Murray Smith

Natural Resources, Government Relations and Business Expert

Murray Smith is a member of Energy Advisory Board of TD Securities Inc. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of Hatch, a Canadian-based global engineering firm with over 8,000 employees. He is President of Murray Smith and Associates, a company that provides strategic advice to clients in the North American energy sector. Clients include major electrical generators, upstream producers and the US National Energy Research Laboratory.

Murray Smith has served as an expert for the Audit Review Panel for Canadian Hibernia Corporation. He is a Director of Surge Energy (SGY.V) and Critical Control Solutions (CCZ) and a Director of a number of private companies including N Solv, a solvent oil sands extraction technology. Smith has given presentations on Alberta’s oil sands and energy sector in London, Geneva, Beijing and throughout North America. He is a frequent commentator on Bloomberg television, BNN and Alberta media, as well as a respected source of energy analysis in the print media. Murray is a frequent presenter and speaker to investor organizations, conferences and numerous seminars.

Murray was the first Official Representative of the Province of Alberta to the United States of America. He established the Alberta Office in Washington, DC, and served until the fall of 2007. During his tenure in Washington DC, Murray testified in Senate and Congressional Committees. As Alberta’s representative in Washington DC, Murray Smith was a Congressional Nominee for Securing America’s Future Energy, a Presidential Commission. Murray also guided a partnership with The Smithsonian Institution that featured Alberta on the National Mall in Washington DC. The Folklife Festival attracted over a million visitors. Prior to his diplomatic posting, Murray was a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Province of Alberta, Canada (winning three consecutive elections in Calgary-1993-2004) and appointed by the Premier to four different Cabinet portfolios: Energy, Gaming, Labour, and Economic Development.

As Minister of Energy (2001 to 2004), Murray was responsible for gaining international recognition of Alberta’s 176 billion barrels of established oil reserves. In Alberta’s electricity sector, he guided the $5 billion market move to a competitive wholesale generation market. In his first Cabinet-level post, Minister of Economic Development (1994 to 1996), Murray initiated the largest industrial tax reduction in the province’s history.

Murray was a Member of the Cabinet Committee Treasury Board and a main contributor to the province’s debt retirement plan, which led the province to become the first debt-free jurisdiction in Canada. Before running for elected office in 1993, Murray was an independent businessman with a number of Alberta-based energy service companies including drilling fluids, service rigs, oilfield contracting and consulting. Murray Smith is the recipient of numerous awards, including being named as one of the Top 40 Alumni in the past 40 years at the University of Calgary (where an endowment exists in his name). Murray was recognized as one of Alberta Venture News magazine’s 50 most influential Albertans (2006).

Murray was also recognized for his work with First Nations in Alberta and given the name “Seven War Bonnets Man.” Murray is a past Director of the Calgary Stampede Board and presently a member of the TELUS community Giving Board. A graduate of the London Business School’s Senior Executive Program, Murray Smith also holds a B.A. (Economics & Political Science) from the University of Calgary. He is a graduate of Notre Dame College in Wilcox, Saskatchewan and a Past-President of the College’s Alberta Alumni Association. Murray is married to Barbara, has two daughters and two grandsons (and one son-in-law). He is an avid, though unskilled, golfer and a lifetime member of the Riley Park Cricket Club.

Topic Presentations

Murray Smith was Alberta’s appointed representative in Washington D.C. from 2005 to 2007. He was the Congressional Nominee for Securing America’s Future Energy, a Presidential Commission. Murray testified in Senate and Congressional Committees on Energy, is a frequent commentator and source for energy analysis for US print and electronic media. Murray is a frequent presenter and speaker to investor organizations, conferences and numerous seminars.

Murray understands and respects the difference between our political systems and can provide expert insight into the how the systems think and work.

Murray’s specialty when it comes to Canada - US relations is the business of energy. How can an energy-hungry America work with its Canadian partners to achieve continental energy-self sufficiency? How can Canadian companies best serve the American market? How can we work together to resolve our differences and generate new wealth and prosperity for both nations? What about the environment? How big is it on the radar screen of the US consumer? What can and needs to be done to improve our image and relations abroad regarding oil sands extraction?

Murray Smith will entertain and educate your audience about the key energy issues affecting Canada-US relations. He is Canada’s most articulate expert on this vital subject.

Murray Smith is no stranger to the political scene. He certainly knows how the Canadian political system works. It’s based on Peace, Order and Good Government.

Whether you need an articulate presentation on how elected officials can maintain productive relations with voters, or how interested parties can work the ropes to gain the attention of elected officials, his presentation can help you and your organization. When it comes to the Canadian political system, Murray is a consummate professional with unparalleled expertise.

Let Murray regale your audience with true stories demonstrating “how to” and “how not to” work the system to your advantage. Abiding by the golden rule of maintaining Peace, Order and Good Government, the Canadian democratic system can perform miracles. It’s all a matter of generating the needed enthusiasm and creating a functioning network of friends, colleagues and decision-makers.

Murray Smith respects the Canadian political tradition of fair play and compromise. In his presentation, he will positively impress audience members with examples of the miracles it has produced. He will foster a new-found appreciation and reverence for “the Canadian way” to resolve issues peacefully and orderly and how to institute ways and means of making sure that mechanisms are in place to continually review situations to solve problems forever.

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