Steven Csorba

Steven Csorba

Edmonton, Alberta
Artist, Community Builder, Wellness Advocate and Cancer Survivor
Steven Csorba is an artist, a community builder, a wellness advocate and a cancer survivor who projects the drive and depth of a person who knows life is precious. Steven was an award-winning brand communication strategist and passionate public speaker. His visionary work for clients like Industry Canada, Xerox, Apple, The Department of National Defence, The Alberta Government and others has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute for innovation in risk-managed digital brand building.
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Steven Csorba is an artist, a community builder, a wellness advocate and a cancer survivor who projects the drive and depth of a person who knows life is precious. There is a focus in every waking moment, a kind of deep-truth view that gives cruisers-through-life pause for thought.

In 2003, Steven Csorba challenged the conventional approaches to cancer survivorship. In fact, his goal was not to beat cancer – but instead, he focused on helping others and did so in the biggest way he could.

To cope with numerous surgeries, radiation treatments and a disruptive ten-year battle and rehabilitative process, he developed PEPY, a ruthlessly simple and powerful “me-to-we” belief system of giving back, self-improvement, and inspiring others.

As a measure to improve the quality of his mental and physical health, he took a risk. Steven Csorba used Arts in Medicine Therapy as an alternative to traditional pain medication and trained like an Olympic athlete to elevate his immune function.  And it paid off. Pre-habilitative medicine, which Steven started doing over 15 years ago, is now the standard protocol for leading cancer care clinics worldwide.

From 2013-2015, Steven Csorba led and convinced countless corporate sponsors to come together and build a safe place for endangered traumatized youth at iHuman to turn their life around through creativity and community building. As a dedicated savvy do-gooder, and through art donations, Steven Csorba has helped raise over $5 million for a variety of charities in Alberta.

Prior to his cancer battle, Steven Csorba was an award-winning brand communication strategist and passionate public speaker. His visionary work for clients like Industry Canada, Xerox, Apple, The Department of National Defence, The Alberta Government and others has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute for innovation in risk-managed digital brand building.



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Steven Csorba Topic Presentations

3 dots pillars of health - passion spiritual health, tribe social health, health patterns physical health

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  • Passion

    Passion can be anything that emotionally drives you towards a goal, a life event or something that you want to get better at or learn more about. It will help you find meaning in your life or discover unique gifts that you have which can inspire and help others.

    Passion can fuel your life purpose, the power of gratitude or be the simple reason that gets you out of bed every day. It’s the thing that helps you set and own your intentions so you can get control of your life.


    Tribes are all about trust and meaningful connection. Community is a good first step, but discovering and loving your tribe, a close-knit group of people who you share common values with – can become a powerful thing for your social health.

    The quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships, so sharing something that is meaningful to at least one other person and ideally many more, can improve your well-being immensely.

    Health Patterns

    Building nutrition, movement, and rejuvenation health patterns can go a long way to improving your physical health, but can also provide you with more energy to drive into your Passion and Tribe.

    Committing to small incremental and doable health wise patterns that are unique to you, can also help prevent chronic disease. That’s a good thing.

lessons from the sunflower

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  • The lessons of resilience from the sunflowers are both powerful and unique. A shift in what resilience truly means.

    Lesson One: Accept the fact that life is never a straight line.

    Lesson Two: Turn Constraints Into Something Beautiful.

    Lesson Three: Wellness is a Journey. Rise together in that journey

empowerment health. a better healthcare model.

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  • You can’t just wait for bad things to happen in life and hope to get through them to become stronger. That’s completely ridiculous.

    PEPY Empowerment Health is an innovative approach to wellness where investment and focus in building resilience and well-being is proactive and not just reactive.

    It’s a system built on the belief that wellness is the state of the best possible physical, social and spiritual health. If you can keep these integrated and balanced, your mental health will take care of itself naturally.

we care. proactive. powerful. proven.

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  • People need a reason to make lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, many of us often wait until it’s too late or aren’t motivated to start at all.

    PEPY is going to make this a thing of the past by combining our empowerment system with a proactive social prescribing model.

    While the rest of the e-health world is focused on screen-to-screen “self-care” driven by bio-data, A.I. and apps – PEPY’s is going the other way with a more powerful and proven model (mindset-data + “we care”),

burning the candle at both ends

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  • As a society, we’ve never been more depressed or less active. The current “illness care” system needs to become a true “health care” system. Chronic disease rates are on the uptick worldwide, affecting every region and socioeconomic class.

    A mere 16% of Canadians get enough physical activity to see any health benefits. 63% of Canadian millennials are considered to be at high risk for developing mental health problems.  Most people nowadays lose their health years before they lose their life.

    Treating chronic disease eats up 67% of Canada’s healthcare spending. That number can shrink if we start investing in people’s health – getting them healthy and keeping them that way before they get sick.

prevention health. empowered!

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  • The purpose of PEPY is to empower you to take your health into your own hands and develop habits suited to your unique abilities, preferences, schedule, and interests. Simple, incremental lifestyle changes are all it takes: eating better, moving more, reducing stress and embracing community.

help people who really need it.

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  • Let’s waste fewer resources on things we can prevent and preserve more for the things we can’t like accidents or rare diseases. Simply put, reduce your own “sick-care footprint” so you can help free up healthcare resources for people who really need it.

    Once all doctors and health care givers commit to positive lifestyle medication habits and become full ambassadors of Empowerment Health, this will work.

    Imagine if our children grew up believing doctors empower first, prevent illness second, and treat us only after that.


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Articles & Media

T-shirts mocking Rob Ford sold to help troubled youth

CBC News

T-shirts mocking Toronto mayor Rob Ford are being sold to help the iHuman Youth Society, an Edmonton agency that helps troubled teens. The shirts bear messages like “Mayors Gone Wild” and “Toronto Zoo” with a picture of Ford underneath are the creation of artist Steven Csorba. The Rob Ford...

Edmonton fundraiser set for Saturday to benefit patients at Cross Cancer Institute

Alberta Health Services

“I love running hills and stairs,” says Cancer ‘survivor and thriver’ Steven Csorba. This marks the fourth year in a row Csorba will take part in the annual Climb of Hope Run 5 km run and 3.5 km walk in Edmonton — an event now in its eighth year — and Csorba’s fit as a fiddle and...

Face Value Four Top 40 Under 40 alumni are part of a world-class team that’s working to bring a human element to head and facial surgeries


When Steve Csorba describes his battle with throat and neck cancer, he uses a word that one might not expect him to. He says that he was “lucky” to get cancer while living in Edmonton. No, he wasn’t fortunate to get sick. That would be ridiculous. What he means is that if a person is going...





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