Ven Virah

Award Winning Speaker, Energetic Emcee, Millennial Leadership and Change Management Expert

Ven Virah is a strategy consultant, award-winning motivational speaker, management consultant and a certified World Class speaking coach. Affectionately known by many as “the Brown Tony Robbins”, Ven loves to light the room with infectious energy, contagious humour, and attractive optimism! He leads keynotes, workshops, and advises clients from around the world on how to speak lead, communicate and influence to change lives.

He is involved as a member of both the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). He was the 1st place winner of Speaker Slam’s Speaking Competition 2018, and has experience in diverse industries including banking, aerospace, academic institutions and the government. He also enjoys hosting conferences, educational and charitable events and serves as President of the Concordia University alumni chapter in Toronto, Canada.

Following his business degree and post-graduate studies, Ven seized the opportunity to give back to his university by serving on the Board of Directors of the Concordia University Alumni Association. 6 years later, Ven transitioned to a new opportunity where he now serves as the National Young Adults Coordinator for his spiritual organization, SSIO Canada.

Ven Virah has experience in working with a variety of clients within many different industries and sectors. He has consulted many groups on discrimination, human rights multiculturalism and newcomers to Canada. He has also consulted multiple organizations on creativity, leadership, emotional intelligence, influence, negotiation, communication and diversity. Ven Virah is an expert Master of Ceremonies and can deliver presentations in both English and French.

Topic Presentations

When was the last time you felt inspired, lifted, excited? Using emotional intelligence, great leaders create and nurture vibrant relationships based on mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness. Learn and experience positive emotional attractors that are essential to establishing inspiring leadership.

Format: "45-60 minute interactive keynote" or "2 hour breakout"
This program is perfect for:
• Senior management
• Managers struggling with forward momentum
• Teams of underperforming sales groups
The audience will leave with an understanding of how to:
• Create and nurture vibrant relationships
• Use emotional intelligence to inspire leadership by being an inspiring leader
• Use emotional intelligence to inspire leadership by building leaders and creating powerful teams using leadership attributes that others can apply and multiply
• Leaders will understand how to accelerate actionable change in the most challenging environment
• Engage in mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness to achieve inspiring leadership
Team members will come away with a sense of unity that facilitates cooperation at a new level

Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success. So where does creativity come from? How can you live up to your own creative potential? Learn fun and effective techniques to see the world in new ways, find hidden patterns, connect seemingly unrelated phenomena, and generate new ideas.

Format: "45-60 minute keynote" or "2 hour breakout" This program is perfect for:
• Senior management
• Teams struggling with forward momentum
• Managers and workers of underperforming teams
The audience will leave with an understanding of how to:
• Cultivate creative thinking
• Learn where ideas come from
• Apply effective techniques in interactive group exercises that will propel them to explore their creativity
• Deliver short presentations using experiential methods that guarantees to kickstart their creative spirit

How would your next event look like if it was led with structure and high-octane energy? How relieved would you be to know that a professional emcee is keeping your event on time? Driving everyone’s attention where it needs to be. Bringing flexibility to steer any unforeseen last-minute event changes with ease in execution. Supporting your event in buying some extra time by sprinkling some original comic relief for good measure. You got it. This and all of the above. Many clients have been absolutely elated by Ven Virah’s likeable onstage personality and original humor. Raise the energy at your next event. Contact Ven today!

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