Monique MacKinnon

Monique MacKinnon

Ottawa, Ontario
Leadership | Employee Management | Workplace Culture | Change Specialist
Monique MacKinnon is a leadership, employee management, workplace culture & change specialist with 30+ years’ experience as a speaker, consultant & coach. Monique MacKinnon provides consulting and guidance to optimize entrepreneurs' and professionals' potential, performance, profits, and quality of life.
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Monique MacKinnon is a leadership, employee management, workplace culture and change specialist that has over 30 years of experience as a speaker, consultant, and coach. MacKinnon has worked with a wide variety of organizations across all sectors to assist them in their internal and external strategies to increase their bottom lines. From small leadership teams to large conference audiences, her clients describe her as progressive, unconventional and a voice of reason.

Her practical and ready-to-use insights bring every audience a unique experience with the focus being on measurable growth for long-term success. Monique MacKinnon’s sessions are full of humour while based on trust. Trust within oneself, trust between leaders, trust between teams. Monique MacKinnon believes that systems that are created and maintained with integrity and aligned with core values, create a culture where employees thrive, and the organization leads itself.

Monique MacKinnon invented the “Cue Ball Method”: a four-shot process that yields evidence, facts, and intel. This Method and her foresight expertise help clients grow their flexibility, fluidity, and functioning. Monique MacKinnon models this by co-creating magical experiences with her clients through her proven strategies and intuitive foresight. MacKinnon works diligently to positively shift organizational and individual mindsets to better understand the systems they need to incorporate for success.

Monique MacKinnon is co-author of the ‘Tipping Point to Happiness” book and featured in the Times magazine’s ‘The 90s: Setting the Pace for Healthier Living’. She is also a Certified Advanced Technology Manager and WEL-Systems NLP Practitioner. As an advocate of Less is More, Monique MacKinnon provides one flexible foundation/framework for success. She allows organizations and individuals to choose the functions and she customizes her sessions according to the specific outcomes for each group. She believes in empowering individuals to elicit the hidden knowledge and solutions ripe for having a larger influence in everything they do.




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Monique MacKinnon Topic Presentations

how to use serendipity to perform due diligence checks on your company’s ethics and compliance program

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  • According to Men, Women and Ethical Leadership: Gender’s Influence on Tone at the Top (the National Business Ethics Survey, NBES), the level of distrust by gender is not the same. More females than males don’t report misconduct because they sense a lack of faith or trust in the system or practices within their company.

    If an employee told you “I don’t trust you”, where would you even begin? What if this distrust in you wasn’t personal? Whether or not it was, would you want to know this? It would seem easier to brush this off. “If they have a problem, they’ll raise it with me.” — Except it’s not guaranteed.

    The truth shall set you free. That journey begins with self-trust. This highly interactive presentation teaches you how to face trust and compliance issues in enlightening and effective ways using the Eagle Soaring Consciousness Tool. It includes an exercise about your relationship with trust.

    You also learn the four-step process for leveraging serendipity to perform due diligence checks on that trust and your company’s Ethics and Compliance (E&C) program. By applying this process and your Eagle Soaring Strengths to communication, you and your employees will consistently rise to action… for the greater good. Improving the tone at the top will improve workplace trust and the ethics environment for both genders: both inside and outside of the company. Ultimately this’ll serve the company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and profitability.

    Why not give the gift of trust — today!

tune into your formula 1 race driver and shift into faster, more productive gears on the job

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • How can you tune into your favourite Formula One racer: to operate with speed, ease, and productivity in a hybrid work context? With practice applying the Trust Framework to teamwork and decisions, your workforce will be humming along and highly engaged in no time.

    This Emotional Intelligence focused session can be easily customized to the client’s requirements.

you can count on me - self trust for success

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • By nurturing self-trust, employees feel included, valuable, and happy which leads to further engagement and commitment to achieving organizational initiatives. Diverse teams that trust one another by incorporating inclusive and accepting attitudes towards one another support one another to get through challenges and reach any goal. Trust is at the forefront of all relationships in the workplace and without it, the workplace morale can crash no matter the task at hand.

    Her insights establish an achievable viewpoint of essential ingredients for each employee, no matter their race, gender or ability differences. Employee happiness and workplace morale is in large part related to how your employees view themselves within the organization. Monique MacKinnon delivers insights on how to establish trust within each department and team member to nurture relationships to create a synergized and compassionate approach to workplace relationships to maintain a strong foundation of trust for success.

leadership and change - how to be visionary - create bold results in uncertainty

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • How can you expand your capacity, expertise and success, with rapid digital change and uncertainty now being the norm? – Learn how to operate beyond logic and gut feelings. Apply the Eagle Soaring Tool™ (EST). Expanding your emotional consciousness frees you to be a big thinker, gain keen eyesight (and foresight), and efficiently make your best contribution to the company. This session also closes gaps between generations and emerging versus established visionary leaders.

collaboration - collaborate to innovate - what is the key ingredient?

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • How can leaders, managers and front-line workers collaborate and negotiate “The Gap” in, and innovate services?

    The key ingredient that closes “The Gap’ and ultimately increases your contribution to the company’s vision and internal and external stakeholders is self-accountability for solutions, decisions, actions, and results. This session teaches you how to leverage your collaborator type, strengths and vulnerabilities.

how to cultivate trust and strategic leadership success

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  • Today’s lightning speed of digital change requires that workforces adapt quickly. Growing personal and interpersonal trust is an effective solution that strengthens relations with stakeholders. According to Steve Jobs: “Caring deeply about what customers want requires intuition and instinct about desires that have not yet formed. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.”

dealing with change - ethics with action

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Understand how to strategically prevent and solve :Ethics and Compliance” issues and cases before they become full-blown, by applying the Cue Ball Method™ (CBM). The CBM™ is ethics risk management in action: a four-shot process that efficiently yields evidence, facts and intel. The CBM™ helps you grow your flexibility, fluidity and functioning while you model ethical mindsets and behaviours and promote balanced EC practices across key  functions.

how to hack the 5-digit code for a successful negotiation

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Do you dislike interpersonal conflict? It’s the most common fear associated with negotiating.

    Mastering interpersonal communication requires negotiating difficult conversations with students, parents, and peers. Being well prepared and anticipating and planning for the unexpected is key to managing these conversations with empathy.

    When you learn how to develop, trust, and spontaneously tap into your imagination and intuition, you can collaborate, negotiate, and make other important decisions efficiently and reliably. In this session, you will learn the: Five Steps to Win-Win Collaborative Negotiations; Six Common Negotiation Misconceptions and Remedies; and more. You will also receive a quiz and Reference Guide that identifies your Collaborator Strengths and Vulnerabilities.

    If you could have strong and meaningful relationships and peace of mind at work, would you want this?


When I first heard Monique MacKinnon deliver a keynote at the Global Innovation Summit 2016 in Dubai on How to Negotiate and Innovate on the Fly in the VUCA World, I couldn’t help but listen to her till the end. Monique spoke about negotiation tactics, using psychology as a tool to understand people and their actions. She shared real-life examples to help us relate to a situation and the steps she took to ensure that the person could emerge as envisioned. A wonderful speaker, her story-telling approach simplified the subject and stressed on the importance and application of negotiation and innovation in very practical terms.

Auritri Chatterjee, Dubai, UAE

Monique MacKinnon’s style leans toward the offbeat and unconventional. I love it as it generates a different type of interest. Rather than recite ethical codes, you go beyond that to an everyday approach that we need to go back to our natural inner feelings of right and wrong. In doing so, you initiated a lot of humour to lighten up and search for the correct ethical choice.

Rich Ramazinski

Chicago/IL, USA

When I attended Monique MacKinnon’s Ethics in Action session at ICPAS Summit19, I didn’t expect to hear about ethics as it relates to Forensic Accountants and Fraud Examiners. I also walked away with a bonus: a new skill and deepened subject matter expertise about how to prevent, detect, and solve accounting fraud. Monique MacKinnon talked about the Cue Ball Method. It was DEJA VU on Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting. Evidence-based investigation resonates with my understanding of, training and proven experience as a bank analyst/forensic accountant in search of the truth. It’s about submitting to the power of facts. Monique MacKinnon’s Cue Ball Method shows us...

Karen O’kwu

CA, CFE, CPA, Analyst
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

What I took away from How to persuasively speak UP to higher-ups was a confirmation to making sure to express confidence during those tough conversations. I also think that confidence needs to be balanced with humility by evaluating the “higher up”. Just because they are in a senior position does not mean they are at the same emotional level or capacity you may be at.

Mick Phillips

Facility Maintenance Manager
City of Grande Prairie/AB, Canada

Articles & Media

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Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations
Complete Guide to Successful Collaborations
The road to entrepreneurial success is paved with good intentions — and realized more easily and enjoyably... with Joint Venture Partnerships: aka Collaborations! And one of the fastest ways to partner your way to entrepreneurial success is to have secret access to the JV lessons learned from two...
Tipping Point to Happiness
Tipping Point to Happiness
This little book with a big message takes happiness (which everyone wants to have) and describes all the little contributing factors that must be in place (the tipping point) for you to be on the road to happiness. Most importantly, this book doesn’t just tell you to be happy; it shows you how to...
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