Dennis Cuku

CEO, Inner Peace and Social Enterprise Expert

Dennis Cuku is keynote speaker that is passionate about self improvement, productivity, mental health and sustainable development. He is the co-founder of the Mosaic Family of Companies, a knowledge-worker collective designed to effect positive social change through business. As a visionary entrepreneur, he operates on the manifesto that Normal is Broken and that capitalism need not come at the expense of human values, environmental sustainability or personal happiness. Cuku is an animated and stimulating communicator with a zeal for fun, awesomeness and abolishment of status quo.

Dennis Cuku is a mechanical engineer with expertise in drilling rig design and is acting President of Oil Country Engineering. Paradoxically, his passion lies in the arena of sustainable building design and green building innovation. Dennis’ recent project, The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce, is slated for completion in January 2015 and aims to be the crown jewel of sustainable building in Edmonton, becoming the first Net Zero energy commercial office building in Alberta — an example of Alberta’s oil and gas abundance igniting innovative sustainable projects.

Dennis Cuku isn’t afraid to occasionally close the office a few days a year so the staff can volunteer on community initiatives, such as the 500 man-hours dedicated to Habitat for Humanity and countless more spent to help with Edmonton’s Food Bank or raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital. It’s that altruism that Dennis Cuku believes will help society adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Dennis understands that in this time of rapid change and disruption our leaders are being called upon to develop healthy workplaces, schools, family units and governments capable of thriving, not just surviving. “There needs to be a humanistic approach to business,” he says. “If we’re going to subscribe to this idea of capitalism, we don’t have to rape and pillage along the way. We can still have free enterprise and we can still have what our planet needs.”

Topic Presentations

As individuals transform their personal operating systems from me to we, families, communities, work-spaces and governments transform their paradigms from competition to collaboration. Dennis will share his experience from over 15 years of corporate leadership and delivering highly disruptive projects using the BEology principles.

In this presentation, Dennis will introduce the fundamental principles of BEology – a school of thought and practice (equal parts science and self-inquiry) defined as the “science of happiness and human potential”.


  • The physiology of stress and how it affects our brain.

  • How the human brain has evolved and how it is hardwired with a negativity bias.

  • Understand the early warning signs of stress and re-wire a new way of BEING.

  • Make empowered choices from positive core beliefs instead of defaulting to our auto.

  • Have a more authentic presence and greater self-confidence.

  • How to live YOUR optimal human experience.

We have become a society of human doings versus human beings. Stuck in a constant rat race of chasing and hustling many of us find ourselves over stressed, checked out and uninspired. As humans, we are hardwired for connection, our need to fit in and check off societies boxes leaves us “shoulding” all over ourselves and others—we trade our intuition, creativity and authenticity for acceptance.

When we are covered in “shoulds” and expectations we can’t hear our own signal and we often become motivated by fear of what others will think, lack or “not-enouphness”, this stress further disconnects us from our hearts and others. When we stop “shoulding” on ourselves we can live more in alignment with who and how we want to BE in our lives versus unconsciously chasing unrealistic paradigms of success which disconnect us from our bodies, relationships and environments.

This presentation explains the neuroscience around mindfulness and inner peace while exploring the psychology of personality, attachment, emotional intelligence, motivation, inner criticism (the panel of assholes) and self-compassion. We will also explore various tools from yoga and mindfulness in addition to self-reflection and self-compassion practices from psychology in order to hijack our human operating system and live a life that is in alignment with our deepest values. Awake. Alive. Engaged.

This session features the design of the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce project – a 30,000 sq ft mixed‐use commercial building in Edmonton, Alberta. The project began with the intention to create the ideal workplace for the Mosaic Family of Companies and the surrounding communities.

It has transitioned into a grassroots movement— a complete re‐envisioning of the way commercial construction is done and a design rethink of the spaces in which people work.

Some of the key features include: largest utilization of WestDek panel product to date and hybrid steel‐wood design to achieve “beauty” target; Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract between the team furthest north net‐zero office building in the world.

Learning Outcomes: The simple business case for the Mosaic Centre: Lean construction frees up budget for beauty and “green”; How the structural materials were selected to meet the business case and project objectives; An introduction to the IPD system and why it was the key to project success; Lessons learned from the project and delivering deep “green” buildings.

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