Ryan Fahey

Ryan Fahey

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Ryan Fahey is a two-time Canadian Best-Selling author, speaker, educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth, education, entrepreneurship and well-being. He owns a consulting company that aims to help people and small organizations move from good to great. His latest book, “How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments”, which supports the well-being of remote workers globally recently hit #1 on Amazon in Canada and cracked the top 40 books on entrepreneurship worldwide. Ryan Fahey has spent over fifteen years in the fitness and wellness industry and a decade in the education space. Originally from Nova Scotia, Ryan has dedicated his life to pursuing wellness and is widely considered a thought leader in the wellness and education sectors. In his free time, you can find him walking the trails of PEI with his wife Amber and Dog named Dash.
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Ryan Fahey (He, Him) is a two-time Canadian Best-Selling author, speaker, educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth, education, entrepreneurship and well-being.

Ryan Fahey grew up on a dirt road outside of Oxford, Nova Scotia. Snow football in the winter and shooting hoops in the backyard were a part of life as a kid while summers were often spent blueberry raking for $1.25 a bucket or collecting bottles on his bike. Being no stranger to grit, at the age of 12,Ryan Fahey was diagnosed with chronic migraines. From that diagnosis, Ryan Fahey realized that a key ingredient to preventing these headaches was to live a balanced life as much as possible. This is when his passion for wellness took hold.

In high school, despite being a multisport athlete and being involved as a student leader, Ryan Fahey struggled with his mental health and was admitted to the IWK in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he underwent three months of in-house treatment.

After graduation, Ryan Fahey attended St. Francis Xavier University where he studied human kinetics. During these formative years, his entrepreneurship roots started to sprout. Ryan Fahey became a personal trainer, started his own business, ran health and wellness camps, and started his blog.

While pursuing his graduate degree, Ryan Fahey began doing consulting work for Provincial Sport Organizations and National Organizations. He also played on the University Baseball Team and travelled to Long Island in the summers to work as an Athletic Director and Baseball Specialist.

Following University, Ryan Fahey worked for a statewide non-profit in Raleigh, North Carolina where he began his speaking journey travelling across almost all 101 counties to share messages about the importance of well-being, health and physical activity.

Following this, Ryan Fahey moved back to Canada where he worked in Alberta as a School Wellness Facilitator and Wellness Consultant. He travelled from High Level to Medicine Hat to speak with schools. He also mentored 34 schools in 14 school districts across the Province and spoke at Provincial conferences, National Conferences and in University classrooms in Calgary and Edmonton.

In 2017, Ryan Fahey travelled to Abu Dhabi to teach and coach. After years of blogging and freelance writing for some of the largest publications on the internet, Ryan wrote and published his second book called, “Your Best Decade”, which became a best-selling book on Amazon in Canada. He also started a digital publication called, “The Canadian Way” which provides rich stories for Canadians.

In 2019, Ryan Fahey founded a consulting company which helps people and small organizations move from good to great. He continues coaching clients and supporting small businesses today.

At the height of the pandemic, Ryan Fahey published his third book, “How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments”, which supports the well-being of remote workers globally. This book hit #1 on Amazon in Canada and cracked the top 40 books on entrepreneurship worldwide outpacing books by Oprah Winfrey, Jim Collins and Donald Trump.

Currently, Ryan Fahey speaks across the world on a range of topics related to well-being, education and personal growth. He has spent about fifteen years in the health and wellness industry and a decade in the education space and has dedicated his life to pursuing wellness while encouraging others to do the same. In his free time, you can find him walking the trails of PEI with his wife Amber and Dog named Dash.




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Ryan Fahey Topic Presentations

taking a values - based approach to your happiness and well-being  

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Based on Ryan’s second book, he guides your audience through a 5-step values definition activity, discussing the linkages between intentionality, purpose, and fulfilment while inspiring and uplifting those in attendance. His real-life stories and experiences will have your attendees in stitches, while also providing reflective nudges around building happiness and well-being. Attendees will leave this presentation feeling aligned, clear, and empowered to make positive changes for a happier, healthier life.


    The intention of this hands-on experience is for your attendees to leave with clearly defined or redefined values systems to guide their actions, purpose, happiness and overall well-being.

    Additional takeaways include:

    • Clarity around living a life of intentionality and purpose.
    • Strategies for identifying when to say “no” and when to say “yes”.
    • A blueprint for harmonized living.
    • Feeling hopeful for the future.

thriving in the remote economy  

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The landscape of business, community, and education continues to change rapidly due to the continued disruptive forces felt from COVID-19. One result of this is remote and hybrid work continuing to become more mainstream across Canada. People everywhere are turning away from Bay street meetings, opting instead to take the call from a kayak on the Atlantic ocean.

    As this trend continues in Canada, the real question is how are you and/or your business going to thrive in a future that is increasingly remote? How can you find ways to grow, prosper and thrive? Find out how during this presentation by Ryan Fahey, author of the amazon best-selling book, “How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments”.

    Takeaways include:

    • Being equipped with Ryan’s 5-step Energy Amplifier Blueprint for success.
    • Being able to apply Ryan’s Energy Audit Tool on your next team check in.
    • Understanding the role imposter syndrome plays among remote and hybrid teams.
    • Feeling more informed on the seven skills that are needed to thrive in an increasingly remote and hybrid world.

bullish on thy self

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Growing up in rural Nova Scotia was not easy in the 90s. Early in Ryan’s life, he realized that hard work, resilience, grit, and having an all hands on deck mentality would build the mental fortitude needed to thrive and become a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker by the age of 30. From entrepreneurial roots of raking blueberries for $1.25/bucket, to collecting bottles on his bicycle while all the other kids were sleeping in, Ryan will storify the actions, decisions, moments and milestones that helped him scaffold success over time and share how your audience can be more bullish on their skills and through their actions.

    Success leaves clues so come listen, be ready to be entertained, and enjoy this talk with real life applications for all attendees as they strive for success in their personal, relational and professional lives

listen to your life

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In a world where you can be anything, the greatest challenge is to become something and to see that through; with great passion and authenticity, despite the odds. Based around Ryan’s upcoming book, attendees will learn how to sift through the noise and ongoing disruption to remain focused on their career goals and aspirations.

    Our lives are not meant to be lived, they are meant to be lived well and in order to do that, one must be willing to dance on the edge of their comfort zone, with a constant eye on becoming an optimal version of their future self. Through this presentation, Ryan will peel back the layers on how to effectively listen and act on where life may be taking each of your attendees and leave them feeling a renewed sense of optimism moving forward.

    Takeaways include:

    • Dissecting commonly used terms for real life application in life and business.
    • Unveiling success Indicators from historical thought leaders.
    • Tangible steps for taking action to create the life you want.
    • Unpacking of Ryan’s confidence and competence model for success.
    • Ultimate clarity for those struggling to make clear, concise decisions.


Ryan is an animated and amazing motivational speaker whose communication skills are doubled by his ability to teach through storytelling.  

Ben Boudreau

Former Event Organizer, Attendee

Ryan can change a room by the way he educates and leans in to really listen and connect.

Brandi Heather

Best-Selling Author, Consultant

Having Ryan on the show at a time when remote working is expanding has been great for my audience. His insights were spot on and appreciated

Catherine McCourt

Host of the Fearless Future Podcast
Fearless Future Podcast

Ryan is professional and knowledgeable. His many creative suggestions and ideas made a noticeable difference [with my business]. I would definitely hire him again.

Tracy Lockwood

Owner/Operator of PLAY Consulting
PLAY Consulting

I heard from a number of co-workers and friends just how great this keynote was.

Conference Organizer

If Ryan is a fit, I would strongly suggest inviting him to join you to inspire your audience.

Mike Forrester

Living Fearless Today Podcast

Articles & Media

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Your Best Decade
Your Best Decade
We are all making an attempt at living a life that is rich, fulfilling and driven by purpose. It is basic human nature. However, many of us are going through life without adequate tools on how to live at our best. By focusing on your best decade, this book is a collection of ideas, strategies, and...
How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments: Make Remote Work All It Should Be
How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments: Make Remote Work All It Should Be
anyone can survive working remotely for 30 days or even 60 days with some decent internet and a great batch of coffee. The pandemic proved this to us. It also forced many quasi-blue and white-collar jobs to go remote overnight and many of us did not have the time to stop and reflect on what we...
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