Massey Whiteknife

Two-Spirit, Award-Winning Indigenous Businessman, Serial Entrepreneur, Economic Development, Health & Safety Expert

Massy Whiteknife is an Award-Winning Indigenous businessman, serial Entrepreneur, industry relations, economic development expert with a 25-year background in occupational Health & Safety Embraces Two-Spirit Lifestyle. He is much more than an oil-patch entrepreneur who overcame great adversity to build a multi-million-dollar enterprise. As a proud member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the founder and of ICEIS Safety ltd, Koda-Cree ltd and founded the indigenous project foundation he is also an entertainer known as Iceis Rain his second spirit whose global celebrity and extraordinary life story are inspiring audiences from all walks of life.

Massey Whiteknife built a thriving enterprise with ICEIS Safety, in part by assuring customers that his sexuality wasn’t a reason not to hire him. Now a sought-after public speaker, he helps others develop the tools they need to overcome adversity and succeed in their lives and careers. What’s so refreshing is that he’s willing to share not only the highs but also the lows of his exceptional life.

At one point in his career, Massey was on top of the world as business accolades and awards poured in, including the 2016 Eagle Feather Award of Distinction and 2011 youth entrepreneur of Alberta, Canada. But with the collapse in the price of oil and the Fort McMurray wildfires, Massey Whiteknife lost everything and was forced to move to Edmonton to regroup. Now, after a rough couple of years, he is stronger than ever, Iceis safety turned to online safety training and koda-cree delivers his highly successful employment and job readiness program (the get ready program) Massey had to adapt to the dynamics of an industry experiencing huge change. “No matter what I go through I try to look at the positives in everything,” Massey Whiteknife says. “Every day when you wake up and put your shoes on, what you do is up to you.”

Having endured years of childhood sexual abuse, gang rape, bullying, addiction and homelessness, Massey Whiteknife learned to cope by embracing the other side of himself: his second spirit the female spirit know to all as Iceis Rain a fiery woman with comedic style and sparkly stilettos. Iceis Rain taught him to be strong, aggressive and to always give back to the people and the land.
Massey is two-spirit, a term First Nations people use to describe someone with both masculine and feminine identities. Embodied in the same person, Massey is an oil sands tycoon specializing in occupational health and safety and sustainable economic development, while Iceis Rain is a female jingle and fancy shall pow-wow dancer an anti-bully advocaat and the Canadian ambassador for one better world collective global. A multi-nominated recording artist and the international music ambassador for indigenous music global.

Iceis Rain has become the most recognized Two Spirit in Canada and the United States speaking at universities across turtle island and performing for thousands and was the first two spirit to perform on national television at the 2015 Aboriginal Canadian music awards. Iceis Rain has been featured in Alberta Venture magazine, on breakfast television, City TV, CTV, Entertainment tonight, ET Canada, numerous radios shows and podcasts. In 2013, she appeared in the critically acclaimed award-winning documentary, Oil Sands Karaoke. Her debut album The Queen, a collection of rock anthems and ballads with country flair, garnered five nominations at the 2014 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards, and she currently stars in the award-winning APTN docuseries Queen of the Oil Patch with another award winning second season now airing on APTN lumi.

Iceis Rain and Massey’s stage presence, dedication to their professions and commitment to being a voice for the voiceless ensure that attendees of their public-speaking engagements will leave audiences feeling inspire, educated and will feel empowered to look at life as an opportunity to follow their dreams.

Topic Presentations

This session is an in-depth look at the indigenous Two-Spirit Peoples, its history, facts and misconceptions. With information on ways to accept and flourish as a two-spirit and to provide the participants the insight to appreciate and acknowledge the Indigenous Two-Spirit peoples of Canada as they once were.

Join Massey Whiteknife as he shares his experience as a survivor. Massey is one of the few who survives being a victim and another name lost to MMIW. At 14 Massey Whiteknife was taken and gang raped by 4 males and 1 female. Over the hour he will share how it happened and what he did to survive. And what he is doing today to save more from being victims.

Many people know what addiction to drugs and alcohol does to a person, but in this hour, you will be enlightened on what the intergenerational traumas, colonization and the vicious cycle has done to today’s indigenous peoples of turtle island (Canada). Be engaged as Massey Whiteknife shares what it’s like for a first nations person struggling with addiction, and what they go through to survive in today’s society and the many misconceptions nonindigenous people see on the outside not knowing the internal workings going on within.

Join Massey Whiteknife as he informs you about the indigenous culture Past Present and tomorrow. Learn how to honour and respect the Indigenous culture, its protocols and honorariums. Learn The Do’s and don’ts of engaging an Indigenous elder, Chief and council, Traditional Two Spirit even attending a Pow Wow or A First Nations Community. The history, roles and impact of the indigenous people past and present.

Indigenous businesses, future of industry, partnerships, joint ventures, Indigenous entrepreneurship, joint ventures, business strategy, forward thinking, adaptive leadership, leading teams in change, leadership development, value driven decision making, leveraging strengths for competitive advantage, organizational leadership advantage, talent management, attracting new/the right talent. strategic networking, corporate culture, workplace culture, culture focus strategy, corporate responsibility, social responsibility, giving back, philanthropy, influence and business strategy.

Managing disruption, dealing with uncertainty, adaptability, dealing with things out of our control, agility, transformation, pivot, dealing with change, innovation, shifts, embracing change, flexibility, comfort in chaos, and complexity.

LGBTQ2S+ awareness, Two spirit culture, Two spirits-history facts and misconceptions, Indigenous awareness, community healing, unity, social justice, social equity, racial equity, racial inclusion, gender inclusion, racial bias, cultural bias, racial diversity, gender bias, gender diversity, gender inclusion, inclusive strategies, unconscious bias, implicit bias, microaggressions, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, oppression, systemic racism, systematic oppression, human rights, cultural communications, cultural sensitivity, cultural awareness, inclusive leadership, generational trauma, intersectionality diversity,  inclusive corporate cultures, the diversity advantage, stereotypes and eradicating stigma's in the workplace.

Mental Health, mental wellness, work-life balance, healing. mindset for change, compassion burnout, empathy, mindset shifts, PTSD, trauma, breaking down stigma, removing stereotypes, mental wellness, suicide prevention, preventative health, psychological safety, anxiety, stress, depression, positive vs negative vices, addictions, support systems, positive thinking, anti bullying and positive self talk.

Resilience, personal leadership, overcoming adversity, managing change, mindset shifts, what is in control and out of our control change in uncertainty, confidence, in the face of uncertainty, goal management, resilient mindset, resilient mindsets, resilient organizations, never give up, empowerment, confidence, failing forward, trying again, purposeful living, relationships, connection, connecting authentically, compassion burnout, compassion and empathy.

Health and Wellness, personal wellness, work life balance, peak performance, productivity, distractions at work, energy, burnout prevention, performance mindset, high performance teams, health and performance, high performers, traits of high performers, productivity, determinations, goal setting, goal accomplishment, dealing with high pressure, habit forming, habits to goals, performance management, performance management systems, time management, task management, procrastination, accountability and team performance.

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