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Jon Cornish

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFA Charterholder

The Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Makokis Family

A Full Indigenous Perspective

Dr. Kevin Alderson

Mental Health, Diversity and LGBTQ2 Expert

Alexis Hillyard

Stump Kitchen - Nutrition, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advocate

Anthony Johnson

LGBTQ2S+, Two-Spirit and Diversity Expert

Dr. James Makokis

Two Spirit Doctor - LGBTQ2S, Indigenous, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Suzanne F. Stevens

Conscious leadership and Social Contributor Cultivator

Teddy Syrette

Two-Spirit Advocate and Mental Health Expert

Mark Tewksbury

Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Tina Varughese

Diversity & Inclusion - ED&I Strategy, Inclusive Leadership, Cultural & Generations Expert

Massey Whiteknife

Award-Winning Indigenous Entrepreneur & Indigenous Two-Spirit Inclusion Expert
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