Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas Badminton

Toronto, Ontario
Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert
Nikolas Badminton is an award-winning, dynamic and innovative virtual keynote speaker and international futurist consultant, researcher and media producer. Nikolas Badminton is a master of igniting curiosity in the changing world & shares an awe-inspiring vision of trends that shape the future to world-leading organizations and governments.
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Nikolas Badminton is a world-renowned futurist who mentors leaders to create more connected, curious and creative teams that embrace futures design to imagine desirable futures, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. He provides expertise in new technologies and promotes exponential thinking that equips executives and business leaders to imagine new thinking, strengthen strategic planning, and anticipate unforeseen risks.

Futurist speaker, Nikolas Badminton continues to work with some of the world’s leading companies and organizations to bring new concepts and new ways of thinking to audiences around the globe. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (The RSA), and the futurist who the world’s most impactful companies and filmmakers turn to for big ideas on our collective futures.

Nikolas Badminton Chief Futurist and Think Tank leader is a member of Chatham House and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (The RSA), and has worked with over 300 of the world’s most impactful companies to awaken curiosity and create incredible futures, including NASA, United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Intel, United Way, Bayer, Corteva, Bank of Canada, American Express, AT&T, Thales International, Rolls Royce, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, Government of Canada, UK Home Office, Government of Cayman Islands, IDEO, and many more.

Nikolas has been a mainstay in the media for the past decade talking about our futures. He was an advisor to the ‘Age of AI’ series with Robert Downley Jr and appears in two upcoming series – ‘The Secrets of Big Data’ and ‘Deadly Science’. He appears regularly on SIRIUSXM, and on CTV’s Future Friday talking about future trends. In addition, his essential research has also been featured by the BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Techcrunch, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, Sputnik, Venturebeat, and Global News.

He was invited to pen the opening chapter for the new book ‘The Future Starts Now’, released in 2021. In February 2023 his new book ‘Facing Our Futures’ is released and provides executives and organizations with the foundations for future design and the tools to imagine new futures, create bolder visions, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. The book aims to equip world leaders and executives with the tools to design brave new futures while gaining a holistic view of all possibilities.

Facing Our Futures: How foresight, futures design and strategy creates prosperity and growth – is Nikolas’ number one best selling book and has been selected for the Next Big Idea Club and as the ‘Next Gen Pick’ for JP Morgan Private bank’s 2023 Summer Reading List to guide new leaders to ignite curiosity and embrace futures thinking.

As the Chief Futurist and Think Tank leader of a group of futurists who consult, Nikolas Badminton and his team of leading consultants for the future facilitate meetings and empower business leaders through a critical yet optimistic vision of the future. Nikolas Badminton has over 25 years of expertise working with organizations in government, urban planning and city administration, banking and finance, telecommunications, high tech, engineering, agriculture and food supply, automotive, aerospace, retail, marketing and advertising, HR and recruitment, privacy and cybersecurity, and other industries

Nikolas Badminton has advised the world’s most impactful and progressive companies that require to learn and prepare their businesses for technology, industry and market trends to futureproof their organization. Nikolas Badminton is a master of igniting curiosity in the changing world. He inspires audiences in thinking creatively about the impact of exponential technologies including from 2030 to 2040, and beyond.




Nik Badminton


Nikolas Badminton Topic Presentations

hope engineering – the power to change our world

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Nikolas will deliver an energetic and inspiring keynote that shows you how hope is the energy that changes our world. He will ignite curiosity and shift your mindset from what is to what if. He will share stories of cultural shifts, insights into new disruptive technologies, and strengthen strategic planning in your organization by embracing futures thinking.

    Nikolas will show you how to…

    • Shift your mindset from what is to what if… – see the signals of change, trends shaping our world, and stories of our futures that inspire new thinking and strengthen strategic planning, increase revenues, and drive explosive growth
    • Understand global megatrends – see what is shaping geopolitical dynamics – economic power, population growth, water-energy-food, waste, climate change and energy.
    • Explore the trends that will transform your industry – Data Science, Digitization, Artificial Intelligence and automation, smart cities and urban planning, privacy and security, sustainable agriculture and food supply, space and aerospace, progressive engineering and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, fintech, and more.

    Once you see the potential for building hope and change, you can’t not do the work.

supercharge innovation – uncover new opportunities, grow your business.

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Every organization wants to be seen as innovative, solving real world problems and leading their industry. The majority fall at the first hurdle – taking a chance and empowering their people to explore possibilities. Leading executives are now finding that the process of innovation can be revolutionized by leading with futures work to speculation on the futures ahead of us and their place in those incredible worlds.

    Nikolas will show you how to…

    • Build resilience and innovation into your organization – how to build innovation mindsets and capabilities across your organization, and in the heart of every employee.
    • De-risk innovation through futures work – by looking at the signals, trends and scenarios that show us the dynamics of solutions we imagine will change the world. It also allows us to feel how we are in those places using design fiction and world building.
    • Think like a futurist – how to question your own history and perspectives, be wildly creative & collaborate, look for pockets of the future in the present, and build hope as an energy to change the world.

    Nikolas will take you through his world-leading process of futures work and show you how that supercharges innovation and strategy to deliver increased revenues and explosive growth.

exponential humanity – embrace new frontiers in a.i.

  • Keynote Presentation
  • The exploitation of data has long been the lifeblood of industrial progress since the 1980s and now we’re transcending that ability through Artificial Intelligence, augmentation, and automation. In harnessing its ability, we hope to positively affect the world and create incredible futures to drive productivity and solve some of the greatest challenges of our times.


    Nikolas will show you…

    • A.I.’s transformation – and how it’s shifted from academic exploration into a real-world powerhouse of change across all industries.
    • How our world is being revolutionized – through industry automation, education being redefined, and exponential industries changed through the foundations of data science, the implementation of new A.I. tools, and the application of machine learning in the wider world and in your industry.
    • How to implement A.I. in your organization – the practical abilities and skill sets needed, the structural considerations for strategic planning, and the mindset needed for continual development and growth in A.I. capabilities.

    Today, everything changes. Let Nikolas guide you on your first steps forward into a bigger world and share his experience building these systems since the 1990s.


Nikolas Badminton is not just an incredible presenter. He grabs the audience’s attention and doesn’t let go. So many of our partners told us they had never examined the future of their business in such a thought-provoking way – to expose our partners to something new is the highest value we can provide to our partners. Nikolas Badminton brought that value.

Emile Perez

Client Computing Group

Nikolas Badminton gave a high-energy and stimulating romp through some frontiers of the future, in parts eye-opening, confusing, motivating, and disturbing. The intention was to lift our group of health professionals out of their normal day-to-day perspective and offer a glimpse of different worlds, ones that may or may not come to pass. The point was to help us see differently and think differently. Judging by the conversation afterwards, Nikolas Badminton definitely succeeded. The ‘end-of-life care robot’ was a particular talking point!

Ian Burbidge

Head of Innovation and Change
Marketing, Global Merchant & Network Services, American Express

Opening keynotes that engage an audience and leave them wanting to hear more is challenging. At our 2018 AutoTech Symposium, we struck gold with futurist Nikolas Badminton. Participants were referring to Nik’s presentation throughout the event and in the days following. Our organizing committee was equally impressed with the quality of custom content, ease of delivery and unprompted ‘only positive’ feedback from attendees. Highly recommended.

Ross McKenzie

Managing Director
University of Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR)

Nikolas Badminton illustrations were helpful in pointing out the constant change in urban areas over recorded history and the even higher rates of change affecting mobility, housing, food and energy now. Your presentation stimulated creative thoughts across a wide array of municipal service providers in attendance and was a helpful catalyst to inspire more progressive outlooks.

Bruce Macgregor,

Chief Administrative Officer
Regional Municipality of York

Looking for a Keynote that will engage every single person in the room?  You are looking for Nikolas Badminton  I have been responsible for speakers at education conferences for many years.  Too often educators hear from presenters within a very limited area of focus.  Nikolas’s connections are fresh and applicable to every area of education from the finances and the buildings to the students in Kindergarten to grade 12. Whether it is education or another area of expertise, it is a tough situation to get the right person. The topic of “The Future” pertains to every single organization out there; further, the state of our world to come is of interest to every human, so you can’t...

Claire Proteau

Supervisory Officer
Halton District School Board

The Pear Healthcare Solutions team had the pleasure of collaborating with Nikolas Badminton on a special event that we developed and executed for community pharmacists practising in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was part of a multi-expert panel that was tasked with shining a light on the opportunities that exist for pharmacists to evolve and grow their businesses amidst never-ending changes and challenges. Nikolas Badminton was FULL of energy and enthusiasm and worked closely with our team to ensure he fully understood our audience, so he could meet them where they are…BUT push them into thinking about some really novel approaches. He was positive, and engaging, and delivered a fantastic...

Dawn Murphy

VP, Client Services
Pear Healthcare Solutions Inc.

Articles & Media

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Facing Our Futures
Facing Our Futures
Facing Our Futures: How foresight, futures design and strategy creates prosperity and growth
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Are you looking to hire Nikolas Badminton for your event? Nikolas Badminton Toronto, Ontario is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Nikolas Badminton is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Nikolas Badminton is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Nikolas Badminton from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Nikolas Badminton to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

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