotional health, and preventing burnout. She discusses the importance of support systems, positive thinking, and compassionate self-talk while addressing the significance of removing stereotypes and creating environments that foster mental wellness. Lisa’s personal journey serves as an inspiring example of thriving amidst global challenges, emphasizing the power of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

women in leadership - navigating career shifts, building community, and leading change

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In the dynamic realm of leadership, Lisa Webb’s journey stands as a testament to women who dare to lead. Her transition from assistant principal in education to running an international business, founded on the principles of connecting women and fostering community, is a remarkable story of adaptation, resilience, and transformative leadership.

    In this engaging presentation, Lisa delves into the intricacies of women in leadership roles, offering insights on servant leadership, having the courage to lean into new ideas, and lessons from the unintended journey. Her personal experience exemplifies how value-driven decision making, leveraging strengths for competitive advantage, and embracing change can reshape one’s career and leadership trajectory.

    Key takeaways from Lisa’s message include strategies for women in leadership to thrive in uncertain times. She discusses how to create a culture of change, embrace the unintended journey, and lead with compassion. Lisa’s journey is a source of inspiration for women looking to overcome adversity, navigate career shifts, and emerge as transformative leaders in their respective fields. Her story highlights the possibilities and the power of women in leadership, serving as a guide for those seeking to lead with purpose and make a meaningful impact.

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I felt fulfilled, empowered and had a sense of connection. I would recommend any speaker to partner with WWW and Lisa Webb.

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