Sam Laliberte

Sam Laliberte

Vancouver, British Columbia
Serial Entrepreneur, and Global Advocate for Liberated Living
Sam Laliberte has been designing her lifestyle from scratch for almost a decade. She’s a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business coach who specializes in self-promotion, flexible work and lifestyle design. As the host of the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast, Sam helps others define and unlock their own version of the freedom lifestyle by leveraging flexible work arrangements and first principles thinking. Sam’s own liberated lifestyle involves traveling and working from dozens of different countries around the world and for less than 30 hours / week.
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Sam Laliberte has been designing her lifestyle from scratch for almost a decade. She’s a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, enthusiastic emcee and host of the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast where she interviews digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs who’ve pursued a career that provides freedom over their schedule, location, and finances. Sam helps unlock people’s potential to design their own liberated lifestyle and has herself built a multi six-figure business while working from dozens of countries around the world and for less than 30 hours of work / week.

Sam created the Freedom Lifestyle community after finding herself unexpectedly unemployed when a dream job fell through. She believes that in so many cases failure and achievement are just two different paths that lead toward the same successful outcome. Sometimes the journey involves discovering what isn’t working, and that is exactly how she found herself with no job, no income, and completely open to forge her own path. She decided to embrace flexible work, through freelancing, to gain direction for her next move. This is when the Freedom Lifestyle community and content series was born, bringing tens of thousands of freedom seekers along for the journey – one that started with modest beginnings but quickly scaled to a sustainable business and life of limitless possibilities.

Many people want to be self-employed and live the “freedom lifestyle” but everything has a business idea of a mindset that tolerates risk. Sam teaches people the quickest and safest route to freedom by leveraging flexible work arrangements such as freelance, the gig economy, remote work, digital nomadism, passive income and online revenue channels! Sam has immersed herself in the Freedom Lifestyle movement and successfully built a multiple-six-figures business through various revenue streams: teaching online courses, working as a remote consultant, managing her own podcasting agency and operating an e-commerce store. Sam does this all from her laptop, traveling annually to countries like Costa Rica, Portugal, South Africa, Italy and more! Sam boasts that she rarely works more than 30 hours per week, leaving ample time for adventurous hobbies like highlining across mountains, learning new languages or spending quality time with her loved ones. She’s now on a mission to help other freedom seekers leverage flexible work arrangements to design their own liberated lifestyles.

Sam has partnered with global brands such as BossBabe, WeWork, Fiverr and Bumble and her work has been featured in Elle Magazine, SirusXM, Women Who Freelance, Nomadic Matt and countless freedom focused podcasts. She’s spoken at national conferences like Social Media Week, LEAP for Business, UpLift for Women and dozens of virtual summits. Each week on the Freedom Lifestyle podcast she shares valuable lessons from her own journey, proven action plans that her audience can repeat and stories of relatable people who chose alternative career paths to design their own freedom lifestyle. Sam has a homebase in Squamish, BC where she lives for ~6 months each year with her husband and bengal cat. From Sam, you can learn to live a life that’s courageously authentic and on your own terms. What’s YOUR free?




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Sam Laliberte Topic Presentations

leverage flexible work arrangements to scale your business & design your ideal lifestyle

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Sam passionately demonstrates how to leverage the growing freelance economy and why it’s the quickest and most secure route to becoming a self-employed entrepreneur, earning freedom over your schedule, location and finances. She also shares how business owners can leverage affordable, reliable and highly skilled global freelancers to grow their own businesses.

    In this talk, you’ll discover:

    • The 3 myths and flawed mindsets that hold people back from pursuing freelance and leveraging the gig economy.
    • Adding a new revenue stream to your business tomorrow: ways to identify your monetizable skills, pricing your services, resources for upskilling and attracting your first (or 100th) customer.
    • How Sam has built a multiple six-figures freelance business, with diversified revenue streams, while working less than 30 hours / week and from dozens of countries around the world
    • Why the coveted digital nomad, location independent lifestyle is totally in reach.

the art of self-promotion - marketing to a global audience

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • You brought your business online, now what? In this hands-on and interactive workshop, Sam will empower business leaders and entrepreneurs with practical strategies and proven tactics for marketing their businesses in ways that don’t feel exhausting or salesy. Spend more time doing what you love in your business – creating and delivering your unique product or service – and less time securing your next customer!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Attract your dream customer: get clear on who you want to serve and how you’ll do it. This will set the focus for the rest of our workshop.
    • Map your customer’s unique journey: every buyer goes through a journey from awareness to interest to purchase to referral. Thoughtfully design this journey for your customer, and learn tactics you can implement in every step to improve conversion.
    • Learn modern tools for authentic promotion: effectively communicate your value without being pushy or sales-oriented. Learn how to leverage tools like podcasting, social media, and brand ambassadors.
    • Streamline your marketing: explore various time-saving techniques to achieve more growth results in less time so you can focus on delivering your products or services.

    Walk away with practical knowledge, actionable strategies and a renewed sense of confidence in effectively marketing your business in a way that feels genuine and sustainable.

design your dream lifestyle and career from scratch

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Sam passionately demonstrates how to use first principles thinking when choosing a career path and ensuring it will suit the desired lifestyle young professionals are seeking. Learn to reverse-engineer your ideal lifestyle and unleash creative possibility. Build a career based on your personal values and dreams.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Real-world perspective on how work has evolved and how to best leverage its new opportunities
    • Myths and flawed mindsets that hold people back from prioritizing life over work
    • A 3 step process for implementing first principles decision making
    • How to think for yourself and make decisions without pre-existing bias from societal norms

    Sam has built a multiple six-figures freelance business, with diversified revenue streams, while working less than 30 hours / week and from dozens of countries around the world. Learn to confidently live your life without  future regrets by investing effort now!

the future of work (remote work, gig economy, freelance)

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • Working productively from anywhere
    • Monetizing your current skills as a freelancer
    • Finding flexible / remote work
    • Transitioning out of your 9-5

alternative lifestyles (digital nomads, long distance relationships)

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • The pros and cons of traveling full-time.
    • Traveling on a budget
    • How to build and maintain strong relationships from a distance

women in entrepreneurship and unconventional careers

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • Diverse motivations for pursuing flexible work.
    • Challenges women face when pursuing flexible work.
    • Creative ways that women are making money online.


Sam is great behind the scenes and on the stage! Sam was a speaker and our emcee at the 2023 LEAP Conference. The LEAP Conference Coordinator was super grateful for Samantha’s ongoing support and problem-solving behind the scenes as well as her positive, cheerful, attitude. Her 90-minute motivational speaking, which at our conference requires providing a takeaway tool, was perfect for the business and professional audience!

Susan Stearns

General Manager
Community Futures

Sam’s charisma, a game-changer for the success of any event. Sam effortlessly establishes a warm and inviting atmosphere, resulting in an engaging experience. The feedback we receive from attendees is consistently excellent. What sets Sam apart is not only her professionalism but also her remarkable charisma and ability to make everyone feel welcome. She possesses outstanding interpersonal skills that contribute to the overall success of the event. Working with Sam consistently surpasses our expectations, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our collaboration with her.

Carlota Ganduxé

Head of Partnerships

Sam’s story of leveraging the gig economy to create a lifestyle that’s uniquely her is courageous and incredibly inspiring.  

Svetlana Karapetyan

Women Who Freelance

Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to turn your kitchen into an office by episode two.

Elle Magazine

Articles & Media


Are you ready for independence and the flexibility to explore a variety of passions at once? Almost half of North Americans will be independent workers by 2020, and many will choose where, when and how they work. To learn more about this mind shift, we stopped in Toronto to chat with Sam Laliberte,...

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Sam Laliberte quit her job in 2017 to be a freelancer. She had experience in sales, business development, and marketing; she had even co-founded a business. Having successfully worn many hats in her career and having the heart of an entrepreneur, she was ready to say goodbye to the 9-5 life for...

Member/Attendee Spotlight – Sam Laliberte

Lean In Canada

I’m Sam! I host and produce a podcast series and online community for women who’ve left traditional work to pursue the Freedom Lifestyle. I’m currently self-employed as a freelancer and love the flexibility that comes with it. Working from home with my Bengal cat by my side and having...

Western grads launch fashion startup with social conscience

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Introducing Samantha Laliberte, co-founder of Ezzy Lynn, a London, Ont-based company that sells premium hair accessories. 1. Let's start with the basics. Can you briefly describe your business, including when it was founded, what it does, and where you operate?



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