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Kathleen Black is a Globally Recognized Mindset & Performance Expert, Bestselling Author, and Speaker. Guiding iconic brand and high net worth professionals to add billions of additional sales volume annually through her unique approach of empowered leadership and expert mindset training. As Founder and CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, Kathleen's focus is to ensure clients receive the highest standard of coaching available in the industry. Her expertise in all aspects of team systems and training makes her an invaluable asset to anyone working with her team to expand.

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Kathleen Black is a Globally Recognized Mindset & Performance Expert, Bestselling Author, and Speaker. Guiding iconic brands and high net worth professionals to add billions of additional sales volume annually through her unique approach of empowered leadership and expert mindset training.

Kathleen Black, the two-time bestselling author, of Relentless to Rise, and The Top 1% Life, will help you to supercharge into the fierce CEO of your life, and then expand your business, at a fraction of the time and cost, using the tried, tested, and true “KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy” that has powered her client growth. 

The success of KBCC centres around integrity, honesty, and results-driven measures – the very things that represent Kathleen. Most recently, Kathleen was awarded the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award. This award is based on experience, results, influence, and commitment to change the world for the better of all internationally. Her personal “Heroine’s Journey,” the story of her life, is featured in a documentary to be released in 2021. 

Kathleen Black has been recognized as 45th of the Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers (The BUZZ), twice as “Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate” by REP Magazine and as “Top 20 Emerging Leaders” by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report. She was recognized within the top 1 per cent of realtors in the Toronto Real Estate Board, has ten-plus years of agent development experience, and hundreds of teams attribute their growth and success to her leadership. 

Kathleen Black is also the driving force behind the Ultimate Team Summit, the largest team-specific sales summit in North America. She speaks on multiple international stages per year and runs various other successful events, coaching, and training programs. She is featured weekly in various news and print publications including Buzz Buzz Media, Authority, Entrepreneur, Inman News, Thrive Global, REP, REM, CREW, Medium, and various others.

Kathleen lives in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada with her two free-spirited, independent, and very loved children Ethan and Ella, and their cats Ethel and Willow.

Rebelling Against the Norm: Why Knowledge is Key to a Consultant’s Approach

  • The “Daily Rebellion” is permeating through the Business World; creating unimaginable results for sales reps, team members and team leaders across North America; and comes directly from the mindset and passion of Kathleen Black and her amazing message.

    In this fast-paced ever changing world, we have seen a distinct shift into the Information Age and can already see the shift into the Knowledge Economy on the horizon. If you are looking to create a significant leap forward in your business, this is the presentation for you. 

    The future is here, and we need a new approach, a new vision and a new plan. Kathleen Black and her company have been on the leading edge of innovation in our industry. Now she is here to share her amazing tools, systems and ideals with you!

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Live While You're Alive Tour: The Power of Leverage in Your Business & Life (Top Rated Talk for Inspiration)

  • Are you leveraging your business to live your best life yet? Are you empowered to grow, expand, and thrive in a way that adds to your lifestyle and your bottom line?

    Too often we hear that business has taken over our lives. We all hear the feast or famine references, and we believe they are another sign of the massive scarcity at play in the business overall. You are attending a feast, at the top of your business, except most do not leave it to enjoy the aspects of life they always dreamed of when they set the goal to earn that level of income in the first place.

    Or you are in a famine and running after every opportunity because you “cannot afford not to…” creating a cap on your ability to grow. Scarcity makes us jump and run after every opportunity. Feast keeps us locked into a constant treadmill dominating our lives.

    We know that optimal performance happens between feast and famine. Hear Kathleen Black story of overcoming adversity, risk, challenge, single parenting, and rock bottom, and how all these things propelled her to do life differently and live while she is alive.

    We will inspire you to step into a healthy harmony in your life where your business is the vehicle, your passion is the fuel, and both serve YOU to #LiveWhileYouAreAlive

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Trading in Energy: Capacity, Communication, & Conversion

  • What if you have the right dream, but do not have the power to make it happen?

    Some reading this may immediately think this refers to outside connections, offers for new opportunities, or past experiences which cause you to second guess yourself and are believed to have cost you your dreams. What if the true reason you are not experiencing success is a lack of energy to fuel daily actions, to hold habits with integrity, and to keep in alignment with yourself? When we arrive at home or the office on 20% of our available energy units for the day, why are we then surprised by our lack of results?

    Success is personal. It can never be attained without a bullseye, or an awareness of a gift you did not originally seek. The only person who can give you permission to succeed is yourself, and the only person who can fuel that success is you.

    We can give you the most powerful tools on the planet for business expansion, and it will not matter if you can not funnel your energy to power those tools. This session will inspire you to hold your energy-building habits, get back on track, or discover a new superpower in building the life you want. Our goal is to connect you with your ability to create energy, focus, inspiration, and power in your life and business despite any odds!

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The Top 1% Life: Model Your Business after the Top 1% to Free up Time, Build your Business, and Have a Life Outside of Work!

  • Do you want to model your business off the Top 1% of earners who also still have the time to have a full life outside of work? Do you often find yourself hustling to make it to your family dinners on time? Are you usually late or miss dinner altogether? Do you hustle to get there only to be glued to your phone, constantly excusing yourself for calls, emails, texts, and private messages with everyone’s mounting frustration? That admin support you hired has taken more of your time than your clients, you’re always trying to keep deals together, and there are times it feels easier to just do it on your own. So, what now?

    Kathleen Black has worked with thousands of agents and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. With 80% of her client’s top 1% producers nationally, she tried, tested, and true “KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy” will help you model the top 1% of earners and have a full life outside of work. These tools are worth billions in annual sales dollars across Kathleen’s network of clients.

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Inside-Out: Building Your Top 1% Life By Design

  • All great leaders have two things in their favour. First, they have a vision of where they are going. Second, they have the confidence and clarity to take action, strategically, to build their life into creation.

    You can not lead without vision. You can manage day-to-day, but without a vision of the future, you are no more proactive in building your future than someone trying to get to a new destination but walking the same path every day. Get in tune with your vision, and your edge, and stand strong in the changes required to build your life, your business, and your way. 

    This session provides a start to our Inside-Out Coaching Series for the committed entrepreneurial leader.

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The Mind Body Connection: Creating Calm In A Storm

  • There are two ways to consistently create a powerful outlook on life: Move your body or Change your mind.

    • Learn the two top actions associated with top performance.
    • Discover why focus is critical in using the full capacity of your mind to your favour
    • Explore what taking the reins on your brain can do to reduce stress, worry, fear, and anxiety in a storm
    • Discover why people always hear what they want to hear, and if you know how your brain

    communication works, you may want to hear that way too!

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What If You Could Cut Energetic Ties with Anything or Anyone Holding You Back?

  • We will have an interactive discussion together on the power of energetic cleansing and practices like Ho’oponopono to do more with your energy in less time. The ability to focus on positive energy allows you to expand your personal capacity. The key is often not to add to ourselves but to remove negative beliefs and connections which are untrue and holding us back.

    Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

    Connect with others as we welcome all in the community to build positive “aka” cords that support and build you up as we show you how to let go of the cords holding you back.

    You will find yourself lighter, more aligned, energized, and clear. The gift of conscious aligned living is not a medal, it is the ability to continue to expand while many stay still or stagnant for years.

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Relentless to Rise: Emotionally Fit, Super Charged Fierce Leadership from the Inside-Out

  • Ever feel fearful that you will never get ahead to live your destined adventures in life?

    Everyone thinks they are willing to do anything to live the life of their dreams. The journey is relentless, but the course has been charted. Relentless to Rise: Powering Your Life From the Inside-Out is the journey to define yourself and create the resources necessary to carve out a full and adventurous life. This session is based on the true story of Kathleen Black uncompromising pursuit to find her truest self, in order to mirror and support that journey in others.

    Relentless to Rise, helps you step onto the path to your own heroine’s/hero’s journey. This path can embolden you to embrace the adventures that you envision and deserve.

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When I first heard about Kathleen Black and her story I was intrigued and then I had to convince her to let me do a film about her journey. I was determined to resurface her many challenges including all the difficult moments of her past that included witnessing domestic violence, being forcibly committed to a hospital for observation, being kicked out of her house in high school and many other obstacles in order to understand who she is today. Given her path, it makes complete sense to me that now she champions others to find security in homes for themselves and others.

The real story I see is of a single woman who refused to give up, who refused mediocrity, who didn’t let emotions get in the way of her goals and who earned every wrung on her ladder to success. While I imagine people in business and real estate will naturally flock to her story for tips, it’s the single mothers everywhere that will see her relentless nature and be awed. Kathleen Black wouldn’t ask for adulation from others but she is an example of what happens when the deck is stacked against you and what it takes to create the life you want for yourself and your children despite any roadblock. She is truly “The Relentless One”

M. Douglas Silverstein

EMMY Winning Director

Kathleen Black model challenges you to re-examine what is your best life, focus on your genius, and leverage the rest. I really did not think it was possible to work in this industry and have both a successful real estate team and a home life. Using Kathleen’s model, I have come leaps and bounds. I wish I’d had this information many years ago.


Stacey F

National Top 1% Producer

Kathleen Black, you were one of my manifested moments. I remembered being very specific in asking for a coach with some yin energy, and the universe aligned for us to me. It’s refreshing to hear someone speak of ENERGY in this industry, as I know without a doubt that “energy flows where attention goes”. I loved the entire seminar; I especially loved your final presentation. You have such authenticity and are so organic. I am so grateful to have met you.


Dionne W

Kathleen Black just hit a walk-off home run with her amazing keynote talk.

Shawn L

Kathleen Black session was so inspiring and touching. I’m so grateful to have just witnessed this beautiful person inside and out deliver such a positive and growth-inspiring message.


Shaleni H








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