Daniel O’Neill

Daniel O'Neill

Edmonton, Alberta
Change Agent - Energy Mover & Mental Health Advocate - Award-winning Author
Daniel O’Neill is a life force energy & rewilding coach, Award-winning author, shaman mystic, athlete and mental health advocate. As a Coach and Speaker, with his vast work and life experiences to create excitement and energy in his client's experiences. His passion for adventure, love of fitness, and the joy he experienced competing in races made him drive his lifestyle and continued growth as an athlete. Daniel O'Neill received his Triathlon Coaching certification from the NCCP in 2012, He coached and successfully helped athletes meet goals in Triathlon from completing their first triathlon up to coaching athletes to Ironman finishes.
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Daniel O’Neill is a life force energy & rewilding coach, Award-winning author, shaman mystic, athlete and mental health advocate. Through consulting, Daniel helps clients create an environment and culture that allows them to align and have coherent energy. You are a sacred being who deserves to live the life of your dreams.

Experience comes in many shapes and forms as we journey on our path on earth. Some are labelled as good, happy, or nice. Others are labelled as bad, sad, or unhealthy. Daniel O’Neill’s life experiences have taught him it’s not what happens, it’s more important how the energy of what happens is shaped in the aftermath of every experience.

Energy is the key to creating the life you desire and using every experience to master yourself. As a Coach and Speaker Daniel O’Neill use his vast work and life experiences to create excitement and energy in his client’s experiences.

Daniel O’Neill grew up playing sports and has continued to pursue an active lifestyle. Daniel has finished Three Ironman Canada Triathlons, over sixty half-marathons, marathons, and ultramarathons. Daniel O’Neill completed five Tour of Hope Cycle events and skied five Canadian Birkiebeiner Ski Festivals, he continues to train and race.

His passion for adventure, love of fitness, and the joy he experiences competing in these races continue to drive his lifestyle and continued growth as an athlete.

Daniel O’Neill retired in March 2021 after a thirty-five-year career in the Transit industry. He was a Transit Inspector and a Level II Forensic Collision Investigator. Succeeding on many levels in his career didn’t alleviate the feeling Daniel O’Neill had of being a misfit.

Overcoming the trauma of childhood sexual abuse opened a perspective that Daniel O’Neill viewed things from in a different light. There was an underlying dogma in his industry that doing just enough, accepting mediocrity and apathy were alright.

This never felt right for Daniel O’Neill and his motivation to step outside of the boundaries those industry standards accepted compelled him to start coaching. He understands that there is a collective consciousness surrounding exploring outside of unhealthy cultures to expand and grow.

Daniel O’Neill received his Triathlon Coaching certification from the NCCP in 2012 and began to coach athletes. He successfully helped athletes meet goals in Triathlon from completing their first triathlon up to coaching athletes to Ironman finishes.

Through the process of coaching these athletes, a new form of coaching began to take place. Often the most help Daniel O’Neill found himself providing was through his own life experiences in areas the athletes were seeking information and guidance.

Daniel O’Neill found a passion and excitement in helping his athletes to create healthy, balanced cultures in their lives and Triathlon was one component of that culture. In 2018 Daniel embarked on his career as a Life Coach.

Daniel O’Neill has a passion and capacity to create experiences for his audiences and clients. Through a mindset of unconventional pursuits in his own journey Daniel knows the value of individual expression and how moving into that personal space creates healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Daniel has explored life in many ways considered to be unreasonable in order to find the highest expression of his own love and why that is the greatest energy he can bring to all he does. He is not afraid to let his light shine for the world to see.



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Daniel O’Neill Topic Presentations

changing the shape of energy

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In this presentation Daniel references his three “Ironman Triathlon Finishes: to inspire the audience to step out of comfort into discomfort. It is a personal journey to change his narrative surrounding childhood sexual abuse and reshape the energy created in the aftermath.

    Daniel will create a sense of wonder around how gritty is pretty and transforms negative experiences into positive leverage to become the best possible version of ourselves.

storming the castle

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Creating adult adventures with an eye on joy and happiness is fully encouraged. Daniel isn’t encouraging escapism. No, this presentation is the opposite of escapism and asks us to dive headfirst into exuberance for those things that make us feel incredibly alive and fulfilled.

    Interweaving his concept of Insanity Architects, you’ll experience a shift in your perception of what is and possible and not allowing limiting beliefs to compromise what you’re capable of.

failing at the goat...lessons from unsuccessful attempts

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Daniel constructs a message about failure and the negative connotations surrounding the word. As an Athlete for over forty years Daniel has had his fair share of unsuccessful attempts to complete events, butt kicking’s, and failures of success!

    The experience s woven into the presentation offer a glimpse into why someone continues to pursue a vision, dream, or goal even after they have been unsuccessful. Daniel talks about the nine years it took to get his first book ‘Nobody Can Take It Away From You’ published.

Daniel O’Neill travels from Edmonton, Alberta & delivers customized and tailored keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and training sessions. on the topics enlisted below. These services are designed for a variety of audiences, industries, and event types and event formats.


Racing Death opened my mind to a new level of experiencing my own desires and how to fully embrace the feelings around them. I enjoyed the book immensely and the value in reading it was beyond words.


Warrior Villain Coaching is amazing. Daniel O’Neill created an environment for me to get real with myself and to truly explore why I was doing the things I was. Inspiring, loving, and sometimes down right pissing me off Daniel allowed me to feel all the fear, joy, patience, and my gifts in a way that challenged me and at the same time inspired action. Learning to operate from the inside out has changed my life.


Daniel and his Warrior Villain Coaching platform pushed me to new heights of achievement and connection. Getting real with myself moved me in new directions and opened me to experiences I never thought I would embrace.


Reading ‘Nobody Can Take It Away From You’ opened my eyes. How open and raw Daniel was about his experience as a sexual abuse overcomer helped me look at my own insecurities. I was blaming everyone else in my life and not taking any responsibility for my own actions. Learning forgiveness through the example of Daniel forgiving his abuser set me free.


As a Coach Daniel is real, sometimes hard and, he was able to challenge me and the results I generated were amazing. I can’t put a dollar value on what he does for me.


The seminar Daniel put on for my organization was like none other I’ve been to. It was an experience, a revelation of my own internal culture and how to bring the best me to everything I do.


Articles & Media

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Nobody Can Take It Away From You
Nobody Can Take It Away From You
"Remember to swim at your own pace; don't try to do too much in the water. Save that energy for later in day. There's the first buoy. I'm a little too far to left of it, so I'm going to angle to my right a bit and bring myself in closer. I can't believe this day is here. One year's worth of...
Racing Death: A Radical Pursuit
Racing Death: A Radical Pursuit
I remember running in my very first race in July 1987. Lining up with over two hundred others to run fifteen kilometres was exhilarating and daunting. I hadn’t really known how to train for a race, but there I was. To this day, I still remember the nerves and the excitement. After many races,...
‘Junk Yard Dog.’  A Children’s Book
‘Junk Yard Dog.’ A Children’s Book
Smokey the dog has had a rough start in life, living alone and scared in the dump. But all that is about to change. When God brings a new family into his life, things really start looking up! Nicknamed Junk Yard Dog, Smokey is a friend, a family member, and an angel. Follow Smokey on his journey...
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