Dr. Mitchell Abrams

Physician, Social Architect & Educator and Expert on Energy, Work Life Balance, Health & Wellness

Dr. Mitchell Abrams is a Canadian Radiologist, Guest Speaker, as well as the Founder and CEO of consulting and technology company thatdelivers a multi-disciplinary approach to personal wellbeing and community health. Abrams experienced a remarkable journey through western healthcare, as a physician, division chief and open-heart surgical patient. Through these experiences, he has been afforded an intimate look into our current healthcare model and a unique perspective on life. Combining his passion for the arts and medicine, Abrams initiated a social enterprise delivering innovative health strategies and programs to support mental health and social inclusivity using the power of the medical humanities and technology.

Dr. Abrams completed his medical degree and radiology specialty from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, holds a subspecialty in Magnetic Resonance Imaging from the University of Toronto and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Abrams is an Associate Professor at Michael G Degroote School of Medical Sciences and was Department Chair of Diagnostic Imaging at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Early in his Radiology career, Dr. Mitchell Abrams was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, a disease that can lead to sudden cardiac death in seemingly fit and healthy young people. He required open heart surgery in order to prevent the worst-case scenario. Through his experiences as a patient and department chair, he became acutely aware of the limitations of our current model of care. Disillusioned, Abrams began travelling to India, studying the Eastern holistic approach to healing, encompassing Mind, Body and Spirit, and in particular, the role of ENERGY as it relates to consciousness, the science of mind and overall health. Practicing with masters in the art of spiritual healing, Abrams began studying the intersection of science and spirituality.

Radiology is a unique specialty in the broader field of medicine, exploring the human body using energy rather than a scalpel. Combining his passion for the arts and leveraging his radiology background, Dr. Mitchell Abrams educates audiences discussing a new framework for understanding ENERGY through an East- meets-West perspective, explaining the latest brain health research and how it relates to overall health.

Dr. Mitchell Abrams founded NexGenHealth Ltd., a social enterprise creating healthy minds and connected communities through the power of the arts and technology. Through inspiring and socially inclusive co-creative programs, we heal, learn and grow together in celebration of a new vision for the future. By aligning with a variety of communities, locally and globally, Abrams is sparking a renaissance approach for improving health and renewing a sense of belonging to something bigger than the self while cultivating an awakening and a deep sense of connection among people and communities.

Topic Presentations

We can all empower ourselves with knowledge and new perspectives that will allow us to tap into our true potential for healing and reach our optimal level of performance. No matter the label we use, be it resilience, peak performance, feeling of awe or in the flow of life, medical science is revealing the profound effects our emotions, thoughts and level of awareness have on our health and ability to perform.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • Cutting-edge health research on the science of wellness.

  • Practical skills and strategies to hack your biology and optimize your physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Be introduced to new affordable biofeedback technology that individuals and companies can use to improve personal and organizational health

Prejudices created by social media, fake news and progressively polarizing politics continue to rip the social fabric apart. How can we break this vicious downward spiral and shift the collective mindset? How do we cultivate harmonious relationships and remove preconceived biases? Dr. Mitch Abrams will discuss emerging science explaining our interconnectedness and a new narrative for a local-is-global model of thinking. Dr. Mitch will provide strategies to build healthier communities - be it your family and friends, colleagues, or the global community at large. He will introduce tangible ways that we can all play a role in stitching the social fabric together.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • The science of interconnectedness and its impact on your health and wellness.

  • Biomagnetic energy fields and how our energies affect each other.

  • A new narrative explaining why we are connected.

  • Practical skills and strategies for establishing deep connections with others that can spark culture shifts within families, corporations and communities.

The Pandemic has led to compassion and burnout fatigue to be at an all time high. The uncertainty and challenges brought upon by the pandemic has put a wedge within ourselves with our approach to work, relationships, health, mental health and our work. Dr. Abrams shares his personal story of burnout and new insights gained from his life threatening illness, his time as department chief, and from travelling in India while exploring new approaches to health and wellness.

Through his story, Dr. Abrams will share how we must be accountable to our thinking processes and therefore create and maintain a foundational system to manage internal and external forces of change. Through self compassion and mindfulness, we can learn to tap into our core and consciously shift our thinking and therefore our approach to ourselves, our relationships, our work and our daily approach to living.

In this presentation/workshop, you will gain insight into:

  • An understanding of the extent to which burnout affects your colleagues, customers and personal relationships.

  • Maintain positive thinking through disruptive change through mindfulness

  • How to maintain a compassionate view with others even through conflict to maintain relationships and our mental health

  • Energy consumption vs energy output - how to balance more with less available within.

Ingrained thought and behavioural patterns dictate much of how we act and think. Emerging science reveals we each have the capacity to break old patterns and create new ones. This capacity to HACK our subconscious mind is the next chapter in health and wellness and is key to a proactive and preventative healthcare model. Dr. Abrams will empower audiences with knowledge of emerging research and new perspectives and will provide effective skills and strategies for personal transformation.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

Emerging science around the “Heart Brain” and how to access higher levels of consciousness.
How emotions and state of mind affect your mental facilities and ability to perform.
Skills and strategies for disrupting old patterns and creating new ones.
How these techniques can be incorporated into corporate and community environments.

It has long been thought that science and spirituality are separate and distinct, and perhaps even contradictory. Emerging Western scientific research in the fields of quantum mechanics and psychophysiology are unveiling new perspectives that align with ancient wisdom. The spiritual sciences, understood as the science of connection, is now identified as a key tenet for health and wellness and thriving communities. Dr. Mitch Abrams will explore the intersection of science and spirituality and provide simple exercises to unlock your true inherent capacity to thrive and establish deep connections to those around you and to something greater than self.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • A new framework for understanding energy that bridges the gap between modern science and ancient wisdom.

  • Practical applications for age old mental exercises and spiritual wisdom.

  • Be introduced to new affordable biofeedback technology that individuals and companies can use to improve personal and organizational health.

Only 10% of communication is related to the words we use, the remaining 90% is non-verbal related to your emotions and state of mind. Dr. Mitch Abrams will discuss emerging psychophysiology research and how your body communicates to others. You will learn specific methods to align your mind, emotion and heart to be a more effective communicator and receiver, be it with family, friends or colleagues.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • The role of the heart in communication.

  • Techniques that will help you tune into your heart thereby deepening the human experience and bring truth, authenticity and compassion into all of your communication.

  • Strategies that support healthier social environments, from the home to the workplace, fostering a sense of peace and enhancing creativity and productivity.

The idea that global health is somewhere “out there” no longer applies. Between the internet and accessible air travel, we are a global community. The status quo healthcare model is outdated and lagging, no longer sufficient in today’s era; like a shoe that doesn’t fit, we have outgrown this model. Dr. Abrams will explain the emerging science of our interconnectedness. He will discuss what a local-is-global community health model looks like and how we as individuals and organizations all have a part to play in today's new reality.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • A new approach to health and wellness.

  • Accessible technology that will allow us to bring communities together.

  • Provide a blueprint for pivoting organizational and even our global trajectory towards a more sustainable and human centred approach.

Prior to COVID, the Canadian Medical Association Journal identified suicide as the only cause of mortality greater among physicians compared to non-physicians.

Compassion fatigue and burnout are at an all time high with COVID-19 exacerbating this pre-existing pandemic. Dr. Abrams will share his personal story of burnout and new insights gained from his life threatening illness, his time as department chief, and from travelling in India while exploring new approaches to health and wellness.

In this presentation you will gain insight into:

  • An understanding of the extent to which physician burnout affects practitioners, healthcare consumers and the broader community as a whole.

  • The truth about the practitioner experience in the current healthcare system from an insider's perspective.

  • A blueprint for a proactive and preventative whole-person healthcare model that addresses the wellbeing of both practitioner and patient.

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