Mina Sharif

Mina Sharif

Toronto, Ontario
Afghan Women's Rights Activist | Cultural Competence Consultant | Author | Host
Mina Sharif is an Afghan Women's Rights Activist, keynote speaker, Podcast host, and Cultural Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with marginalized communities. She uses media and personal networks to empower and foster human connection and has been published in "We Are Still Here", with a foreword by Margaret Atwood. She has also shared her expertise and insights on multiple platforms including "The Agenda", CBC radio, and BBC. Mina Sharif has directed Afghanistan's edition of Sesame Street and founded a nationwide mentorship program for girls, and shares her wealth of experience on women's rights, media empowerment, diaspora/identity, and best practices for supporting newcomers to Canada as the lead consultant at Compassion First Consulting and Director at Paragon Institute.
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Mina Sharif is an Afghan raised in Canada, who lived and travelled extensively in Afghanistan for fifteen years. Her experience there focused on utilizing media and grassroots communities to foster connectivity and unity towards a common goal of co-existence and peace building. Experiencing a Global South life, through the lens of her Canadian upbringing, taught her a number of lessons about how we can use our daily opportunities, even within small networks, to make our world a more peaceful and unified community.

Her professional experience includes media training for street children with Save the Children, leading multiple grassroots charity efforts, developing and disseminating nationwide public service campaigns for the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, and directing the Afghan version of Sesame Street. Mina Sharif is also the founder of Sisters 4 Sisters, a mentorship program designed to empower women and girls in marginalized communities through confidence building.

As an engaging speaker, Mina Sharif is often invited to speak on podcasts, panels and mass media interviews. Sharing her personal experiences of life in the Global South, through the lens of a Canadian raised woman, makes her presentations accessible to audiences in a way that few can offer. Her shared experiences with Canadian raised audiences, newcomers and the diaspora, enable Mina Sharif to inspire in a way that includes everyone in the room, and leaves them realizing that we can all be more active members of the global community. She has spoken at schools, been featured on many podcasts, moderated roundtables, has a considerable social media following, and has appeared on a number of TV and print outlets including the Toronto Star, Al Jazeera and the CBC.

As a hyphenated Canadian, her lived experience has had a great impact on those who face the nuances of the diaspora/identity challenges or want to learn more about them. As a content creator, Mina Sharif helps people connect to Afghanistan beyond headlines. Through the support she has received from her social media following, Mina Sharif has raised thousands of dollars for aid work and founded the Durkhanum Sewing Circle, an emergency response employment opportunity for women who lost their jobs after the fall of Afghanistan, a project for which she was featured in Teen Vogue.

Miss Sharif is now in Canada and continues to lead numerous volunteer aid efforts for Afghanistan. She co-hosts a popular podcast, writes for numerous publications, and serves as a consultant for cultural competence, philanthropy, and best practices to serve newcomers from conflict affected countries. She speaks as an expert on women’s rights, the newcomer and diaspora experience, communication tools, Afghanistan, diversity and inclusion.




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Mina Sharif Topic Presentations

diversity measures and intercultural communication - steps we can all take, to truly connect

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • A common critisicm of diversity measures in the workplace is that they feel performative rather than inclusive. Learn from Mina Sharif’s firsthand experience, that it can be a few simple tweaks in approach that make the world more harmonious one diverse room at a time.

    Mina Sharif was raised in Canada. In 2005 she moved to Afghanistan where she lived for fifteen years. In this presentation, Mina Sharif shares her biggest takeaway from that experience; that we can and must change the way we look at diversity. You will hear firsthand about what it was like to encounter a world she had only seen through news reports. She will share photos, anecdotal stories and steps she took in her life to counter feeling unheard both in Afghanistan and in Canada. She will inspire your audience to excitedly connect more to their own roots, respectfully and effectively learn more about their peers, and all the while appreciate the experience of living in the diversity of Canada.

effectively supporting newcomers

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Whether you are an organization supporting newcomers, or members of a community that wishes to be more supportive to those who have recently joined you, you will benefit from this presentation. Having spent her entire childhood in Canada and most of her adulthood in Afghanistan, Mina shares firsthand experience as a child refugee, a diaspora raised in Toronto who has worked with and volunteered to support newcomers, and as a recent returnee from Afghanistan. Additionally, her professional experience as a founder of Sisters 4 Sisters, a mentorship program for girls and women from marginalized communities in Afghanistan, will offer you effective tools and takeaways for best practices in supporting war affected newcomers, like those who have arrived from places like Afghanistan or Ukraine. Having lived the before, during and after of the war refugee experience, Mina Sharif can support you in your journey to welcome new Canadians with a wealth of personal and professional knowledge.

empowering women

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In this dynamic presentation, Mina Sharif shares her firsthand experience working with the women of Afghanistan on fighting for their human rights. Canadian raised, she lived in Afghanistan for fifteen years and founded Sisters 4 Sisters, a mentorship program for women and girls in marginalized communities. Mina Sharif is a contributing writer to the best selling “We are Still Here: Afghan women on Courage, Freedom and the Fight to Be Heard”, featuring foreword by Margaret Atwood. She founded Durkhanum Sewing Circle, an emergency response training program featured in Teen Vogue, for women breadwinners in Afghanistan. She has been interviewed by numerous media outlets around the world discussing best practice for support and solidarity for women who need our voices.


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Articles & Media

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Meet the Afghan Women Showing Their Resistance by Sewing

teen Vogue

Since the takeover of Kabul, Afghan women and girls in the country have been prohibited from continuing their careers and education. Because of this, combined with an economic crisis, many have had to search for alternatives to make ends meet. For the women of the Durkhanum: Kabul Sewing Circle,...

Hey World, Are You Listening? Afghan Girls And Women In Crisis Are Asking Read more at: https://www.shethepeople.tv/news/women-of-afghanistan-diaspora-fundraisers-relief-mina-sharif/


“Afghanistan has a 5000-year-old history. We have had women in leadership roles the entire time. By no means do Afghan women need international influence on empowerment,” Mina Sharif, executive producer for shows such as Baghch-e-Simsim and Voice of Afghan Youth, tells SheThePeople in a...

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We Are Still Here: Afghan Women on Courage, Freedom, and the Fight to Be Heard
We Are Still Here: Afghan Women on Courage, Freedom, and the Fight to Be Heard
After decades of significant progress, the prospects of women and girls in Afghanistan are once again dependent on radical Islamists who reject gender equality. When the United States announced the end of their twenty-year occupation and the Taliban seized control of the country on August 15, 2021,...
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