Jody Urquhart

Burnout Prevention, Health and Wellness and Healthcare Expert

Jody Urquhart is holds national and international recognition as motivational speaker for a variety of audiences. She specializes in humour and purpose to enhance wellness and perspective. She always delivers the right message to revitalize audiences. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm come through each presentations. Because of her positive outlook and understanding of different industries, Jody is one of Canada’s most called upon conference speakers.

Urquhart is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of fun at work. As a result of her dynamic speaker ability, she performs as a motivational keynote speaker at over fifty organizations and associations yearly. She is an eminent motivational congress speaker. Jody’s trademark is to deliver very funny motivational speeches; humor being a key part of her audience connection. Jody is a former stand up comedian and often incorporates comedy in her presentations. Because of her humourous approach, audiences find it easy to retain her solutions and can implement her information.

Jody Urquhart is author of the bestselling book All Work & No SAY and syndicated the column, The Joy of Work. Her mission is to help motivate company employees to derive more meaning and satisfaction from their work. Jody is a guest speaker for the GE Healthcare Tip-TV Program, broadcast in over 2600 healthcare facilities. As a result, Jody Urquhart’s insights and expertise earned her the 2008 Bronze Award in the 29th Annual Telly Awards for Excellence in programming this presentation.

Her work as a convention keynote speaker includes health care associations, financial institutions, corporations, parks and recreation bodies, government agencies, trade organizations, professional societies and many other groups. Jody Urquhart holds diplomas in Professional Speaking from Mount Royal University and in Management and Marketing from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic. In addition, she also studied management for three years at the University of Calgary. Her success as a speaker is a direct result of her degrees and her extensive knowledge within different industries.

Jody Urquhart always customizes her presentations to each audience with the help of her meeting planner. Due to her extensive research before each presentation, she has a customization questionnaire that helps her to make the program more relevant to your audience. Above all, Jody Urquhart’s presentations energize audiences, get them laughing, get them thinking and inspire them to achieve more.

Topic Presentations

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Do you ever think, “Why can’t things just go the way I want for a change?” or “Why can’t people just leave me alone?” This hilarious and provocative presentation shows you how to face your stress instead of running and hiding. Embrace challenging situations and people with new ideas, innovation and conviction.

Jody Urquhart is a compelling, funny inspirational speaker who will increase your comfort and confidence in the face of stress and change. Explore how the only way out is through and that it can actually be fun to embrace life challenges. Learn to do more with less and love it. Embrace the chaos of change with conviction and vitality.

  • Derive strength from change

  • Embrace work with new conviction and vitality

  • Get your team on board with change

  • Keep the daily grind engaging

  • Transform bad into good

  • Recognize the 3 stages of surviving change and where your team stands

  • Laugh when things go wrong

  • Summon your strength, courage, and talent during the topsy-turvy times in your life

  • How to bring others kicking and screaming into this century

  • Laugh at your own inner dramas

  • Stop running from your own shadow

  • Discover your areas of resistance. Know where you are stuck

  • Push through resistance and gain confidence for the future

  • Learn to empower others to get on with it.

Join us in this hilariously interactive, practical and inspiring motivational speech that shows you how to develop healthy communication patterns with anyone.

You can learn to handle the most difficult situations and the most challenging people and how to get through to others without giving in. Never again fall victim to those who love to make life miserable for the rest of us! Knowing how to deal with difficult people at work will allow you to approach your job with more enjoyment and your coworkers with greater confidence.

Cooperation, collaboration, and compromise will improve workplace satisfaction . . . and productivity! Build a more productive, enjoyable and efficient workplace for everyone. Learn the 4 basic personality styles, what they need and what they mean.

Understand how to adjust your message to different people and personalities to appeal to their convictions.

Humor helps. The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks. Humor gives professionals the nerve to serve in our increasingly complex and challenging environment. Join us as we demonstrate how humor helps you stay in control, stay positive, and maintain balance and perspective.

As a funny inspirational speaker, Jody will help participants learn how to:

  • Laugh at the tough stuff. When stress persists, be compelled to take yourself lightly, so the stress isn't as heavy or emotionally exhausting.

  • Say hello to humor and goodbye to burnout

  • Use appropriate humor as a tool not a weapon

  • Play along the way and enjoy work while boosting productivity and focus

  • Be compelled to use humor, laughter, and play to breathe new passion and resilience into work

  • Use their Amuse System to Boost their Immune System

  • Use humor to create rapport and win trust and loyalty

  • Know that a sense of humor is invaluable in promoting flexibility, resilience, and coping skills

  • Use humor to stay in control. Engage a playful resilience to protect against stress

  • Use play to be in the moment (where time flies) and there is no stress.

Laughter and humor effectively and inexpensively counter stress, improve morale, and create a work environment that is friendlier, less stressful, and more productive.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. With today's rapidly evolving workplace, strong leaders must work harder than ever to influence and engage others.

Great leaders consistently ignite the fires of hope in others. Daily they muster the nerve to serve in a complex and challenging environment. Leaders today need tools to both influence, energize and engage staff members and keep their own fires of hope burning. Through humor, insight and inspiration Follow Me I'm Right Behind You provides a lively, interactive look at how to inspire a spirited and resilient workforce that stays focused and productive.

In this gut splitting hilarious motivational speech learn:

  • How great leaders inspire and influence others

  • To create a culture of respect and appreciation with 4 keys to a great recognition culture

  • To acknowledge others without turning them off

  • How people who play together stay together how humor helps you build a solid, resilient workforce

  • To increase Purpose and Vision.

  • To create a sense of involvement and belonging.

A lively, humorous look at how people can work more effectively and productively with all generations, especially younger generations (generation Y) and their styles, preferences, and work ethics.

  • Integrate the generations

  • Get Commitment from Generation Y

  • Avoid the Complacency, Entitlement Trap

  • Motivate the media savvy highly connected generation

  • Know how to resolve conflicts and work effectively in today's multigenerational workplace

  • Work values and key messages to keep in mind when communicating with different generations.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. Great Leaders influence others by recognizing and appreciating them in a personalized and genuine way.

We all need acknowledgement. We won’t die without it, but it really makes a difference in our personal satisfaction and in our productivity, when we know other people appreciate the job we’re doing. Most people don’t get enough appreciation; in fact, it is one of the main reasons people leave their work.

Sadly, the old saying is on target:  It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease... while the other three wheels, all doing a great job, get no attention at all!  It is difficult to notice the absence of a negative condition. When you don’t create problems and do your work well, and you allow other people to do their jobs unhindered, what is there to notice? A good job becomes business as usual.

This lively motivational speech helps people understand how to find the best ways to help co-workers and subordinates feel respected and appreciated.

Learn how to:

  • Create a culture of respect and appreciation

  • Acknowledge others without turning them off

  • Notice Me Please! Turn Grumbling into Respect

  • Increase Purpose and Vision

  • Create a sense of involvement and belonging

  • Use unexpected appreciation to have the greatest impact.

OK, you're really busy. While you are dutifully doing your job, do you ever get a sense that you are disconnected from the purpose of your work? Do you sometimes find that your work lacks fun and enjoyment? Do you feel under-motivated and under-focused? Do you feel unappreciated? Is job stress and burnout getting you down?

By adopting a humorous and fun approach to the challenges of keeping the daily grind engaging, motivational speech, the Joy of the Job inspires professionals to be focused and productive by nourishing the meaning, fun, and joy of their work. No more humdrum work days that put you to sleep; no more anxious waiting for the week to unwind!

The Joy of the Job will turn around your attitude to the workplace and show you how it can be dynamic, fun, and attractive as well as being lucrative and productive. Joy of the Job promises to be humorous, relevant, and inspiring. It will bring synergy to any workplace and provide a lighthearted, yet effective balance for any program.

After experiencing the Joy of the Job, participants will:

  • Know how to bring more JOY to their job

  • Strengthen their commitment to the job

  • Find their get up and go

  • Recognize and appreciate others

  • Embrace wisdom that brings meaning and fulfillment to any job

  • Create a rewarding work environment

  • Understand the only way to beat stress is through it

  • Adopt a lighter attitude

  • Be stress-savvy and avoid burnout

  • Create excellence through humor

  • Feel upbeat versus beaten up

  • Inspire vision and purpose!

Working in health care can be complex, challenging, and chaotic - especially in this age of increased regulations. Join for this motivational speech where we discover how laughing at our stress and the absurdity and intensity of our work can be the only serious way to survive it.


  • How humor helps you survive

  • The benefits of living a more joyful, humor-filled life

  • To celebrate a surviving spirit through humor

  • How a splash of humor always improves your mood

  • To use humor, laughter, and play to breathe renewed passion into health care.

Health care professionals consistently ignite the fires of hope in others. Daily they muster the nerve to serve in a complex and challenging environment. Leaders in health care need tools to both energize staff members and to keep their own fires of hope burning. Through humor, insight and inspiration Daring to be Caring shows health care leaders how to inspire a spirited and resilient workforce that stays focused on providing the most compassionate care possible.

  • In this humorous and inspiring session learn how to:

  • Attract and retain health-care professionals

  • Use the art and science of humor to create a resilient and healthy workforce

  • Effectively appreciate your team with a creative acknowledgment program

  • Bring more JOY to the workplace

  • Create a fun culture of service excellence

  • Eradicate employee dissatisfaction

  • Recognize the signs of a miserable job

  • Deal with patient satisfaction and staffing issues

  • Deal with errors and mistakes without crippling employee confidence or damaging team morale.

The last year has been a wake-up call for the importance of collective resilience and a strong culture. Join us for this hilarious and provocative presentation that shows you how to outthink, outwork, and out care for each other. Learn to face uncertainty, get a grip on change, and buoyantly keep moving forward in uncertain times. Through stand-up comedy, audience engagement, and analogy, we will discover how to reinvigorate, build renewed purpose in our work, and stay resilient in uncertain times.

The last year has reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and managing personal stress levels. When it comes to stress, humour helps. The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks. Humour gives professionals the nerve to serve in today's most complex and challenging environment. Join us as we demonstrate how humour helps you stay in control, stay positive, and maintain balance and perspective. Learn to take yourself lightly in challenging times.

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