Dyan Eybergen

Mental Health. Education and Parenting Expert

Dyan Eybergen is a passionate and dynamic speaker. She easily engages her audience with confidence and humour. She delivers inspiring keynotes, workshops and seminars that help build healthier creative individuals and stronger families.

Dyan speaks from science and institution. Furthermore, she is knowledgeable and up-to-date on relevant mental health studies relating to parenting, childcare, education, and the health care of children. She can improve the mental health of an entire school or classroom. Dyan Eybergen speaks authoritatively on a variety of child education topics.  As a result, her Intuitive Parenting presentations have been heard by thousands of parents, hundreds of teachers and childcare workers across Canada. She is popular at teacher and childcare services conferences. Eybergen is also a certified teamwork and collaboration presenter on Lego Serious Play. She is a Certified Parent Coach and mental health specialist sought out by numerous organizations for her expertise.

Dyan Eybergen is also a Creativity Expert. Eybergen provides insights on how life success and art are inextricably connected. Using strategic proven therapeutic techniques and the principles of the law of attraction, participants discover how to unblock and revive their creative selves in contrast to what is valued within today’s workplace. Creativity is what makes artists, teachers, managers and business owners thrive. Dyan’s facilitates an eagerness to apply the lessons learned for Creativity. Dyan Eybergen will inspire audience members how to become more creative and to encourage others to be the same.

Eybergen is an award-winning author. She won silver in the Mom’s Choice Awards for her book Out of the Mouths of Babes. As a result of her research, Eybergen’s child-focused strategies in developing moral character to strengthen family relationships are in high demand across Canada. Because of of her expertise and diverse knowledge, Dyan Eybergen appears monthly on CTV Edmonton Morning Live. Dyan received an undergraduate degree in the study of Psychology from the University of Waterloo; a diploma in Health Sciences from Cambrian College and an Advanced Studies in Mental Health Certificate from Mount Royal University.

Topic Presentations

Dyan Eybergen is imminently qualified in matters relating to parenting and childcare and development. Her award-winning book, Out of the Mouth of Babes, is just the beginning It launched her successful career in public speaking.

There are no "quick-fix" solutions to parenting or dealing with behavioural issues in school, at home or in day care. However, through the awakening of intuition and the customizing of parenting/teaching/child care strategies to meet the needs of individual children/teachers/parents/child care workers will learn motivating and creative ways to strengthen relationships improve communication and deal with conflict and difficult children.

Dyan can gear this workshop to empower participants to deal with any childhood group - from pre-schoolers to grade 12.

Dyan enables teachers, parents, childcare worker’s practical ideas focusing on the “adult-child” relationship as one whole. Every parent/teacher/child care worker needs basic knowledge of child development and psychology to form realistic expectations for any child and to support a child's healthy growth. Dyan’s workshop provides parents/teachers/child care workers with valuable insight on how to recognize and nurture self-esteem, cooperation, moral awareness, independent thinking, responsibility and problem solving.

Dyan helps /teachers/parents/childcare workers find useful approaches to dealing with parenting/teaching/child care challenges based on the needs and personalities of individual children and adolescents.

Intuitive Teaching and Parenting: Child Emancipation is a highly interactive workshop. Dyan will tailor the workshop to meet the objectives of your group according to their level of interaction and affiliation with children and adolescents.

In today's world, students and parents have different expectations. Students seem bolder than ever, and parents seem to be more and more involved in the everyday activities of their children. Many parents and students no longer comply with rules and guidelines set by teachers. It is increasingly difficult to maintain Discipline in the Classroom.

Dyan Eybergen is an expert on discipline. She has led several classroom management teacher-training programs for schoolteachers. During her participative workshop, Discipline in the Classroom, participants will learn:

  • How to assist students who have been diagnosed with anxiety conduct problems

  • Strategies to promote social competence

  • How to strengthen teacher relationships with difficult students

  • How to increase home-school collaboration

  • How to decrease child conduct problems

  • How to reduce bullying and bullying in the classroom

  • How to reduce student peer rejection

  • Equip teachers with the needed tools and strategies to help anxious, aggressive, disruptive students

  • How to change the negative behaviour of uncooperative children

  • How to foster and develop the appropriate social behaviour that is a pre-requisite for success in school

  • Help elementary school teachers attain peace of mind and control over their classroom.

Dyan's Discipline in the Classroom is particularly useful to Elementary and Junior High School Teachers. It is designed to fit within the workshop time frame of teacher conventions; however, Dyan also delivers daylong seminars/workshops for schools and school boards when requested.

Schools provide the best setting where the greatest number of children and youth can be accessed and supported in the quest for mental health.

Current research demonstrates that mental wellbeing is important to healthy social and emotional development of students. It enhances learning that leads to school achievement. It also supports social wellbeing, self-confidence and career success. Research shows that there is a significant correlation between mental health and student development.

Schools play a distinctive role in the promotion of positive mental health and the management of existing mental health issues such as ADHD and anxiety. Within the school context, educators and health professionals collaborate to establish protective factors that contribute to the social-emotional growth of children and youth and decrease specific risk factors and stigmas that impede psychosocial development.

Dyan Eybergen, in her dynamic keynote or workshop Mental Health in the Classroom and in Schools, will teach classroom teachers and school administrators to:

  • Identify key components to establishing the infrastructure for mental health promotion

  • Identify key processes that support the effectiveness of mental health promotion actions

  • Implement key strategic actions for positive mental health promotion and management

  • Recognize potential outcomes and measurements associated with the inclusion of positive mental health perspectives and practices within schools

  • Make mental health a key priority within a school or a school system.

Dyan Eybergen is a certified facilitator for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. (LSP) Dyan studied the system in Boston and is accredited by the Rasmussen Consulting Company of Denmark. Dyan is one of the first accredited members in Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

LPS can apply to corporations, organizations, government agencies, relationships, families, bullying situations and schools. It is a proven method to help teamwork, stimulate creativity and work effectiveness. Play is the medium.

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation"

LSP draws upon extensive research from the fields of business, psychology and organization development. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research that shows that this type of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone in the organization. It builds on everyone's participation and education.

Are you seeking to reveal impactful insights? LPS can your group improve decision making?  Find hidden opportunities. Stimulate entrepreneurship and intrapreneuship. Improve project leadership. Reveal hidden issues. Clarify values, roles and identities. Integrate working teams. Resolve conflicts. Integrate diverse cultures.

Discuss the "un-discussable”. Here is what it will do for your group:

  • Gain a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges the facing the team and/or organization

  • Produce high quality fresh thoughts, reveal new knowledge, lead to clearer understandings and generate greater awareness of potential opportunities

  • Capture the essence of the challenges and turn them into "Real Time Strategies" that help your team decide how to act with intention both immediately and long term

  • Build shared commitment to attaining the goals and aspirations through their "Real Time Strategy" and build teamwork like never before

  • Facilitate immediate integration of insights surfaced during the session into on-the-spot actions

  • Help people actualize that they have more potential than they ever realized.

 Here is how LSP works…

Dyan supplies the Lego® kits. Participants build three-dimensional models using LEGO® bricks in response to questions on individual identity, group/team identity, connections to other team/group members and successful team/group behavior.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, process comprises:

Step One: Pose a Pertinent Question for the Group

Step Two:                   Construction

Step Three:                Sharing

Step Four:                  Reflection

Step Five:                   Dyan's Comprehensive Wrap up

Once a model is built, participants give it meaning and create stories around the model. The culmination of this process is the development of a set of guiding principles that allows a group/team to evaluate existing options and identify new ones, even when faced with tight constraints, complex situations, and unfamiliar territory.

Allowing each member to contribute and express him/herself results in a more sustainable change and in a faster and more effective way of identifying and accomplishing goals.

LSP distinguishes itself as a:

  • Remarkably efficient tool. By having participants make use of multiple intelligences—visual-spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence—groups discover what they didn't know they knew in a very direct manner

  • Method for developing fresh insights into tough issues.

  • Tool that produces deep and sustainable results in team building

  • Tool that works to integrate social, cognitive, and emotional dimensions into group exercises.

  • Tool that is particularly adept at leveling the playing field so that the power of a group's diverse resources and competencies can be realized

  • Means for revealing complex human systems so that teams know the landscape and are better prepared for the future

  • Way of productively addressing tough conflicts in organizations.

Dyan's comprehensive wrap-up provides insights into next steps into one or more the seven core processes and guiding principles into going forward as a group.

LSP is built on the theory of "Constructionism" from Seymour Papert at MIT and his idea of concrete thinking. Thinking with and through concrete objects, "Constructionism" proposes that we gain knowledge when we construct something external to ourselves. Research has shown that when we use of objects as part of an inquiry process can make hidden thoughts more discussable.


Constructing internal mental maps becomes easier when you build external models that are examined, shared, and discussed. This is consistent with psychology and art therapy that uses drawing, collage, and sculpture to create analogues of internal mental maps. In building, three-dimensional models with LEGO® bricks, participants literally think with their hands.

Metaphors provide richer descriptions of our realities that might challenge assumptions and reveal new possibilities. The link between metaphors and learning has been widely researched. Metaphors generate radically new ways of understanding things. A series of dominant metaphors shape the way we understand organizations or groups in which we work or live. Metaphors transform us in their potential to uncover perceptions, attitudes and feelings, which were previously subconscious or unarticulated. LEGO bricks convey both strong cognitive as well as emotionally charged information. Emotions play a particularly strong role in learning – they are useful in alerting us to important environmental changes, to appropriate responses and to anchor important events in our long-term memory.

Dyan Eybergen will take you on an incredible journey toward believing in yourself. Come take the leap of faith and Discover Your Creativity Within. “There is a universe full of possibilities—a plethora of dreams—just waiting to be asked to help you make your desires come true."

All people possess the ability to be creative. The question is how to uncover it out of ourselves if we have lost touch with our creative selves. It is hidden beneath the bills, housework, the work deadlines, and humdrum, day-to-day commitments.

Do audience members acknowledge creativity when it happens? How do we recognize it? How do we Access it? How do we improve our creative choices: the way we think, feel, dress, decorate our homes, conduct ourselves in meetings, choose books to read, admire artwork and listen to music?

Dyan’s keynote and/or her workshop Creativity, puts people in touch and at ease with the power of their own creative forces. She encourages the creative expression of her audience members and participants. She will inspire creative behaviors that are positive to the growth of individuals and organizations.

Creativity follows six principles on a journey that guides and helps each of us emancipate and blossom into our unique creative selves:

Simplicity - where we put thoughts of lack behind us. By clearing out the clutter in our lives, we begin to see how fortunate we are to possess what we already have. The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become. Simplicity gives way to…

  • Gratitude - as we start to do a mental inventory of how blessed we are, we affirm the positive in our lives. Gratitude brings with it a sense of…

  • Worth - where we believe that we are deserving of having a good life; one that is rich in creativity. Feeling worthy enlightens us to beauty within...

  • Imagery - where we no longer take our everyday environment for granted. We begin to see beauty all around us and it inspires our creative juices. Imagery lends itself to…

  • Clarity - where we begin to understand that life and art are inextricably intertwined, that our creativity brings us fulfillment and when we are fulfilled, we live more prosperous lives. Finally, clarity introduces us to...

  • Creativity - where we carve out our dreams and explore ways of achieving them. Each of these creative principles will be processed through a variety of self- directed activities provided in Dyan’s presentation.

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Out of the Mouths Of Babes

As a registered nurse working with psychiatric children and adolescents, Dyan Eybergen thought she was trained to handle just about every behavioral situation-until she had her own children. Nothing had prepared her for the intensity of the relationships she would share with her sons-the profound love she would have, the anger she would sometimes feel toward them and, of course, the guilt. For those who have struggled with parenting strategies that have failed or worked for one child but not another, Out of the Mouths of Babes offers a unique parenting approach tailored to working with the personalities of individual children. While guiding parents to uncover successful solutions to such frustrating child-rearing dilemmas as sleeping through the night, toilet training, and sibling rivalry, Eybergen also helps parents teach their children to feel empowered to acquire new skills, problem solve, manage conflict, and develop a healthy self-esteem. Out of the Mouths of Babes is an innovative guidebook that offers a new choice for parents who believe there are other alternatives to the one-size-fits-all paradigm of raising children.

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