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Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach & Facilitator
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Hamilton, Ontario
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Teresa Quinlan is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, facilitator, and speaker with 19 years of professional experience in Learning and Development. Over 2+ decades of coaching, training, and speaking to thousands of executives, leaders, and professionals to bring emotional intelligence skills into workplaces around the globe. Teresa has been focused on transforming individuals, teams and organizations to greater levels of performance since 1998 and has experienced leading teams and organizations through the highest of highs and the most challenging changes.

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  • Change Management
  • Communications
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Management
  • Health and Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health & Mental Wellness
  • Business Management

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  • Agriculture & Farming
  • All Staff Meeting
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Associations & Unions
  • Audience Industry
  • Award Gala's & After Dinner
  • Awareness Days


Teresa Quinlan is an executive coaching and leadership development expert, a keynote Speaker, a certified emotional intelligence coach, facilitator and consultant with 19 years of professional experience in Learning and Development.

An Entrepreneur and Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, Teresa is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to leveraging your IQ and personality and achieving the greatest levels of performance success.

Teresa Quinlan has been focused on transforming individuals, teams and organizations to greater levels of performance since 1998 and has experienced leading teams and organizations through the highest of highs and the most challenging changes.

Having spent over 25 years cultivating a rich and diverse set of skills, knowledge, behaviours, coaching and training new and experienced leaders, and mentoring, Teresa Quinlan has developed shoot-straight coaching, training, and mentoring techniques which foster opportunities for sustainable behavioural changes that lead to exceptional results; whether these results are to improve an individual’s overall sense of well-being, a teams ability to be innovative, collaborative, self-organizing and self-directing, or an organizations ability to truly live their values throughout every uphill battle and downhill celebration.

The road for Emotional Intelligence can being with the EQi-2.0 assessment; providing the baseline markers for one’s current EQ skill set. Development of EQ is done in many ways including 1:1 Coaching, lEQdership – Leadership Development through Emotional Intelligence Program, Webinars, Speaking Engagements, Team coaching, and consultation.

Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Workplace

  • As professionals, human skills are the most sought after skills in the workplace. They allow us to flourish through all circumstances, with all individuals, no matter the day, time, environment. This interactive sessions addresses the ever pressing questions “What is emotional intelligence, how do we get it, and why does it matter so much?” Every participant will walk away with a clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is and 2 EI strategies for their self-awareness and self-management.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

Emotional Fortitude and High Performance

  • We are all living in a time of fast pace, do it now, do it better, get to the finish line in the least amount of time, under budget, and with everyone smiling. Or at least we hope everyone can be smiling. The truth is, without emotional fortitude, we often don’t cross the finish line and more often, lose people along the way. This far-reaching talk by Teresa Quinlan gets to the heart of how we develop emotional fortitude at any age and apply that directly to our performance capabilities.

    Furthermore, this talk taps into the power of emotional intelligence to lead others; the most important skill to navigating the every-changing landscape of people. All participants will walk away with 2-3 strategies for stress management, self-actualization, empathy, and flexibility to enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training

Leadership Excellence – Beyond the Title

  • Psychological safety is a buzz word used too often without understanding of exactly what it takes to establish a culture rich with trust. Every workplace, and every employee within that workplace, deeply desires an environment in which they can be authentic, capitalize on their skills, and be seen and heard.

    In this comprehensive session, every participant will hear what it’s like to lead without a title; the characteristics of leadership excellence to influence anyone, anytime, anywhere. Each participant will leave this session with an understanding of the foundation of psychological safety from 3 pillars of emotional intelligence: empathy, assertiveness, and interpersonal relationships.

    *Custom keynote presentations available.

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  • The high-touch, concierge experience of Executive Coaching is about one thing; helping you find the resources within for sustainable transformation.

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  • Leadership Excellence is a commitment to better.

    EQi assessment, real time debrief, and hands-on workshop experiences elevate emotional intelligence skills throughout leadership while supporting organizational strategy and goals.

    CORE Workshop Experiences:

    • Team Work – Psychological Safety and Getting Things Done
    • Tough Conversations – Speaking Straight
    • High Functioning and High Performing – Balancing Independence (Authenticity) and Empathy
    • Flourishing through Change and Uncertainty – Leading Self and Others
    • Emotional Fortitude and Resilience – Avoiding the Burnout Crisis

    *CUSTOM workshop experiences available.

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  • This program enlists the foundational skills in emotional intelligence: impulse control and emotional self-awareness. By expanding one’s proficiency in these skills, individuals begin to master themselves, their emotions, and their impact on others which positively influences trust, psychological safety, motivation, and performance.

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  • There is a direct relationship between emotional wellbeing and performance. This relationship is known to all of us as we recognize that when we are in emotions of un-wellness, we find it difficult to engage our intelligence, make wise decisions, control our impulses, think creatively, address difficult problems with sensitivity, hold others accountable, or enrich relationships. In states of un-wellness we also ‘beat up’ on ourselves, allowing internal narrative to be a harsh critic of ourselves, others, and circumstances.

    This program focuses on the 4 key emotional intelligence for wellbeing: self-regard, self-actualization, interpersonal relationships, and optimism. By elevating proficiency in these skills, individuals learn how to actively create emotional wellbeing which directly leads to optimal performance; freeing up the individual to access their intellect, attributes, and skills.

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  • Empathy is highly sought after for cultures of psychological safety. It is within these environments that individuals do their best work as they are free from the repercussions of a lack of trust…fear. Under the influence of fear, individuals, teams, and organizations fall victim to blame rather than solutions, shame rather than confidence, sabotage rather than teaming, avoidance rather than accountability.

    This program focuses specifically on deep development of the skill of Empathy and it’s emotional intelligence partners: emotional self-awareness, reality testing, and emotional expression.

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  • Problem-solving, flexibility, and assertiveness. These are the trifecta of exceptional communication and influence within an organization. These are also, often, the skills lacking and so what becomes visible within the organization is dis-engagement and toxicity; a culture of “This is how we do things here” and “Conform or leave” and “Stay in your lane” and “Don’t challenge the status quo”.

    Excellence comes in the form of being able to work together and amplify the talents of individuals toward the collective power of the group. Being able to speak straight in ways that encourage openness, honesty, transparency, and involvement by everyone is what the most successful teams and organizations can do. This is the pinnacle of TEAM.

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When our head of Human Resources, along with two members of our Executive Team, recommended we engage with Teresa Quinlan for Emotional Intelligence development, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Our first meeting with Teresa Quinlan brought a presentation on the ins and outs of emotional intelligence and its value to us as individuals, for the people we are leading, for our teams and for the company.

In my first 1:1 session with Teresa Quinlan, she asked for my goals, and set the stage for how we would go about, together, achieving those goals; through examination of my current behaviours, beliefs, habits, and use of my emotional information. Over the course of 3 months, I have noticed some distinct results in both myself and in the Executive team.

First and foremost, I have become more emotionally stable and aware; I am more connected to my emotional triggers and am able to self-regulate at a greater level. I have been speaking up, using my skills in assertiveness, and contributing in a more sophisticated and influential way while also learning to balance that with my skills in empathy and seeking a greater understanding of others – their emotions and beliefs.

Secondly, as a group of Executives, our meetings have become a lot easier to have. Individuals have stopped yelling and behaving poorly, and others have learned to communicate more clearly and appropriately. We have been able to accomplish more in less time, with greater outcomes, and improved relationships.




Working with Teresa Quinlan has been a transformative experience…… catapulting me into a level of self-awareness that I cherish on a daily. Teresa Quinlan has the unique and incredible blend of holding space, tapping into a deeper level of inquiry with a gentle firmness that creates deep insights and “a-ha” moments all the time for me! I love our work together and recommend her to anyone ready for both internal & external inquiry alongside a supportive coach to get you to your next level!




I had the opportunity to meet Teresa Quinlan over coffee and very soon I felt a strong environment of trust was being formed.  In a follow-up session, I shared my Emotional Intelligence assessment that had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I had completed it but not really acted on a number of the recommendations that came with the report.  The questions she asked in the friendly, trusting environment allowed me to do a deep dive into my personal experiences.  I quickly realized that it is only when you share your experiences with someone as skilled in Emotional Intelligence coaching as Teresa, does meaningful change happen.

Through Teresa’s encouragement, I was able to debate some long-held thoughts and beliefs andiscard/resolveve them.  Also, I am more aware of my emotions, especially the ones that had been tripping me up in my career.

I am charting a new career path in the coming weeks.  With the coaching I received, and will continue to receive from Teresa Quinlan, I have 100% confidence that I will do well and will add even greater value to my clients and the organization I will serve.




As I sit at my desk fielding many emails, texts, and calls with all my thoughts and responsibilities spinning, I am calm in the eye of this storm.  I have been working on myself in earnest for many years, though at some points more intentionally than others.  However, as my awareness of my inner calm is growing exponentially, I feel compelled to explore the why & the how.  I am experiencing the rewards of my ‘inner work’ as we have referred to this process in a deeper sense than ever before.

Teresa Quinlan was that difference. A support, guide, mirror, confidante, challenger, listener, heart, head, hand, and anything else that is needed. I am overcome with gratitude as the ripple effect is cascading into every relationship, every conversation, and inside all of me.

Teresa’s wisdom, deep awareness of the underlying causes for certain behaviors and the emotions that drive the self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors, and ability to balance compassion with the gift of straight talk, have been the catalyst for my journey into the heart of what has been nagging at me all these years.

Teresa Quinlan handed me the keys to my own internal kingdom.  I am forever changed by this past year.




Teresa Quinlan, I wanted to thank you for our work together this past year and share how much it has helped me. I’d like to expand on two aspects of your coaching: your materials/tools, and the skill and care with which you employ them.

First, the materials and curriculum you employed, drew from a ton of sources to really zero in on the issues I was working on. I appreciated both the breadth of your knowledge background and your facility in adapting that to me and my journey. As a trained researcher, I value how you worked with metrics, perspectives, and journal prompts as tools rather than answers.

It was refreshing that you introduced each as a way of uncovering part of the journey, or support for an aspect of the work to be done as opposed to a one-size-fits-all way to figure it all out. I have struggled to keep up with the journaling and sometimes catch myself in thought patterns that don’t serve me but the tools you gave me help to ground me and bring me back to what I learned in our work together. Teresa Quinlan, your ability to bring tools and perspectives together to create a lasting framework for growth is so powerful.

The second aspect that made our work together so transformative was YOU! Your caring skill in listening deeply, your dedication to my growth, your gentle challenge, and your warmth through all of it was amazing. When I was anxious and tearfully talked in circles, your calm and careful questions helped me pause, sit with my feelings, and no longer be stuck in them. When I made excuses and led our convo astray to avoid the hard work, you were caring but firm in bringing me back to the work I’d set out to do.

Your deep listening, which seems to be the foundation of your coaching, was immensely impactful. Sometimes you would offer a word, a paraphrase of something I’d said, and I would hear what I needed to break through. Because of our work together, I have learned to listen to, and trust, my inner voice in ways that have allowed me to grow personally and professionally.

I’m so thankful to have had the chance to work with you. You’ve been an important resource on my journey. “Thanks” is really too small a word.

Amy Dexter

1-on-1 Client

Teresa Quinlan makes a real, tangible, impact every time I interact with her.  She listens well, asks the right questions, and provides pragmatic, real-world, coaching after she understands the context of the issue at hand.

I’ve had the pleasure of going through a personal EQ assessment and debrief which revealed several areas for me to dig into for my own personal development.  Teresa provided me with practical tools that I have continually leveraged over the past year as I moved from a corporate job to begin a consulting practice.

As part of that practice, I have engaged Teresa Quinlan to share her knowledge with clients on multiple occasions.  Her sessions are always well-received and leave attendees more aware of the importance of balancing our IQ and EQ in order to achieve better outcomes.

I’d go to battle with Teresa Quinlan any day of the week.

Pete Anderson


Three Bridge Solutions








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  • Change Management
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  • Employee Management
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  • Mental Health & Mental Wellness
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