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Change, Leadership and Performance Expert

Audiences love Marc Andre Morel’s (CSP) content-rich but accessible presentations filled with stories, analogies, humour and energy! Part of what makes him so compelling is the strength of his message, delivered with passion, creativity and authenticity. His charismatic delivery and style inspire participants to immediately take action and use it at work and in their personal lives, making the total experience even more enriching.

Marc Andre Morel founder of Morel Leadership International and Du Leader Publishing is one of Canada’s top self-leadership experts. He has delivered close to two thousand inspiring, educating and entertaining sessions to both English and French audiences across Canada, the United States and Europe. With four published titles, he is a bestselling author, columnist, coach and consultant. After earning his Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal, he accumulated several coveted corporate sales and leadership awards including the Multiple Sclerosis Leadership 2002 Award for his professional excellence and outstanding community contribution. Morel has been interviewed and has appeared in various national television, radio and print media for his premiere expertise on personal and professional leadership.

Marc Andre Morel has also earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional by the International Association for Professional Speakers. He has been interviewed and has appeared in various national television, radio and print media for his expertise in Personal and Professional Leadership. Dedicated to making a difference for adults and youth, he is actively involved in his community to help strengthen the leadership of the next generation as well as to help promote life and perseverance in education. Marc Andre Morel’s own personal and inspiring story as a teenager is featured in the acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. It was at the age of 16 that he delivered his first motivational keynote in front of an audience of 1200 people.

Topic Presentations

The premise of this keynote is that it is possible to surpass yourself with balance. Filled with tips and tools, this presentation will help your team thrive in midst of change and new work configuration.

This presentation will help your team:

  • Understand what causes your performance to suffer.

  • Discover the importance of managing your energy before your time.

  • Recognize the cycle leading to burnout and your risk factors.

  • Learn how to boost your spirit and be happier at work.

Influence engagement and responsible team players who adapt to others and know how to collaborate

With humor, this presentation will help you to:

  • Increase individual responsibility in the team’s success.

  • Heighten performance and results with improved attitudes.

  • Improve interpersonal communications through greater awareness of self and others.

  • Harmonize communications by better adapting to differences.

  • Build collaboration by practising peer-to-peer appreciation.

Your success depends on both the outstanding performance and the resilience of individuals within your teams. They need to be revitalized and consistent. This talk will inspire and motivate each individual to capitalize on their strengths and take full responsibility for their results. Discover how to remain competitive thanks to know-how, the winner in front of knowledge and know-how within the technological revolution in progress.

Marc peut aussi donner cette présentation en français.

While demystifying change as such, the awakening generated and the tools presented help the participants have a memorable experience and have a benefit-oriented mindset.

With humor, this presentation will help your team:

  • Discover a series of tips to facilitate change.

  • Understand and de-dramatize ongoing changes.

  • Accelerate the learning curve.

  • Learn how to efficiently replace their habits.

  • Know the phases of change and how to avoid resistance.

New world, new rules. In this most current keynote presentation, we visit the following themes: culture, empathy, generation, retention, language, biochemistry and collaboration as the new tool set for another kind of leadership.

This presentation will help your managers and leaders to:

  • Develop a new mindset about leadership.

  • Contribute to a culture of ‘care’ and empathy.

  • Understand and use the human factors in leading.

  • What to say to be respected and well-liked.

Learn how to better face the challenges of relationships with your collaborators, in person and in telework mode!

  • When friendship intertwines with the relationship of authority

  • Dealing with more experienced, less experienced staff

  • Cushioning the clash of generations – Boomers, X, Y, Z and A

  • How to give feedback

  • How to change behavior of an employee

Put everything in place to help your team become all they can become, in person or remotely!

* Building trust
* Reducing relationship tension for more productivity
* Different personality styles – Test and Exercises
* Adapting to others for better collaboration
* What motivates people the most and how to use it

Facilitate change, in person or remotely!

* How to introduce change to your team
* Recognize and live the 4 stages of change
* Understand and reduce resistance and burnout

Learn how to quickly find practical solutions to your problems thanks to a proven method!

* Define the problem and find the causes
* Master the method Who? What? Where? When? How? 'Or' What? Why?
* Use the cause-effect diagram (Ishikawa or “Fish-Bone”)
* Find solutions and implement the chosen solution
+ Presentations of each team in front of the group

Employees leave their jobs because of the boss, most of the time. Improve your relationships and decrease attrition!

* The impact of ego on relationships
* To be loved or respected?
* Why Your Employees Hate You
* How to Give Recognition - Exercise
* Positive Appreciation for Higher Performance - Exercise

This three-hour workshop [possible in virtual mode] includes three exercises and discussions to unite your team like never before!

* Remarkable teams, made up of exceptional individuals
* Qualities of exceptional teammates – exercise
* Why conflicts pay off
* The colors of personality – test and humorous overview
* The immense power of cohesion and collaboration thanks to the peer review – exercise

Do your people know their strengths and how to adapt to differences?

* Free test
* Humorous overview of colors
* Team exercises and presentations
* Realistic staging and scenarios
* Action plan

To better manage, communicate, sell and influence, shine online as much as in person thanks to tips from a pro!

* Initial offline preparation
* Tips for a connection that does not cut
* Image or sound in priority?
* All About The Background
* Tactics Of The Professionals To Shine On Screen

This unique, entertaining and inspiring keynote presentation will reveal useful tips based on science, anthropology, philosophy and psychology in order for your team members to become what they must become.

This presentation will help your individual team members to:

  • Identify and act on their strengths.

  • Discover their biggest success factor.

  • Increase their sense of individual responsibility.

  • Be inspired to do things differently and innovate.

  • Be happier and more positive at work.

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Pour le meilleur de soi : 52 capsules de motivation pour vous surpasser Audiobook – Unabridged

Dans cette compilation de 52 de ses meilleures chroniques sur les sujets de la réussite personnelle et de carrière, l'auteur vous présente ici de façon simple et imagée, des idées, histoires, recherches et observations, qui vous aideront à : trouver et garder la motivation à l'accomplissement de vos objectifs ; être inspiré à travers le récit d'histoires à succès ; nourrir une réflexion saine sur l'état et la direction de votre vie et carrière ; reconnaître et apprécier davantage le bonheur et les gens autour de vous ; passer à l'action sur ce qui est important ; offrir le meilleur de vous-même à votre famille, emploi et communauté ; vous réaliser avec moins d'efforts et plus de plaisir.

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