Dr. Emily Roback

Dr. Emily Roback

Vancouver, British Columbia
Licensed Chiropractor, Author, Producer, Trainer & Featured Health Expert
Dr. Emily Roback is a keynote speaker, licensed chiropractor, author, producer, life coach, and trainer with featured health, nutrition & fitness expertise. She holds degrees in Kinesiology and Chiropractic with additional qualifications in high-angle rescue climbing. In addition, Dr. Emily Roback is a writer for the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine, Helicopter Canada Magazine, and Search & Rescue Canada Magazine. As an evidence-based healthcare professional, author and speaker, Emily is committed to ongoing education and staying up-to-date on current research and literature.  Research is a passion for her.
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Dr. Emily Roback is a licensed chiropractor, producer, life coach, trainer & featured health and fitness expert, she was born with sensory neural hearing loss on an Indian reservation in west central Alberta, spending much of her childhood on her parent’s berry farm near Rocky Mountain House.

She holds degrees in Kinesiology and Chiropractic with additional qualifications in high-angle rescue climbing. In addition, Dr. Emily Roback is a writer for the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine, Helicopter Canada Magazine, and Search & Rescue Canada Magazine.

Through her work, Dr. Emily Roback has inspired many rescue technicians, pilots and health professionals to seek her expertise in aviation and chiropractic.

Dr. Emily Roback began eight years of post-graduate education with a Bachelor of Science degree from Laurentian University and a four-year Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. She then went on to complete an eight-year business development program in Alberta and Northwest Territories. She is currently the only female chiropractor with profound sensory neural hearing loss in Canada.

As an evidence-based healthcare professional, author and speaker, Dr. Emily Roback is committed to ongoing education and staying up-to-date on current research and literature.  Research is a passion for her. She currently works for SHAW TV (Channel 4) on a number of community shows. Most recently, she co-produced a Victoria HarbourCats baseball promotion video exploring the topic of coaching and mentoring ball players.

Entrepreneurship continues to be an important part of Emily’s professional life. She continues to work with Chapters-Indigo to promote her book “A Silent Cheer: Against the Odds” across Canada, an inspirational story about overcoming adversity. Additional copies have been donated to Greater Victoria Public Library, Yellowknife Public Library, Calgary Public Library, Alberta Legislature Library and Northwest Territories Legislature Library.

Dr. Emily Roback maintained a private practice in Alberta for eight years followed by a temporary practice in Northwest Territories. Today, she is proud to be working with a group of chiropractic mentors to help her start up a family chiropractic practice in Parksville, British Columbia.

Her interest in the well-being and interests of the municipality and its community is rooted in her twenty years as an athlete and celebrity. Knowing how integral the relationship is between the community and athlete, treating them as a team is one of her goals. To that end, she has become the only chiropractor in Alberta named Global Calgary Woman of Vision.

Emily has been honoured to be a member of several sports medical teams including the Pan Am Games (2015), Challenge Penticton (2013), 24 Hours of Adrenaline (2010), and 1/2 Ironman Triathlon Sylvan Lake (2008).

Dr. Emily Roback has worked with the Department of National Defence (Edmonton and Yellowknife) and the Municipal Police Air Service Unit (Edmonton and Calgary) on a variety of educational projects. In addition, she worked with equal enthusiasm with local amateur athletes and business professionals.

Her aviation patients have inspired her to pursue her mountain guide certificate and private pilot license to work in the heli-ski industry.




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Dr. Emily Roback Topic Presentations

gold medal life retreat with dr. roback - corporate wellness

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  • Dr. Emily Roback is the owner of Ivy League Chiropractic (formerly Iron Mountain Integrative Health). Her passion for chiropractic, fitness, and the outdoors has led to the development of a variety of workshops and retreats to help people reconnect with themselves and their environment through exercise, nutrition, chiropractic, and life coaching.

    She believes in the importance of work/life balance and provides the necessary tools to make a positive change and nurture self-discovery while striving for optimal physical performance.

nutrition and lifestyle counseling

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  • Dr. Emily Roback tends toward an integrated approach to physical wellness, with “whole body” treatment that encourages lifestyle and nutritional changes, meditation, and relaxation, physical and mental exercise, and positive reinforcement. In addition to non-invasive and drug-free treatment Dr. Roback promotes necessary healing from accidents or injury with small changes in lifestyle and diet that can be life-changing.

pediatric, adolescent, and adult scoliosis

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  • Scoliosis is defined as an abnormal curvature of the spine. In the vast majority of cases, the curvature is sideways, but there may be more than one curvature issue in scoliosis victims. It’s estimated that almost three percent of the population suffers from scoliosis. Diagnosis is conducted by visual and x-ray methods.

    Scoliosis can form as the result of a birth deformity or as an effect of an underlying condition such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. It’s commonly believed that scoliosis is a hereditary condition, although there are cases where no hereditary link is found. Whatever the cause of scoliosis, Dr. Emily Roback can help alleviate the resulting discomfort and pain associated with scoliosis.

spinal manipulation & adjustment

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  • If you have never looked into the world of chiropractic spinal manipulation, you could be missing out on an important modality for helping you enjoy optimal health, wellness, comfort, and injury recovery. Chiropractic adjustments to the spinal column can ease pain, enhance joint motion, improve your posture, and help your nervous system function normally. That’s why she is happy to offer this non-surgical healing modality at our chiropractic clinic.

    Dr. Emily Roback uses a variety of techniques including, but not limited to: Diversified, Motion Palpation, Thompson, and Activator Technique.

stretching & strengthening exercises

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  • If you suffer from chronic pain, stiff ligaments, tight muscles, or frequent injuries, Dr. Emily Roback may prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises on top of any joint adjustments or other treatments you may need.

    These exercises can play a vital role in helping you regain control of your body, improve your range of motion, and enjoy a more pain-free lifestyle. Some of the remarkable ways stretching and strengthening exercises can boost your quality of life, along with some specific examples of exercises Dr. Roback might recommend.

supportive therapeutic modalities

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Articles & Media

B.C. welcomes Canada’s first sensory-friendly chiropractic office

Creston Valley Advance

Parksville Dr. Emily Roback says a patient’s environment can help them heal Parksville is home to Canada’s first sensory-friendly chiropractic office. Dr. Emily Roback aims to make the recently-opened Ivy League Chiropractic, which uses an accessible business communication model, a welcoming...

Woman of Vision: A Silent Cheer

Global News

Emily Roback is a Calgary chiropractor diagnosed with hearing loss as a child. But she has overcome that adversity by not letting her challenges stop her from reaching her goals. The hip-hop routine Roback created is part of her vision to inspire and educate people. She goes into schools...

A New Leash on Life: Overcoming Hearing Loss One Bark at a Time

The Hearing Journal

Emily Roback may have been born with severe hearing loss in her left ear and profound loss in her right, but she has always taken the road less traveled and has never let her disability hold her down — she hasn't had the time. Dr. Roback is a chiropractor, fitness guru, life coach, speaker,...

AChiropractor and an Audiologist Help Deaf Pilots to Fly

The Hearing Journal

I have noticed, as a chiropractor and helicopter pilot candidate, that pilot accidents are a frustrating truth of flying. Deaf and hearing-impaired people, however well intentioned, are often not able to operate at their optimum level as pilots in training. Basic flight training for pilots should...

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Dr Emily Roback- Shaw Spotlight Volunteer.


A Silent Cheer
A Silent Cheer
Hearing is one of our most precious senses. It allows us to communicate with family and friends and keeps us in contact with the sounds of life that surrounds us twenty-four hours a day. Unfortunately, most of us don't realize how important this sense is until hearing problems begin to affect our...
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