“If you want to make a person happy, give her a job. If you want to make her children happy, give her a job she likes”. - Stephane Simard

Stephane Simard

Employee Management, Communication and Generational Workplace Expert

Stephane Simard (CRHA, CSP) is an international speaker and author of five books translated in four languages including the bestsellers Generation Y and Engage Your Workforce, finalist of the iGenie 2008 prize and the 2008 Business Book prize. Over the last 12 years, Stephane Simard has helped more than 25,000 managers to cope with new trends in human capital management through keynotes and workshops.

Stephane Simard is a regular columnist in business publications and TV shows such as Canal Argent. Since the release of his first book, Stephane has been interviewed by over fifty television and radio shows and has been featured in more than twenty-five newspapers and magazines, including Radio-Canada, TVA, V, Rouge FM, Les Affaires and La Presse.

Stephane Simard understands that the selection of your speaker is one of the most important elements in a successful event and with speakers available in every fee range and specialty topic, it can be a daunting task. He’s a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill. A CSP brings a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise. Only 12% of the 5,000+ speakers who belong to the Global Speakers Federation hold this professional designation.

Stefane is a graduate in Business Administration and Education and also pulls from over 15 years of managerial and leadership experience in both the small and large manufacturing service corporations. Stephane Simard gives about sixty keynotes and workshops annually in major corporate events across Canada and internationally to help managers mobilize their employees and reduce their turnover rate. Stephane’s progressive and relative insights and his personable delivery style allows the audience to easily connect with him during his presentation. He continuously refines his presentations and customizes them for each client. Stephane Simard is one of Canada’s leading experts on employee management, communications and the intergenerational workplace.

Topic Presentations

Generation X, Y, Z or baby boomer, whatever label you put on it, each generation seems to have a very specific vision of life and work. But can we generalize? Forget everything you have already heard about the generations and find out how to adapt to better coexist in a multi-generational environment.

In the program:

  • What are the expectations of the new generations and how to meet them

  • What are their strengths and how can they be made more effective?

  • What are their preferred modes of communication and how to use them

  • What is an ideal job or business and how to adapt to it

  • What attracts them and how to make it stand out more

  • What are their preferred consumption patterns and how to adapt to them


Find out how to increase the alignment between your expectations and those of your employees in order to retain your workforce for a long time and increase the profitability of your business.

In the program :

  • The 3 essential behaviors of a boss of choice

  • 52 forms of recognition on a daily basis

  • Decipher the DNA of high achievers

  • Address a performance issue with an employee

  • What to delegate to whom and how

  • Clarify values ​​and your organizational culture

  • Share your vision and the changes needed to make it happen

  • How to recognize the good behaviors that we want to see multiply

  • How to manage the progress of a team in person or remotely

Companies are increasingly innovative in the way they position themselves on the job market. SMEs must therefore find unique ways to differentiate themselves at low cost in order to compete with the salaries and advantageous conditions of large organizations. To do this, let's explore the 3 pillars of effective recruitment.

In the program :

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors in the job market

  • Take advantage of the 7 recruitment pools neglected by your competitors

  • Find the rare pearl in 7 seconds thanks to the Internet and social media

  • Find out where the right candidates are hiding

  • Create an irresistible job posting

  • The best ways to predict performance

Do you want new employees to be more productive more quickly? Studies show that a streamlined onboarding and training process shorten time to productivity, increase employee engagement and save time for managers. Managers and HR leaders, don’t let the lack of time or lack of organization spoil your recruiting efforts.

Discover how to plan a smooth and structured transition for employees from first day integration to continuous training and development. This presentation is delivered with humour and group interaction; while putting an emphasis on simple tips for quick implementation inspired by best business practices. Explore how to increase the engagement of your employees from the moment they are hired and retain them for the long term.

In the program :

  • Identify the 4 main causes of employee turnover

  • Target the right candidates to recruit

  • Minimize the 4 main irritants when recruiting

  • The selection interview that makes WOW

  • 7 mistakes to avoid when integrating

  • The 4 enhancers of employee experience

The cat gone ... You know the expression. Remote working has its benefits, but it also involves certain risks such as isolation, lack of support and lack of recognition. Discover the best practices to maintain a high level of engagement and mobilization in working remotely for you and your team.

In the Program:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of working remotely

  • Skills and good habits to develop

  • The 3 golden rules of working remotely

  • Best practices in remote meetings

  • How to increase trust and collaboration

  • The conditions for the success of working remotely

  • The 3 dangers of working remotely

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Engage your Workforce

Last year, the 100 highest paid managers made, on average, $40,000 per day. Why should we work flat out for a manager who doesn't even know who we are, what we want and what we can do for the organisation? Managers, discover ten fundamental questions that your employees are asking themselves and that you should absolutely answer if you want to trigger a burning desire to excel. In a pragmatic style, the author suggests a series of best-practices adapted to the reality of small and medium-sized enterprises

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