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Edmonton, Alberta
Political Analyst - Campaign Strategist - Brand Strategist - Leadership - Entrepreneurialis
Najib Jutt is a highly experienced consultant, strategist, and expert speaker with over 20 years of experience in management, marketing, and communications. He is a thought leader in the industry with a unique combination of skills in social justice, foreign policy, electoral change, leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), branding, and entrepreneurialism. Najib's extensive experience in advocacy, government relations, and fundraising efforts for NGOs and not-for-profits demonstrates his commitment to contributing to his community. He has received numerous awards, including Diversity Magazine’s 2019 Friends of Diversity Award. Najib Jutt is an inspiring speaker who helps individuals and organizations navigate complex issues and make a positive impact on society.
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Najib Jutt is an experienced management and marketing consultant, a dedicated community leader, and an accomplished political pundit. Najib has spent over 20 years working with multinationals from Canada, America, Japan, and the UK, developing a broad range of both corporate and entrepreneurial experiences. He has established himself as a branding and public relations expert when it comes to communicating with corporate shareholders and customers, navigating through government bureaucracy, or dealing with media, traditional and online. As a speaker, Najib Jutt brings a unique perspective on leadership, marketing, and community building.

Najib Jutt is currently serving as Chairman of ALIF Partners, the first creative management consultancy in Alberta, and one of the first firms of its kind to register as a worker cooperative. ALIF Partners received the 2018 EMCN Welcoming Workplace award for creating an environment that allows newcomers, immigrants, and others with foreign credentials to gain experience and thrive in the Canadian workplace. Najib has also worked on multiple political campaigns at all levels of government, in Canada and abroad, serving as a strategist, advisor, or communications lead. He strives to work with candidates from underrepresented, excluded, and marginalized communities, and his candidates have run for nominations, general elections, and in leadership races for political parties of all stripes both provincially and federally.

Najib holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Alberta, as well as a Diploma in Marketing Management from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He has also completed numerous professional development courses related to public speaking, event planning, and marketing.

Najib Jutt is a skilled marketing and communications professional with an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and years of global brand experience. His skill set includes expertise in business optimization, growth strategy, branding, social enterprise, data analytics, digital media, and online marketing. As a speaker, he is able to deliver engaging and informative presentations on topics related to leadership, community building, and political strategy. Najib is also a skilled event planner, having organized numerous successful campaigns and fundraising events for NGOs and not-for-profits.

Najib Jutt is a recipient of Diversity Magazine’s 2019 Friends of Diversity Award, recognizing his commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in his work as a consultant and community leader. He has also worked on political campaigns that have achieved significant victories, including the successful election of candidates from underrepresented communities.

In his free time, Najib Jutt is an active member of his community, serving on the advisory board of Soulfront, as well as previously serving as a board member with the Arts & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert and the Edmonton Epilepsy Association. He is also a founding member of both the Urban Spirits Rotary Club and Intervivos and was an inaugural committee member of Edmonton’s NextGen.



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Winston Churchill was a genocidal mass murderer

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Articles & Media

Greens reject leadership candidate who refuses to take a French test


Ineligible leadership candidate Najib Jutt plans to appeal the decision Green Party leadership hopeful Najib Jutt says he's refusing to take a French language test required by the party — which has rejected his application as a result. Jutt, who worked on former leader Annamie Paul's election campaign, posted a statement on his website saying he will "not be participating in any language testing by a party that professes to stand for the principles of respect for diversity and social justice." He said he plans to appeal the party's rejection of his candidacy. In the post, he calls the language requirement "the most egregious rule of the contest" and "an artificial barrier created to, unintentionally or not, move the goalposts for many equity-deserving leadership hopefuls." "No former leader or interim leader of the Green Party of Canada has been required to take such a test," he wrote. "The requirement to be proficient in both official languages is not a constitutional or legislative requirement for a party leader or prime minister. It isn't even a convention." Prime ministers have been able to communicate in both of Canada's two official languages since the current officeholder's father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was elected in 1968. While Jutt said he is fluent in other languages and is not opposed to learning French on the job, he doesn't think it should be a requirement for federal party leadership. He said making it a requirement amounts to a barrier for people of colour who don't speak both of Canada's official languages. "It seems to contravene the party's own work toward justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion," Jutt said. "This arbitrary rule constitutes the very opposite of inclusion." According to the rules of the leadership contest, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English and French at an advanced level — what's known by the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages as the "B2 level". Indigenous applicants are exempt from this requirement. Jutt told CBC News he has been paying for French courses himself and might be able to meet the language requirement, but he won't submit to the exam out of principle. The Green Party of Canada did not respond to CBC's request for comment. In a letter the party sent to Jutt that was viewed by CBC, officials stated he was "ineligible."

P.E.I. advocate Anna Keenan pitches 'healthier' co-leadership run for federal Greens


In an interview with SaltWire, Jutt said he believes the party’s leader should be fluent in French. But he said the requirement was unexpectedly “sprung on” prospective candidates in June and was not a requirement for past leadership candidates. “We've never subjected anyone to testing. That's something I have an issue with," he said. Jutt also said this requirement was part of a pattern of “unethical and artificial barriers” put in place by the party for candidates. The federal party will reveal the official leadership candidates on Aug. 31. The first round of voting begins on Oct. 7. The new leader will be announced on Nov. 19.

Green Party leadership candidates launch their campaigns


2 pairs of candidates to run together as slates, proposing a co-leadership model After weeks of rumour and speculation, the Green Party has announced the names of six candidates approved to run in its leadership campaign. Two will run as independents, while the remaining four are expected to run in two-candidate slates under a proposed co-leadership model. The party has approved both Sarah Gabrielle Baron and Simon Gnocchini-Messier to run for the leadership. And two dual-candidate slates — one comprised of former Green leader Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault, the other made up of Anna Keenan and Chad Walcott — have been cleared to run for co-leadership. A staffer who worked for former leader Annamie Paul is not in the race. Najib Jutt's application was rejected after he refused to undergo the party's English and French language testing. Jutt's appeal of that decision was also rejected on Wednesday. This year's leadership race was triggered by Paul's resignation in November. The former leader's exit was marked by allegations that Paul — the first Black and Jewish woman elected to lead a federal party — endured misogyny, racism and antisemitism in the job.

Green Party expels aspiring leadership candidate who says party is ‘in crisis’

Toronto Start

Asked when the party will make those decisions and what it is doing to improve the situation, Green spokesperson George Orr said the party is “running a dynamic leadership contest, and through that and other initiatives, is working with current members and recruiting new members to restore the party’s resources.” Najib Jutt, a political strategist in Alberta who worked with Paul and is contemplating a leadership run, said it is “ridiculous” that the party has designed a leadership race with limited time to fundraise and sign up members at a time when money is sorely needed. The campaigning is “limited” until Aug. 31, while members must sign up by Sept. 7 to vote in a first round before the new leader is announced Nov. 19. Jutt also criticized Tyrrell’s expulsion, stating the Quebec Green leader is “entitled to his opinions” and that it should be up to members — not party brass — to decide if he is a legitimate contender in the race. “There’s a beautiful, perfect way to actually prove whether or not Alex’s ideas … should be in the Green Party of Canada,” he said. “We have a leadership race coming up. Let him compete.”

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Najib Jutt, Political Consultant with Statecraft Partners, Opinion on Mayor Iveson

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On The Ground series intro

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Najib Jutt Shares His View On The Impact of US Election in Multicultural Communities


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