Cindy Crowe

Cindy Crowe

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Identity and Purpose Coach | Interconnectedness Expert | Lodgekeeper | Author | Public Speaker
Cindy Crowe, Elder, lodgekeeper, and author, is a band member of the Opwaaganisiniing (Red Rock Indian Band) located an hour east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Since 1994, Cindy has been bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities with her expertise in community liaison, community engagement and community development.
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Cindy Crowe, Elder, Lodgekeeper, Author, Public Speaker, is a band member of the Opwaaganisiniing (Red Rock Indian Band) located an hour east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Since 1994, Cindy Crowe has been bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities with her expertise in community liaison, community engagement, and community development.

Since 2004, Cindy’s business Cindy Crowe Consulting represents an award-winning Anishinaabe consulting firm and currently provides support to women entrepreneurs through the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise as the Lead Business Growth Advisor. Cindy is also an Elder for the Mooka’am Kwe: She Rises BizCamp program which provides Indigenous women entrepreneurs with opportunities to connect with their culture, expand their businesses, and network with other entrepreneurs while receiving education on a variety of business topics.

Since 2005, Cindy Crowe has been the Executive Director for Ozhaawashko-giizhig Traditional Teaching Lodge operating as the Blue Sky Community Healing Centre that is an Indigenous-led, community-led organization based in Neebing, Ontario. Cindy respectfully acknowledges that sacred space as being within the traditional territory of the Binesii-Wiikwedong (Fort William First Nation) and loves to welcome people to the land of her ancestors next to the shores of Ktichigaming (Lake Superior). Previous programming such as the Gitigaan Diziiaan (Planting Seeds of Self) opportunities as well as the cultural and Spiritual support provided to the inmates at the Thunder Bay Jail for two years, Ozhaawashko-Giizhig Akiing (Clear Blue Sky On The Land) is an intentional progression of this work to promote land-based teaching and healing aftercare opportunities on her 135 acres in Neebing.

Cindy Crowe operates a seasonal tourism business called Niibing Tribal Tours. Niibing is an Ojibwe word which translates to ‘in the summer’. This venture provides opportunities for her visitors to reconnect with Mother Earth while participating in the Anishinaabe culture through land-based experiential learning.

Cindy Crowe’s Identity and Purpose Coaching business is for a limited number of clients looking to reclaim their roots, understand themselves better, and identify their life purpose. Part of this coaching is delivered through Animal Spirit Guide workshops to better understand messaging from their guides. Cindy is also the author of Walking with Grey Wolf which honours her first vision and the Spiritual journey she has been on since then. She is currently writing her second book entitled All My Relations. She has also contributed chapters to a few compilations.

Cindy Crowe’s life purpose is to share a message of love and interconnectedness and she creates space for change in many different venues with people from all walks of life. She believes in leading by example. She is the grateful mom of five adult children and three grandchildren.




Shauna Rae


Healing Rural Canada - Indigenous Elder, Cindy Crowe - Season 2, Episode 1

Cindy Crowe Topic Presentations

walking with grey wolf, a personal spiritual journey

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  • The book Walking with Grey Wolf was written to honour the vision that Cindy Crowe received in 2006 and describes her personal Spiritual journey and the supernatural or spiritual experiences along the way. The period between her breakthrough (or breakdown) and her first years of learning to be a Lodgekeeper, and more, is documented in this first book. Cindy’s intention is that while you are searching for meaning within your own life, her book and sharing of her experiences may inspire you and trigger a memory within your own heart and spirit. With an openness and a willingness to notice the many messages that you are receiving every day, you too could find your spiritual guidance within yourself. Cindy is an inspirational and empowering speaker. Her tone is very calming and quietly motivating.

    Cindy Crowe remembers that in 1981 when her first child was born, the drumming began in her heart and the yearning to ‘come home again’ began. Home to Cindy is the area known as Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. On this land, they have the mighty Anamikiewakchu meaning Thunder Mountain, also known as Mount McKay, which is one of the world’s oldest topographical features, dating back 500 million years. It is the nesting place of the Thunderbirds. The 1,600-foot plateau of Mount McKay provides a striking view of Ktichigaming (meaning big lake for Lake Superior) and faces Nanabijou (the Sleeping Giant) which is another sacred area. This is where Cindy came to remember who she is.

    Missing a traditional Indigenous upbringing can be a common experience for many Indigenous people living on Turtle Island. Their culture and way of life was interrupted centuries ago and continues to be interrupted today by the dominant colonial society. This interference includes not being connected to the land, loss of community, losing their traditional languages, and a disconnect from their culture, all crucial aspects of their Indigenous identity. In some cases, the first time they are introduced to their culture is when they come to an urban setting while receiving medical services (diabetes is claiming many lives); attending post-secondary institutions; receiving rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol; or, while being incarcerated. Like Cindy’s mental health and domestic abuse experiences, this disconnect can create devastating and life-altering identity issues. The Spiritual and cultural support Cindy Crowe provided to the inmates at a maximum-security remand centre amplified the importance of identity and purpose, especially to the Indigenous inmates that were also experiencing a disconnect from their culture and traditional practices.

action steps towards reconciliation

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  • Since 1994, Cindy Crowe has been bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities with her expertise in community liaison, community engagement and community development. Cindy Crowe is familiar with and comfortable speaking at the board room level or the grass roots level. Cindy’s insights and reconciliation guidance comes from her 30+ years of consulting experiences traveling to the Treaty 9 First Nations, Treaty 3 First Nations, as well as the First Nations of the Anishinabek Nation along the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Her direct connections with these communities together with managing five provincial contracts across Ontario provided her with an intimate understanding of their connection to the land, sense of community, traditional languages, and culture which are important aspects of Indigenous identity. Cindy is offering this opportunity to consider how crucial it is for individuals to participate in the reconciliation process, including reconciliation with Mother Earth.

    When an individual or an organization is considering their action steps towards reconciliation, there is much to consider. The term reconciliation that is being used commonly throughout this land known as Canada, is a result of the truth and reconciliation process and subsequent report delivered in 2015 with 94 calls to action: instructions to guide governments, communities, and faith groups to reconciliation. Of those 94 calls to action, only 13 of them have been completed and 20 of them have not been initiated. It is vital to the economic survival of this land as well as to the First Peoples that reconciliation needs to be front and centre in all business and community planning and activities. In other words, invite the Indigenous people and communities to be part of your planning and engagement processes.

    First and foremost, it is crucial that your consideration include cultural awareness or cultural appreciation professional development and/or coaching. If you are invited to participate in an Indigenous gathering or ceremony such as a sweat lodge or pow wow, Cindy Crowe is suggesting that you attend. Ask questions, be respectful and ensure that you are following the protocols of the rest of the group. By participating in the Indigenous way of life, you will have a better understanding of what is important to them, and you will be able to see firsthand how the dominant colonial society has interfered with their traditional practices and culture. Some of the contributing factors to this disconnect: Indian Act; confining people to small reserves; Indian Residential Schools (last one closed in 1997); proposed Rights White Paper 2.0 (“Framework for Indigenous People”); introduction of health concerns such as smallpox, tuberculosis, and diabetes; and lack of clean drinking water to name a few.

all my relations

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  • Cindy Crowe has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between Indigenous folk and non-Indigenous folk. Cindy was one of three Finalists across Canada for the “Social Change Award: Regional Impact 2021” for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. Her passion is inspiring people concerning her understanding and practices of the ‘circle’ and how all people regardless of their ethnicity or background and other ideologies, belong in the circle.

    Whether you are a ‘settler’ to this country known as Canada or perhaps you are a newcomer or visitor, there are crucial matters that you should be aware of concerning the First Peoples or the Indigenous people to this land known to them as Turtle Island. Since contact, the dominant society stole many aspects of the Indigenous people including their land, resources, ways of life, language, culture, children, and their dignity. However, the Indigenous people are powerfully resilient and carry strong energy and Spirit and their ways of life and culture are being re-energized. They are picking up their sacred bundles and moving forward with a better understanding of their identity and purpose. This focus will provide you with an introduction to the Indigenous community and their ways of knowing and worldview. One of the highlights will be an introduction to the pedagogy of ‘All My Relations’.

    It is important that you are informed and receive guidance about Indigenous relationship fostering and relationship building principles. Through Cindy Crowe’s Anishinaabe ancestry and her experience and connections through her award-winning Northern Ontario businesses she can walk you through these steps. This attention will endeavour to improve your diversity consciousness as well as break down stereotypes and debunk myths. What is the distinction between cultural misappropriation and aligning with the Indigenous people and their culture? Tips will be shared on how you can impact the dialogue in an authentic way.

anishinaabe culture through the ojibwe lens

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  • Cindy Crowe is of Anishinaabe ancestry and an expert when discussing Indigenous identity. Since 2005, Cindy has been the Executive Director for the Blue Sky Community Healing Centre that is an Indigenous-led, community-led organization and she has known since 2007 that she is a Lodgekeeper as informed by Elder Albert Mandamin of Shoal Lake First Nation. These experiences have provided her with an intimate understanding of their connection to the land, sense of community, traditional languages, and culture which are important aspects of Indigenous identity. Therefore, it would be beneficial for your organization to create a respectful land acknowledgement. Cindy Crowe can provide some tips on land acknowledgements.

    Perhaps you are preparing to visit a reserve or do business with an Indigenous organization. Cindy Crowe can introduce some of the initial protocols such as whether to bring tobacco ties and other gifts for the individuals you are meeting with. What is the proper and respectful way to make tobacco ties? How can you make a medicine bag as a gift? Or, perhaps you have been invited to a ceremony such as the sweat lodge or pow wow and are wondering what is expected of you. Cindy can also introduce you to more foundational philosophies such as the medicine wheel teachings, seven grandfather teachings, and animal spirit guides. Cindy can also provide teachings and protocols on how to care for your hand drum.

    Cindy Crowe’s openness and dedication to the ‘circle’ are embodied throughout her speaking engagements. Her honesty and courage provide non-Indigenous people with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the Anishinaabe culture and ways of life. Her non-judgemental style of sharing offers a comfort and confidence level for her audience that perhaps they haven’t experienced before. Cindy’s understanding is that her Spiritual guides such as waabi-ma’iingan (grey wolf) and makwa (bear) support her with the encouragement and inspiration to share these important foundational teachings.

niibing tribal tours - anishinaabe tourism

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  • Cindy Crowe respectfully acknowledges that sacred space as being within the traditional territory of the Binesii-Wiikwedong (Fort William First Nation) and loves to welcome people to the land of her ancestors. Niibing (pronounced nee-bin) Tribal Tours is an example of land-based experiential learning in Northwestern Ontario on the most westerly point of Ktichigaming (meaning big lake for Lake Superior). It is the manifestation of a family vision comprised of Cindy Crowe and her five adult children (two daughters and three sons). Now her grandchildren are also able to participate. It is bringing together the age-old practices such as building a teaching lodge with modern folk looking to reconnect with Mother Earth and their own Spirituality.

    Cindy Crowe will share her land-based experiential teaching opportunities with her audience wanting to have a deeper understanding of reconnecting with ‘all my relations’ while participating in the Anishinaabe culture. Cindy will discuss various examples and experiences with her visitors and clients on her 135 acres in Neebing, Ontario, Canada. This sacred land has a tributary that runs through the length of the property and provides refuge for many animals. It includes provincially significant wetland and the mighty tamarack provides shelter and medicines.

    The experiences on the land are predominantly the same. When the visitors arrive, you can see their excitement for the day and how amazed they are by the beauty and peacefulness of the land. You can observe how the calming sense of Mother Earth and the comfortable environment provided through Cindy Crowe’s Anishinaabe lens washes over her visitors and clients. Individuals can choose the land-based experiences they would prefer, and Cindy’s team does their best to accommodate. At the end of the day, Cindy Crowe is a witness to the life-altering experiences that her visitors have and how these experiences impact their understanding of the ‘circle’.


Simply the best! Engaging, honest, sincere, well-balanced, wise, intelligent but very humble… lives in harmony with Mother Earth. Very inspiring individual.

Cheryl Lesperance

Indigenous Relations at Greenstone Gold Mines

We invited Cindy to speak at our event to honor Truth and Reconciliation. The event was very well organized, on-time and very informative because of Cindy. She was engaging, inspiring, wise and shared the truth in such a beautiful way. This event was planned quite last minute but she was very accomodating and worked with me on every step of the way. Please consider her as a guest speaker for any future events, You will not be disappointed. Cindy and her daughter are passionate about what they do but also very well-informed. Thank you Cindy!

Farizma Ahmed

Shoppers Growth Coordinator
Cornershop by Uber

We had the pleasure of having Cindy Crowe host our Indigenous Perspectives In Early Child Care Programs online workshop. Cindy really listened when we explained what we were looking for in this workshop. She customized the workshop to meet our needs and target our clientele. Cindy is a professional but at the same time makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. At the end of the workshop the staff felt they learned so much and were asking to have future sessions to learn more! We are so glad our paths crossed and we are looking forward to having Cindy host future workshops! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Cindy!

Event Organizers
Fairview Child Care

Cindy Crowe has been a tremendous support to myself as well as my workplace. She has such a kind & calming presence and is so wonderful and humble, recognizing that we’re all on a learning journey. She facilitated a sharing circle with my entire staff and was open to any questions presented, offering individual meets wherever needed. She also guided my naming ceremony and helped me open up to my cultural history & recognize my life’s purpose.

Joy Vanasse

Articles & Media

11 Things to See and Do in Neebing, Ontario

Northern Ontario Travel

The name “Neebing” (“Niibing/Niibin”) is Indigenous in origin and means “summer” according to the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary. Niibing Tribal Tours is operated by Cindy Crowe whose ancestors are from the Ojibwe and Cree tribes. The tours are located 15 minutes north of the Minnesota...

The Municipality of Neebing acknowledged Orange Shirt Day with a Community Picnic on Thursday

The Chronicle Journal

“I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in the Robinson-Superior Treaty territory and that the land on which we are gathering is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, the Metis and Fort William First Nation. Today marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation....

A new trade arrangement signals the end of the 'European' way of doing business

Financial Post

And as Schembri, who retired from the central bank in June, observed in his speech earlier this year, capital is also a major issue for Indigenous entrepreneurs. Cindy Crowe, who runs Niibing Tribal Tours, a tourism company based out of Neebing, Ont., about 35 kilometres southwest of Thunder Bay,...


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