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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that can draft a customized presentation for your audience on different topic themes? Maybe you are looking for an inspirational woman who presents on communications or business strategy. Maybe you want to combine an athlete with a topic Our efficient and powerful advanced search tool below assists organizers to combine speaker types + speaker topics + speaker locations + areas of expertise so that you can filter your results and narrow your search to find the perfect speaker for your event. You can always go back and restart your search and it is a fun tool to play with as we have set in our speakers to reflect their dynamic ability to customize and tailor a presentation for your group.

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    Nikolas Badminton

    Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert

    Rachel Baptiste

    Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

    Joanna Barclay

    Mindful Conscious Leadership Consultant and Organizational Culture Change Expert

    Dr. Aaron Barth

    TEDx Speaker | Workplace Science, E-learning and Inclusion Expert

    Christopher Bauer

    Ethics, Values and Trust Expert

    Spencer Beach

    Burn Survivor, Safety Culture and Workplace Safety Expert

    Dr. Daniel Bear

    Drug Policy Expert, Professor and Speaker

    Sajel Bellon

    TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

    Mark Bentz

    Paralympian - Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness

    Dr. Jasmin Bergeron

    Certified Speaking Professional, Professor, Bilingual, Dynamic and Energizing

    Diane Bergeron

    Leadership and Inclusivity Expert

    Cheryl Bernard

    Olympic Speaker, Resilience, Business and Preparation & Excellence Expert

    Alexandre Bilodeau

    Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

    Dr. Nicola Bird

    Health and Wellness, Productivity and Self-Transformation Expert

    Jennifer Bitner

    Health and Wellness, Women of Inspiration and Mental Wellness Expert

    Mark Black

    Resiliency, Breakthrough & Productivity Expert

    Nicholas Boothman

    The People Skills Expert

    Jennifer Botterill

    Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

    Denis Boudreau

    Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

    Anders Boulanger

    Engagement and Attention Expert


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