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Vanessa Vakharia is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of a company and a super cool boutique math & science tutoring studio in Toronto, Canada. Vanessa Vakharia appears regularly on national television and news outlets as an expert in math education and speaks globally at conferences about re-inventing the classroom to help students engage in overcoming roadblocks faced within math, science and STEM. Vanessa is known for her skillsets in encouraging STEM in the classroom, and for helping teachers embrace teaching skillsets that will enable students to be prepared for the future.

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    Vanessa Vakharia is the founder and director of a math and science-related super cool boutique and tutoring studio in Toronto. She is also the author of Math Hacks, a new book that totally makes math fun, stress-free and relatable for young kids and parents, and the host of Math Therapy, a podcast that works through guests’ math trauma. Vanessa Vakharia has her Bachelor of Commerce, Teaching Degree, and Masters of Math Education.

    Vanessa Vakharia appears regularly on national television and news outlets as an expert in math education, and speaks globally at conferences about re-inventing media representations of women in “STEM”. Her #goals are to be Lady-Gaga-famous and to totally change math culture so that “STEM” is finally as cool and accessible as basically every single Taylor Swift song ever. She failed Grade 11 math twice, which was the best thing that ever happened to her. Sidenote but totally relevant: Vanessa is a founding member of Toronto indie-rock band Goodnight, Sunrise. Mindy Kaling is her idol and Vanessa believes that she should be yours too.

    Stop freaking out - Get a grip on math anxiety

    • Okay, let’s be real. Do your students (or you!) freak out at the sight of numbers? Dissolve into a pile of tears at the thought of a math test? Throw a minor tantrum when they (or you!) can’t figure out their math homework? It’s called math anxiety and yes, it’s a real thing. This workshop will explore what math anxiety actually IS, how to spot it, prevent it, and manage it when it rears its ugly, icky, panicky head!

    • Keynote Presentation

    Math Therapy - A crash course in becoming a math therapist

    • Did you know that pretty much anyone who thinks they’re “not a math person” has math trauma they simply haven’t worked through yet? Look, we’ve all had math teachers before…but how many of you have had a math therapist?! If you’re ready to dig deep, this crash course in math therapy is for you! This workshop will teach you the art of math therapy and empower you with the tools you need to add “math therapy” to your list of teachables. Through teaching math, we can empower our students to believe that they are capable of anything and that everything is possible. That is the greatest gift we can give our students, and THAT is what being a math therapist is all about!

    • Keynote Presentation

    Raising kids who aren’t scared of math - The 5 most valuable things you can teach your students

    • Let’s be honest. Math can be super stressful for kids, parents AND teachers these days. Feeling like you can’t do math leads to a lack of confidence, a feeling of hopelessness, and…a LOT of tears (from everyone involved)! But guess what? You don’t have to be a math genius in order to inspire one! These 5 super-secret (and super easy!) tips are guaranteed to turn that math frown upside down – for parents, teachers, AND their kids! This workshop emphasizes the idea that through teaching math, teachers can help students see themselves as creative, confident, and capable of anything. Ready to transform the way you approach teaching math? Let’s do this!

    • Keynote Presentation

    Imagining a World Where Kim Kardashian Loves Math

    • Despite the fact that girls and boys achieve the same level of success in math class, girls are disproportionately represented in post-secondary STEM programs and what’s crazier is that despite increasing test scores, young women still profess in large numbers to be BAD at math! This workshop explores the force exerting the most influence on teenage students: popular culture and mass media. Together we will discuss how we might change math culture so that girls grow up with the understanding that math is just as cool as Kim K’s butt, and DEFINITELY way more empowering!

      *In addition to parents and educators,  this is offered to students

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    Making Failure Your New Fave F-Word

    • Okay, let’s be real. Does the fear of failure prevent you from trying new things? From speaking up in class? From asking questions you REALLY want answers to? From supporting your friends instead of being totally jealous of them (cough cough social media envy)? If you nodded YES to any of these questions, you’re not alone! At the root of all anxiety, lies the fear of failure – and the good news? Giving your mindset a makeover can make ALL the difference! During this workshop, we will explore 3 major ways that failure can be a total buzzkill and come up with simple strategies to change our perception of failure so that we can all get out there, support one another, and live our BEST lives!

      *This is offered exclusively to students!

    • Keynote Presentation

    “Entertaining, intelligent, and hilarious, Vanessa brings a powerful voice to groundbreaking conversations surrounding our kids, their education, and above all – our future.”









    Expertise in

      Speaker Types

      • Career Development
      • Conference Keynote
      • Education & Teachers
      • Motivation
      • Youth Leadership & Students
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