Mike Skrypnek

Mike Skrypnek

Vancouver, British Columbia
Nine Time Author - Executive Leadership Expert, Business Strategy & Mental Health Advocate
Mike Skrypnek is an accomplished, nine-time author, international keynote speaker, men’s mental health advocate, and nationally recognized business coach for entrepreneurial and personal growth. His books are international bestsellers, including his latest, Unlimited Worth. Mike Skrypnek is a sought-after business strategist and keynote speaker who has shared his insights and wisdom with thousands of passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives. His coaching focuses on purpose at the intersection of personal, professional and philanthropic development.
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Mike Skrypnek is a transformational business coach, nine-time author and international speaker. Mike’s Grow Get Give philosophy holds the keys to success that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs know.

He implemented it to significantly impact his life and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, advisors, business owners and the millionaire next door. It all started with one question: “How can I give $1 million to charity every year while building a sustainable business and great life?”

A catalyst, Mike Skrypnek helps you become passionate about creating a cosmic ripple. Through numerous generations, he has played the role of multiplier for both personal and entrepreneurial success. We yearn for joy, peace, and love in the deepest part of our beings. Our true state is in that moment. Personal and professional alike, this is true.

According to Mike Skrypnek, the right ideas and strategies remove the limits on us by money to find the purposeful impact we seek. People and processes help us strip away our fear of losing time to unproductive work or distractions that hold us back from the freedom we desire. The sense of worth we feel is essential to our energy, and when we are confident in this, we can fulfil the dreams we imagined for ourselves.

Through his latest book Unlimited Worth, Mike Skrypnek highlights the process of healing past traumas and reforming our subconscious patterns. Skrypnek understands how to normalize the narrative so men can share their challenges comfortably and identify ways to overcome their limitations.

He understands that all men experience limits, and most are imposed by traumas experienced in life that are designed to protect us but also hold us back. In doing so, they restrain our families too. Not everyone has experienced childhood abuse, but almost everyone has lived under toxic stress at some point and may feel as though they are living below their potential. Mike will show you how to gain the insight needed to develop the awareness to overcome any limit keeping you from your personal or professional success.

Mike Skrypnek is an international bestseller of nine books, a keynote speaker, men’s mental health advocate, and sought-after business strategist who has shared his insights and wisdom with thousands of passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives.

His coaching focuses on purpose at the intersection of personal, professional, and philanthropic development. Some of Mike Skrypnek’s purpose-driven clients include the CEO of a national financial services firm, stunt person in major TV and film, owner of executive wellness concierge, CEO of a global private jet business, owners of FinTech company, world-famous touring Rockstar, helicopter pilot & adventure tour company owner, Non-Profit executives, Investment Bankers, luxury wellness clinic Owner, CEO/Founder of $1B logistics co. & more.



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Mike Skrypnek Topic Presentations

the story of unlimited worth

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Mike Skrypnek shares the story and lessons from his forty-year journey, starting with childhood sexual abuse and culminating in suicidal ideation that led to significant and profound healing. Learn how a successful business owner, entrepreneur and community leader suffered in silence, as the hard-wired patterns from trauma limited his life, the connected emotions defined him, and how he chose to heal over death. You’ll hear about the awareness and treatment that fueled his transformation so he could experience happiness, success, and love. Mike shares the key to realizing your UNLimited WORTH.

the secret to top performance

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Mike shares that even the most successful executive, athlete, or entertainer will sense that they are not living up to their full potential. Mike shares his story and lessons learned that will help you identify the hard-wired subconscious limits in your brain’s neural pathways holding you back. Once these patterns are identified, strategies for reprogramming can be planned and implemented. The result is a universal shift in energy that removes all limits and expands your potential so you can realize your UNLimited WORTH.



For many men, the idea of getting help, or of breaking their silence to admit they need help, is like admitting they are weak, incapable, or worthless. They fear the gig is up, and everyone is going to know they’re a fraud. What Mike has brilliantly penned here is not a life preserver, but a life enhancer. This book can quite literally help you save your future.

Robert Grigore

CEO, EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Consultant,
Grigore Counselling

Mike Skrypnek is an amazing human being who has firsthand experience of childhood trauma, its devastating effects, and recently the powerfulness of healing and reclaiming his innocence. Mike is on a mission to help other men in similar situations end their suffering in silence and realize their UNLimited Worth. His courage to speak out and commitment to help others is beyond admirable. I encourage you to read his upcoming book ‘Unlimited Worth – Lessons of happiness, love and success from male leaders healed from childhood trauma’ and visit his podcasts.

Daniel Holinda

Retired Charity Sector Leader. Former Regional Executive Director
Canadian Cancer Society

There are two things we need in this world: better leaders and more healing. And, we can’t have one without the other. The only way we can transform our ability to have a positive impact on our world is to heal our trauma wounds, and we all have them. UNLimited WORTH will help you both heal and elevate. Begin or accelerate that journey right now by reading this book

Ryan Gottfredson

Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Success Mindsets and The Elevated Leader

Occasionally in life (VERY occasionally), we meet a genuine, thoughtful, caring person who puts his/her heart, mind, and soul into his/her work. From the first time I met Mike Skrypnek that is what I felt. And now he has taken the spirit of helping others to a new height with his book UNLimited WORTH. Many of us struggle with barriers to success and repeat acts of self-sabotage. Not overcoming these cycles eventually turns to struggle into suffering. UNLimited WORTH can help you overcome these negative cycles and discover your true, rich self. It helped me…I believe it can help you

Dr. Gary McGrath

CEO, Chartered Professional Accountant
Statarius LLC

Mike Skrypnek is a genuine and authentic human being. You can’t fake that; you grow into it from living life on life’s terms. UNLimited WORTH is relatable to anyone with a pulse. Mike’s raw description of his journey and what it took to get him to where he is today gives others permission to heal and break the chain of dysfunction that has been passed down from generation to generation. Your only job is to be open to the journey. If you are willing, your life will change for the better. Mike’s work and passion surrounding the aetiology of trauma and more importantly healing from its effects is a clarion call of hope and inspiration. Regardless of who you are, you can...

Mr. Stacey Petersen

Chief Executive Officer
Cedars at Cobble Hill Vancouver Island

The truth is most entrepreneurs do NOT lead the lives of Freedom that they hoped for when they launched their business. Mike Skyrpnek nails the necessary sequence and teaches strategies to make it REAL in your business. Read it, apply it and build a business that is focused on people, filled with fun with fantastic profit!

Jay Fiset

Founder JVology
The Perfect Mix of People, Fun & Profit

Articles & Media

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Unlimited Worth-Lessons of Healing from Childhood Trauma; Finding Happiness, Love and Success for Male Leaders.
Unlimited Worth-Lessons of Healing from Childhood Trauma; Finding Happiness, Love and Success for Male Leaders.
In this book, Mike Skrypnek urges readers to break their silence, seek professional help, resolve their traumas, heal their pain & realize their UNLimited WORTH. The reader bears witness to 2 events that limited Mike's potential & defined his life. The day suicide became a viable option & the...
Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life
Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life
Mike Skrypnek gives entrepreneurs Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life
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