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Find humor in the workplace speakers & humor speakers. Hire our humorous keynote speakers and humorous motivational speakers for experts on health & physical benefits of humour events & gatherings. Book Canadian guest speakers for humor in the workplace. speakers bureau canada has top humor in the workplace speakers & best humor speakers for conventions & symposiums. search our public speakers, humor and laughter experts that deliver presentations, speeches & talks to provide insights on effects and emotional benefits of laughter at awareness days/weeks/months events in the workplace.

Dr. Kevin Alderson

Mental Health, Diversity and LGBTQ2 Expert

Jann Arden

Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Bestselling Author

Aren Bahia

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist - Connection, Purpose, Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert

Peter Brown

Award Winning Radio Host, Master of Ceremonies and Awards Host Expert

Jeffrey Cartwright

Mental Health, Emotional Wellness & Conscious Leadership Expert

Michelle Cederberg

Change Agent - Peak Performance, Workplace Productivity, Energy at Work, Health and Wellness Expert

Judy Croon

Comedian - Stress Management and Humour Expert

Steve Donahue

Change & Engagement Expert, Sahara Adventurer, Bestselling Author, Story Guru

Linda Edgecombe

Resilience, Energy, Performance and Leadership Expert

Brett Elmgren

Executive Coach, Leadership Development , HR Strategist And keynote Speaker

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Cyber Bullying, Communication Health & Wellness and Psychology Expert

Paula Goebel

Communications, Productivity, Inter-generational Workplace Expert

Jen Grant

Humour, Stress Management and Harassment Expert

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Burnout & Stress Management Coach, Mental Health, Wellness & Resilience Expert

Carissa Halton

Community and Social Justice Advocate, Writer, Facilitator and Strategic Planner

Jim Harris

Futures, Strategy, Innovation, Change Expert

Robert Hawke

Comedian, Author and Cancer Survivor

Fred Keating

Master of Ceremonies and Performing Arts Expert

Michael Kerr

Workplace Energizer - Leadership, Change, Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Kimberly Knull

Mental Health, Rising & Daring, And Courageous Leadership Expert

Adam Kreek

Canadian Gold Medalist - Leadership, Change and Peak Performance Expert

Michael Landsberg

Mental Health Speaker & Founder of #Sicknotweak, Iconic Canadian Sports Journalist

Darci Lang

Leadership, Positivity, and Customer Care Expert

Patricia Morgan

Resiliency, Happiness and Seniors Expert

Wairimu Njoroge

International Healing Conversationalist, Strategist and Therapist.

Vince Poscente

World Class Peak Performance Mindset Expert, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

S. Angel Shaw

Resilience, Health & Wellness Coach and Alernative Therapist

Micah Solomon

Customer Service, Customer Experience and Business Innovation Expert

Stephanie Staples

Revitalization & Psychosocial Wellness Expert, for people who are ‘nice for a living’!

Shannon Talbot

Burnout & Workplace Wellness Expert

Penny Tremblay

Workplace Relationships, How to PLAY NICE in the Sandbox, Conflict Resolution Expert, Trainer,Author
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