Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black

Toronto, Ontario
Transformational Speaker | Best-selling Author | Performance & Mindset Expert
Kathleen Black is a globally recognized high-performance mindset expert, bestselling author, and transformational speaker. Her holistic approach to leadership and genius mindset training has propelled iconic brands and high-net-worth professionals to billions in additional sales volume. Kathleen is a two-time bestselling author, with "The Top 1% Life" and "Relentless to Rise" inspiring a two-time Emmy-nominated documentary, "The Relentless One," directed by Emmy Winner M Douglas Silverstein. She's received accolades like the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award by the Women’s Economic Forum, Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers by The BUZZ, and "Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate" by REP Magazine, plus "Top 20 Emerging Leader" by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report. Kathleen's keynote experience guides audiences to unlock success strategies and personal power.
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Kathleen Black is a globally recognized high-performance mindset & performance expert, bestselling author, and renowned transformational speaker.

Her unique, holistic approach to empowered leadership and genius mindset training has guided iconic brands and high-net-worth professionals to add billions of additional dollars in sales volume annually.

She is the two-time bestselling author of The Top 1% Life and Relentless to Rise, which is also the subject of the aptly titled, two-time Emmy nominated documentary “The Relentless One”, directed by Emmy Winning Director M Douglas Silverstein. The story inspires viewers to empower their pain into purpose and reach new levels of success, winning over 16 awards touring international film festivals worldwide.

Kathleen’s remarkable achievements have earned her numerous accolades, including the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award by Women’s Economic Forum. She has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers by The BUZZ, twice as one of the “Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate” by REP Magazine and as the “Top 20 Emerging Leaders” by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report.

Kathleen is currently headline touring her unforgettable keynote experience, “Shift: The Journey from Chaos to Calm”, immersing audiences in a step-by-step guide to shift out of burnout and into the elite space where high performance meets high reward. As one of the world’s leading holistic performance coaches, Kathleen’s passion is helping companies and teams unlock secret success strategies, unleash their personal power and reclaim the calm in business and life.

She lives in Oshawa, Canada, with her two independent, free-spirited children, Ethan & Ella.




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Kathleen Black Topic Presentations

shift from chaos to calm - creating success for successful people

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Kathleen specializes in decoding complex economic conditions, offering a comprehensive overview and actionable strategies to navigate, build, and thrive even in the most challenging, disruptive markets. With her insights, your organization can turn today’s uncertainties into tomorrow’s opportunities for sustainable growth.

    Kathleen Black helps growing companies and management teams handle the increasing demands that come with success. As a performance expert, one of the world’s leading holistic performance coaches, and a two-time bestselling author who has helped thousands around the world expand into thriving teams, Kathleen empowers audiences to reach new levels of success. Her own journey is the subject of an upcoming documentary The Relentless One set for release in 2022′. Tapping into her life experience and research she takes audiences on a journey from chaos to calm. Kathleen has a passion for powering up people to achieve the “impossible” together!

    Key Takeaways:

    • The more successful we get, the less successful we feel, because we just can’t get it all done. When we are pulled in multiple directions, we are living in literal chaos. This is the dirty little secret that ultra-performers don’t want to talk about, yet all experience. Move out of this stage of growth, and learn to move into calm.
    • There is a journey to move from chaos to calm in your business and life. The journey is from overworked underachiever to being stunningly successful, as the expansion CEO of your life. Move into a place where you are supporting others in expansion and leadership. You can’t skip any steps, this is the part where you walk the talk.
    • Move from a definition of success based on ego, scarcity, and hyper-individualization to a collective success forged by working in abundance, conscious leadership, and identifying the unique gifts and talents of others. This shift in perspective creates a hyper-accountable conscious leader supporting holistic growth for our industry.

relentless - authenticity, rebellion, and rising against the odds

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  • Kathleen Black is a globally recognized high-performance mindset expert, bestselling author, and renowned transformational speaker, guiding iconic brands and high-net-worth professionals to add billions of additional dollars in sales volume annually. But she didn’t start that way.

    Navigating the rubble of an abusive upbringing, young motherhood, divorce, and entrepreneurship as a single parent, she designed her path to greater purpose, healing, and community. Kathleen discusses how our choices shape our lives – to lead, shift, and rise.

    One decision to change your mind can change your life. Will you leverage what you can to make life happen for you, or sink under the weight of what happened to you?

shift & thrive

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Anytime we have a shift in the market we see a divide between 2 types of people and behaviors.

    One is the high performers who shift to strategy and excel at mastering the tools they need in the new market and resist emotional reactions or fearful responses to their environment. The 2nd group represents 98% of our population, and these people instead react with fear. They activate a part of their brain that causes them to only see the world in one light. Unfortunately, when we react in fear, we’re frozen, and we don’t have the ability to react strategically in order to excel.

    Kathleen specializes in decoding complex economic conditions, offering a comprehensive overview and actionable strategies to navigate, build, and thrive even in the most challenging, disruptive markets. With her insights, your organization can turn today’s uncertainties into tomorrow’s opportunities for sustainable growth.

    We will uncover exactly what it means to move into high performance, as well as exactly which tools you require in your business right now, and which tools require you to move to an area of excelling to support and serve your clientele. Only one of the 2 groups of people understands how to sharpen their skills and support their clients in this new market.

    This coming year will prove to be extremely challenging for those who try to go into it with a status quo mentality. The bigger the shift you seek in your business or your life, the more you need a strategic plan with the right mindset guiding your way

Kathleen Black travels from Toronto, Ontario & delivers customized and tailored keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and training sessions. on the topics enlisted below. These services are designed for a variety of audiences, industries, and event types and event formats.


Loved, LOVED your keynote presentation Kathleen Black. Best I’ve seen in a long time. Well done.

Laura Monroe

Global Head of Community

When I first heard about Kathleen Black and her story I was intrigued and then I had to convince her to let me do a film about her journey. I was determined to resurface her many challenges including all the difficult moments of her past that included witnessing domestic violence, being forcibly committed to a hospital for observation, being kicked out of her house in high school and many other obstacles in order to understand who she is today. Given her path, it makes complete sense to me that now she champions others to find security in homes for themselves and others. The real story I see is of a single woman who refused to give up, who refused mediocrity, who didn’t let emotions get...

M. Douglas Silverstein

EMMY Winning Director

Kathleen Black model challenges you to re-examine what is your best life, focus on your genius, and leverage the rest. I really did not think it was possible to work in this industry and have both a successful real estate team and a home life. Using Kathleen’s model, I have come leaps and bounds. I wish I’d had this information many years ago.  

Stacey Falkwin

National Top 1% Producer
Team Lead of Falkwin Group

So this is brilliant. A lot of what I learn and read I have already learned…This is new. I love how you expand minds Kathleen Black. Thank you.

Catharine Inniss

Johnston and Daniel Rushbrooke

I swear Kathleen Black was speaking straight to me about chaos, calm, and success. Saving this gem: women do 3x more work outside the workplace and accept help in the workplace 50% less than men. Very thought provoking talk.

Evan and Ash Pedone

Real Estate Team
Tampa Bay

Thanks Kathleen Black for the enlightening talk. Did a lot of self reflection and now have a road map to scale and also communicate better with my kids!

Kelvin Kam

Sequoia Real Estate

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The Relentless One chronicles Kathleen Black’s story

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A new film, The Relentless One, chronicles the life and work of Kathleen Black, a well-known performance coach, keynote speaker and author. Black “survived a challenging childhood as a witness to her parents’ domestic abuse and became homeless at 15 after she survived her own physical and...

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Business can’t go on as usual when something unusual is going on. And, right now that is what business owners, corporate executives and employees are faced with. Inflation, high-interest rates and continued supply-chain challenges have changed the landscape when it comes to sales, customer...

Director M. Douglas Silverstein and Kathleen Black speak on their documentary, “The Relentless One”

The Spectator

One of these highlighted short films is “The Relentless One.” The documentary is directed by M. Douglas Silverstein and tells the story of Kathleen Black. According to the IMDb website, “Kathleen Black survived a horrific childhood as a witness to parental domestic abuse and by becoming...

Think Like A CEO To Become A High Performer


As a longtime yoga and meditation practitioner, I believe in a holistic approach. Among others, I follow top performance strategist Kathleen Black. I admire (and use) her exercise of having her teams place their hands on their hearts; she calls it grounding yourself in one magic minute. The idea is...

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The Top 1% Life: Shift from Chaos to Calm in Your Business & Life
The Top 1% Life: Shift from Chaos to Calm in Your Business & Life
Kathleen Black, one of North America’s leading real estate coaches, has worked with thousands of agents and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. After transforming 80% of her clients into top 1% producers, her tried, tested, and true KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy shown within The Top 1%...
Relentless to Rise: Your Path to Personal Expansion
Relentless to Rise: Your Path to Personal Expansion
The journey is relentless, but the course has been charted. Relentless to Rise: Powering Your Life From the Inside-Out is the story of author Kathleen Black’s journey to define herself and create the resources necessary to carve out a full and adventurous life. It’s the true story that inspired...
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