Wes David

Wes David

Windsor, Ontario
Host & Producer of Fishing the Wild West TV, Setting Goals for Personal, Business, & Life Success
Meet Wes David, a seasoned outdoorsman and versatile professional from Alberta. Formerly a fearless bull rider, Wes pivoted his career to become a prominent walleye tournament angler, outdoor writer, and the charismatic host of Fishing the Wild West TV. With roots in rodeo competitions and heavy-duty mechanics, Wes seamlessly transitioned into the outdoor industry, where he has amassed a wealth of experience. As the author of over 1500 articles on fishing, hunting, and conservation, Wes's production company also crafts compelling TV commercials. Devoting 125 days annually to the water, Wes prioritizes conservation efforts and actively engages youth in outdoor activities. Inspired by early mentors, Wes attributes his success to goal-setting and unwavering perseverance. Beyond his outdoor pursuits, Wes shares his inspiring journey through seminars for students, youth clubs, and team-building events. Emphasizing the significance of positive reinforcement and self-determination, Wes David exemplifies the profound impact of hard work and resilience in achieving diverse goals.
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Wes David was born and raised on a cattle ranch near Beiseker Alberta and has called Airdrie, Alberta home for the last 24-years. A former professional bull rider turned professional walleye tournament angler, outdoor writer, and host & producer of Fishing the Wild West TV, a fishing show dedicated to angling throughout western Canada and the northern U.S. States. Fishing the Wild West TV is in its 10th season and currently airing on 8-different US and Canadian networks reaching 18M households.

At the age of six, Wes David began riding steers and graduated to bull riding at age 16. He won a variety of amateur bull riding titles before turning professional at the age of 18. He competed in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, The Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association (USA) and the Professional Bull Riders Association for nine years until age 27 when injuries ended his career.

During the last few years of Wes’s bull riding career, the writing was on the wall that due to injuries his career as a bull rider would soon be over. At this time, Wes David began apprenticing as a Heavy Duty Mechanic. In four short years of apprenticing and school, Wes gained his red seal journeyman ticket and over the next 15-years, Wes worked overseas in six different countries, in the mines in northern Saskatchewan, and in the Oil Sands in Fort Mcmurray, and worked his way up into management roles.

Wes always had a love for the outdoors, especially fishing. He enjoyed writing in school and began to educate himself on how to write for magazines. To date, Wes David has written over 1500 magazine articles covering all freshwater fish species and fishing for them and many saltwater species. Articles and videos also cover hunting, wildlife and fisheries, fishing gear, outdoor youth, and conservation. In 2016, Wes started his own production company and now owns and hosts the popular fishing show Fishing the Wild West TV. His production company has also been hired to shoot a wide variety of TV commercials and Wes and his team are in the early stages of a second TV project call The Wild Cookhouse.

Wes spends about 125-days on the water each year fishing, videoing, and researching information for magazines, TV, and conservation efforts. Wes is a big believer in conservation, educating about Canada’s fisheries and wildlife, and getting our youth involved in the outdoors.

Wes David credits his diversified success to many of the teachers and coaches he had as a youngster and the lessons they taught him in working hard at whatever you do and not giving up on a dream or goals.

He believes that telling his story and showing the importance and power of setting goals to your students, youth club members, or your company team building events and projects in an ½ hour or one-hour seminar is a valuable lesson in helping kids or your team members understand the importance of setting goals.

His personal story and the power of setting goals and self-talk will give a basic understanding of how every individual is in control of their minds, not only through positive thinking but more importantly through positive reinforcement and self-determination.




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Wes David Topic Presentations

setting goals for personal, business, and life success.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • How does one go from a professional bull rider to a heavy-duty mechanic, to owning his own production company and producing a top outdoor show across North America? By properly setting goals. Everyone believes they know how to set goals. However, not everyone knows the art of setting goals and how to PROPERLY set their goals for guaranteed success in any area of their professional and personal lives.

setting goals for your business and your employees.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • A business owner can set his/her goals for their business but how do you get your employees to buy into your company’s goals? The topic will cover how employers can help and support those around them to help them achieve their company’s goals.

the personal life story from a professional bull rider to a tv producer. your mind will answer any question you ask of it. so be very careful how you talk to yourself.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • This is a personal story presented so everyone can relate regardless of their profession. How does one go from a professional bull rider to a heavy-duty mechanic, to owning his own production company and producing a top outdoor show across North America? By asking the right questions to themselves in any situation.

the two keys to success are already within us.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The two keys to success are simple and it is something we already have within all of us. Wes David will break down and show you the two simple and key strategies that allowed him to compete for 12 years in a mentally and physically demanding sport as a professional bull rider, then take the same two strategies and apply them to his everyday life and then to his career as a TV host and producer.


I’ve been in the Outdoors Industry for 20-plus years and have worked with many Pro Staff and Influencers at retail, shows, tournaments and TV… we are now going into our 6th season working with Wes David and never have I worked with anyone who (over) delivers as consistently as Wes and Fishing the Wild West TV. The communication and assets coming out of FTWWTV are second to none, we have never been left wondering what he is working on. Wes David’s commitment to educating and entertaining is sincere and approachable to anglers of all ages. He’ll help you catch one more fish! Also, Wes is a great human and my favourite kind of person.

Andrew Galloway

Team Canada Pro

I first met Wes at Thompson’s Camps in 2019 before we both flew out to different camps! We shared breakfast and we got to know each other. We stayed in touch with each other as Covid raged over several years. We renewed our relationship again at Thompson’s in 2022 with a full day of fishing and meals. What impressed me in spending time with Wes and Fishing the Wild West TV, is his following qualities, though there are many more! Humility, Honesty, Willingness to put others needs before his. An unwavering commitment to excellence in all he does (family, friends, his Sponsor’s and his work on Fishing the Wild West TV). I just wish I could catch as many fish as Wes does on Fishing the...

Steve Venarchick

Articles & Media

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Wes David

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Fishing the Wild West TV

Wes David

Hell or High Water

Fishing the Wild West TV

Wes David

Fishing for Food Banks


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