Kira Leskew

Mulli-dimensional Business Leader, Professional Psychic & Business Performance Trainer

It is hard to do a succinct and accurate bio of Kira Leskew because Kira Leskew is accomplished in 5 different disciplines, including being a top-rated speaker at international business conferences on Theory of Constraints, going head-to-head with the US Marines & the European Football Association Championships (EUFA). At this international conference, Kira Leskew was asked to speak again the next year because of positive feedback from conference attendees. At live events, Kira Leskew has spoken at events of up to 7000 people and has been interviewed on TV. Kira Leskew is an experienced real world and online speaker on multiple formats and platforms, including live streaming to multiple platforms.

As an entrepreneur, Kira has been nominated 2 times for RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for Start-Ups and has founded or co-founded 9 businesses. One of her businesses was featured at the Toronto Board of Trade as an up-and-coming company to watch out for. She currently has 4 businesses, 3 that she founded herself and another she invested in that is in the fitness and health space. Kira’s 2 most recent businesses help entrepreneurs and changemakers to innovate through using meditation-style techniques and the other one focuses on proactive mental health with simple meditation techniques including Pranayama.

In the first year that Kira was nominated for RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Kira broke 3 Canadian Records in Swimming and was ranked #5 in the World in 50 back, and #7 in 100 back. In her younger years, Kira was inducted into McMaster Sports Hall of Fame for the culmination of her varsity athletics career.

As a meditation adept, which Kira did while working as an entrepreneur building her own companies, Kira has more than 19,000 hours of personal practice, and is beyond Self Realized, which is very rare for people that have a secular life, and even rarer for people that have extensive C-Suite level business experience.

Kira is also trained as a professional psychic and is a channel, which gives her the skills and the acumen to talk about and train others on Intuition for Innovation, as well as being aware of the major themes that our businesses need to function optimally within society. Kira mostly uses her psychic abilities to train other innovators to use their intuition to solve business and society problems. For audiences that meet the minimum standard of ethics, Kira teaches introductory intuition in live online and real-world workshops, and she loves the insights that her audiences receive that allows them to innovate in healthy and successful ways.

Topic Presentations

According to actuarial studies, both stress and anxiety cost businesses over $2 trillion dollars in North America per year, and those are pre-quarantine numbers. From what we have seen in people that we -have trained, this can be reversed enough to significantly improve performance in 7-8 weeks, leading to innovation, reduced health care costs and people not quitting because they will no longer tolerate the strain.

In this keynote, you will calculate the costs of anxiety to your business or organization plus learn the 3 essential ingredients to stopping workplace anxiety, which will lead to turning those costs around, and preventing your key staff from quitting.

Intuition is the starting point for authentic and useful change, and it isn’t something hokey or unpredictable. Without intuition there would be no change or innovation, only a re-mixing of what is already known. Intuition is a set of skills to perceive what is beyond your current knowing and those that we consider the most adept problem-solvers are adept at intuition, including many cutting-edge scientists that talk about using their intuition. In this keynote, Kira will outline how intuition is different than thinking and the requirements to actively develop intuition for innovation, including some basic ethics of intuition. Kira will share examples of innovations from ethical entrepreneurs that she has trained in the past plus share the main intuitive senses that people have and the most common ones for entrepreneurs.

Innovating today is more than just dealing with a pandemic or what might be multiple pandemics. Many society problems that are either caused or exasperated by mainstream business thinking and practices that have a long-term negative impact on business functioning. The majority of these business and society problem have happened because too many people have forgotten that consciousness is vital to human health, and without health, businesses can’t survive.

Business today is being challenged with solving social problems, such as the stress, anxiety & burnout epidemic, and the on-going strain on healthy family dynamics and issues at the same time as meeting profitability objectives. These and other social challenges are broad-based problems that can’t be solved at the same level of thinking as when they were started and perpetuated, which means that we must break out of the mold of our previous thinking at the top level of business decision-makers. It logically follows that anybody that wants to lead in innovation needs to raise consciousness to a new perspective, where the insightful and effective answers can be seen, even though this is unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable.

These states of having minimal blind spots are necessary for intuition for problem-solving, which is classically known as enlightenment. The traditional meaning of enlightenment is also not well understood in a mainstream context, it is often mistaken for states of bliss, when in fact enlightenment is a state of having few to no blind spots in perception, including blind spots that are common to your family and blind spots common to broader society. With the absence of personal leadership blind spots, and in some cases the absence of family and broader society blind spots, problems can be solved that were previous unsolvable.

This topic can be covered as a keynote, an interactive masterclass, or as up to 4-hr workshop. As a keynote it will be information only, as a masterclass or a workshop, participants will practice techniques that will enable them to identify and start to remove their blind spots at the level that is appropriate for that audience. The longer the workshop, the more emphasis will be put on techniques and interpretation of the results of the techniques.

Many people think that the extent of intuition is gut feelings, which is one of the most elementary forms, but there is so much more that can be done with your intuition, especially for innovating. In this workshop, you will learn the intuitive senses and how to recognize them. You will also learn the 3 techniques that are essential for developing intuition, especially for innovating, which is different than medical intuition or psychically reading others.

Midlife crisis is a real thing that everybody goes through to a certain extent as long as they reach minimum age 36. Many of the people that quit their jobs between the ages of 36 and 39 would actually stay, be productive and feel fulfilled if their midlife crisis was recognized and handled correctly. The biggest challenge that people have at this age is denying their feelings which leads to looking in the wrong place and solving the wrong problem, such as assuming that it is career dissatisfaction rather than going through something that is a natural internal process that is designed to make you face and transform your blind spot into your strength if you know the process and practice the right techniques.

In this keynote, I will present the 6 stages of a midlife crisis and what it takes to succeed at each stage. You cannot get this content anywhere else as it is trademarked.

Enlightened leadership is becoming a buzzword and most of the time the phrase is being used incorrectly, although there is huge value to being an enlightened leader or entrepreneur. In this keynote, Self Realized speaker Kira Leskew explains what enlightenment is and the strategic value for leaders & entrepreneurs to solve problems that are very challenging in business and society. Kira will outline the 2 characteristics to being enlightened and the techniques to get you there the fastest that are appropriate for the level that you are starting at.

Through the personal enlightenment of more business leaders and entrepreneurs, more business and society problems can be successfully solved. Kira will outline 4 major differences in the thinking of enlightened leaders & entrepreneurs that non-enlightened leaders & entrepreneurs don’t have and what that means for problem-solving and the levels of problems that can be solved at each level of consciousness, including enlightenment.

Clearly there is something that is broken in our society and leadership, with multiple companies and governments being called out for unethical and illegal behavior, leading to a massive exodus of cancel culture and a massive exodus from working at companies that have controlling and unethical work practices policies and even products, the public is already demanding higher standards of ethics of all businesses and leaders, which only about half of leaders are ready for, and the rest want to do the right thing, but don’t have the tools to handle the level of scrutiny that they public and their employees are wanting.

Using her Theory of Constraints background, Kira will lead you through the requirements to be a trustworthy organization in the culture of public scrutiny that is most likely to increase for the foreseeable future. In the longer workshops, Kira will lead you through evaluations for your personal leadership and business processes and give you either a short or a detailed roadmap to execute for organizational transparency, plus the costs associated with lack of transparency.

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