Raz Chan

Raz Chan

Vancouver, British Columbia
Professional Martial Artist | Anti-Racism | Resilience & Self-Defense Expert
Discover the awe-inspiring story of Professor Raz Chan, a true fighter who overcame challenges and racism to become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, entrepreneur, and author. Born as a first-generation Chinese Canadian, he faced daily struggles adapting to Canadian culture while preserving his Chinese heritage. Through his unwavering determination and the transformative power of martial arts, he achieved success and became a source of inspiration for others. Join Raz on his journey of triumph and let his story motivate you to overcome any obstacles in your path and achieve greatness.
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Raz Chan is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, entrepreneur, and author with an inspiring personal story. As a first-generation Chinese Canadian, Raz’s childhood was full of challenges in balancing his Chinese roots with fitting into Canadian life. His family’s pursuit of the Canadian dream of financial success was a difficult one. His grandfather established a Chinese restaurant in the 1950s in Winnipeg where many stories of racism and intolerance were passed down to Raz.

Through years of hard work, Raz’s father took over the restaurant business, but it eventually failed, leading him to declare bankruptcy. Raz’s father, a proud man, and a martial arts master had to figure out how to support his four young children and wife who did not speak English. It was during this time that Raz was introduced to martial arts by his father, which he learned could transform individuals into stronger, better versions of themselves.

Raz Chan’s family’s financial struggles often lead to hydro disconnecting their services to the household, but his father’s determination to succeed never diminished. He started a small beansprout company in the basement of their home, and during the day, he and his mom tended to the business while at night, he worked as a delivery driver for a Kentucky Fried Chicken in a sketchy part of town. Young Raz Chan had to go to work in the business at the age of 10 out of necessity.

After 12 years, the family began to see their fortunes improve, but the experience of growing up as a normal Canadian kid was stolen from Raz Chan. This led him to move away from his family at the age of 23 to seek a new life in Vancouver. His parents did not support his decision as Chinese kids were expected to stay at home until they married.  However, Raz made up his mind to venture into the unknown, and this decision eventually led him to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a sport that changed everything for him.

Now 54 years old, 22 years after setting foot in a jiu-jitsu school, Raz owns the Gracie Barra New Westminster where Raz Chan teaches law enforcement personnel, working professionals, and families. His success in martial arts and entrepreneurship has led him to begin his corporate speaking career on cultural diversity and by applying the lessons of martial arts to overcome barriers to success in the workplace.

As a distinguished leader in the community, Raz Chan has been voted by Shaw Communications in 2017, as one of Canada’s Top 50 Most Outstanding Canadians. He has appeared in major media outlets such as CTV, Vancouver Magazine, Gracie Magazine, and Canada’s Fashion Mag.

Raz’s personal journey of overcoming challenges and racism is one that inspires and excites event planners looking for a speaker for their event. Through his stories, Raz takes his audience on an inspiring journey of transformation, perseverance, and resilience. His speeches will leave a lasting impact on your event, motivating your audience to achieve their dreams despite the challenges they face.




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"The Human Excellence Project" with Raz Chan

Raz Chan Topic Presentations

from the mat to the workplace - applying jiu-jitsu teachings to promote respect and diversity in your workplace

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Get ready to be inspired as Raz Chan, the speaker, shares personal stories from his childhood and martial arts career. In today’s society, it’s crucial to combat racism, encourage diversity, and build respect, and Raz Chan will demonstrate how Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help achieve these goals.

    During this speech, you’ll discover how the key principles of jiu-jitsu can be applied to real-life situations. From staying calm in tough situations to attacking your opponent’s strong points, you’ll learn how focusing on simple and efficient methods, prioritizing focus of effort, and moving intuitively can help combat racism and build respect.

    But that’s not all. Mental strength and emotional control are critical in jiu-jitsu and in life.  By continuously learning and planning, embracing diversity, and learning from adversity, we can all stand tall and benefit from diversity.

    Jiu-jitsu can be an incredibly powerful tool for empowerment, building confidence, and bringing people together, even those who may have natural antagonisms toward each other. Let’s ignite the flame of empowerment and fuel it with diversity.

    With Raz Chan’s personal stories and the power of jiu-jitsu, we can all be the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s stand together and embrace the strength of diversity to build more respectful and diverse organizations.

the art of resilience - lessons from brazilian jiu-jitsu

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Are you ready to discover the secrets of resilience and learn from one of the most powerful martial arts in the world? Join this thrilling keynote speech on “The Art of Resilience: Lessons from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” which will leave attendees feeling inspired and motivated to tackle any challenge that comes their way!

    With Raz Chan’s extensive background in martial arts, attendees will be taken on a journey that explores the importance of resilience in personal and professional growth.  This keynote will also discuss how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can help companies in building a resilient workforce.

    The principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have helped countless individuals develop the mental toughness and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through powerful anecdotes and real-world examples, attendees will discover the secrets of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how they can be applied to their own life and workplace.

    Attendees will learn how to embrace discomfort, find value in failure, focus on the present moment, and develop a growth mindset that will help them achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle. The speaker will provide actionable steps for attendees to develop resilience based on martial arts principles, and encourage them to continue learning and growing through challenges.

    Are attendees ready to take their resilience to the next level and empower their company to thrive in the face of adversity? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most powerful martial arts and discover the keys to unlocking full potential for personal and professional growth!

situational awareness - staying safe in the workplace and beyond

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Are you tired of feeling vulnerable and helpless in unsafe situations? Do you want to feel empowered and confident in your ability to stay safe in any environment, whether it’s the workplace or beyond? Then you won’t want to miss this exciting corporate seminar on “Situational Awareness: Staying Safe in the Workplace and Beyond”!

    Led by a martial arts and personal safety expert Raz Chan, this seminar will delve into the crucial importance of situational awareness in personal safety. Through the lens of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu principles, attendees will learn how to assess potential risks, be aware of their surroundings, and develop response strategies for any potential threats that may arise.

    With powerful examples and practical demonstrations, attendees will gain valuable insights into basic self-defence techniques that can be used in various situations. No longer will you feel helpless in the face of danger – instead, you’ll feel confident and empowered with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in any environment.

    But the benefits don’t end there – by attending this seminar, companies will also gain the benefit of a more safety-conscious workforce, reducing the risk of accidents and liability issues. With the skills and knowledge gained from this seminar, attendees will be able to practice situational awareness and self-defence skills in their everyday lives, promoting a safer and more confident workplace.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join us for this exciting and empowering seminar and take the first step towards a safer and more secure future!


This writing is to let you know how wonderfully motivating Raz Chan is in his presentation. He passionately told his story to our attendees at the 2017 Alberta College of Social Workers Conference. I strongly recommend Raz Chan as a mental toughness speaker. He will inspire and motivate anyone and everyone.

Raveena Parsons

Promotions Coordinator
Alberta College of Social Workers

We are confident in recommending Raz Chan as a speaker. His passionate style engages the audience, and he is incredibly informative. Many members were enthusiastically taking notes and stayed around after the event to speak with him personally. I can highly recommend Raz as a speaker and hope I have the opportunity to hear him again.

Kristy-Lynn Lechner

Teekay Shipping (Canada) Limited

Simple, powerful truths and insightful reflections from Raz Chan, whose mastery of martial arts infuses a compelling narrative, tracing a life from a child’s wonder and a teenager’s insecurity to an adult’s realization that ambition should be learned, taught, and celebrated. An inspired man of ideas, Sensei Chan’s words are shaped by oral traditions from the East and informed by a Western enthusiasm for stories of personal pursuit. Raz is a warrior, a teacher, and a gentleman.

Michael French

Film Producer

He captured the students’ attention with his detailed account of his life story on integration and racial tolerance. I was moved and motivated by his presentation and I am an adult. So, his presentation is wonderful for all ages.

Rachel Goossen

The United Nations in Canada

It is evident that the knowledge and expertise he shared during the Government of Canada’s annual National Public Service Week inspired participants to apply the learnings in their workplaces. I recommend Mr. Chan as a presenter on the subject of personal development, leadership and communication.

Lyne Dube

British Columbia Federal Council

Mr. Raz Chan was recommended to our school via Passages Canada, a non-profit organization that connects remarkable Canadians with schools. By means of his personal story of challenges, setbacks, and growth, Raz exemplifies what it means to be Canadian today.

Lorena Jones

New Westminster Secondary School

Articles & Media

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The Human Excellence Project
The Human Excellence Project
The Human Excellence Project
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Raz Chan keynote speaker is an expert presenter and has a wide range of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. Raz Chan delivers keynotes, workshops & training sessions. They may also host or emcee events. Hire Raz Chan from Vancouver, British Columbia for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives. Your workplace will benefit from our keynote speaker and their keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for the audience members in Canada. 

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Are you looking to hire Raz Chan for your event? Raz Chan Vancouver, British Columbia is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Raz Chan is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Raz Chan is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Raz Chan from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Raz Chan to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

Known as a popular key note speaker in Canada, Raz Chan creates life changing experiences for the participants with practical insights and strategic advice they can implement right after the session. Working with a one our leading expert speaker like Raz Chan from Vancouver, British Columbia offers organizations a fresh perspective to assist the people of the organization. No matter if it is a government, association, or business crowd, Raz Chan is a perfect speaker for your event. Through unique practical insights for trending topics and years experience speaking to different organizations, Raz Chan focuses on changing individuals to make better decisions at work and their lives. No matter if you are holding an in person or virtual event, having an influential speaker such as Raz Chan will engage, motivate, and activate the audience to make a change in their lives and inspire action for results to meet organizational goals. Your workforce will benefit from Raz Chan’s presentations and speeches, with measurable results set to shift the people of the organization and core direction of the company. Book Raz Chan speaker for your annual general meeting, conference, summit, or convention in Canada.

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Raz Chan is an expert professional key note speaker with a lot of experience speaking and delivering engaging talks to organizations and audiences in Canada. Each of Speaker Bureau Canada’s talent have different ways to assess their fees, and Raz Chan speaker fee ranges depending on the size of the audience, event format (in person or virtual), event location, and if the organization booking them is a non profit, association, government department/government agency or business/corporation. The speakers we work with are flexible with their fees, and it is important for us to learn more about your event before we approach them, as it is our role to work for you, and to help you find a speaker within budget. 

Please contact Speakers Bureau of Canada and provide us with your event details so that we can contact Raz Chan to check availability or confirm the pricing and associated costs to hire a great speaker like Raz Chan for your event. As Raz Chan's agent and as a Canadian top speaker bureau and talent agency for speakers, we are able to propose each event opportunity from each host organization’s behalf to try to help you get in touch with Raz Chan and confirm them for your in person or online meeting/event. We can also provide and advise on the booking process and potentially negotiate their fee. Speakers Canada is a client focused speaker agency, and we work for you in finding good speakers for your team meetings and booking processes.

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