Karyne Steben & Sarah Steben

Overcoming Trauma & Mental Health, Communication, Teamwork and Performance Experts

The Steben Twins are easy to work with, nothing like a diva! They are friendly, engaging, articulate speakers. Able to resonate with the specific needs of your audience.
Twice the motivation and determination, they will WOW your audience with their new perspectives on interpersonal relationships, the deep knowledge to succeed in conquering fear, blockages, small or big obstacles, the well being of teamwork and what you have to do and change to get to a climb to success.
The sisters can deliver memorable and powerful keynotes. They are credible with their experiences of more than 30 years of presentations and lessons across more than 50 countries and they will be cooperative with you on every aspect and will know how to support your theme and subject at your event. They are pleasant, offer “double trouble”
almost sarcastic behavior filled with humor and, above all, with love for one another! They are very entertaining, informative and above all inspiring.
The Steben twins are recognized for their famous innovative foot to foot trapeze number, extend the first women in the world to create a mirror duo like this one. They transform their medium of aerial poetics by the force of their words to inspire their audience by sharing their history and their experiences.

Topic Presentations

“Do not ignore your fears, they can save your life. In fact, to advance in life, you might want to seek them out.” 

 At “Cirque du Soleil” from atop the high trapeze, hooked together solely with our legs, we have learned to embrace fear and acquire techniques to achieve our goals.  

 We have learnt to overcome fears by acknowledging them, talking to one another about them and asking for help when needed.  

 When confronted with fear, it’s simple. Take Action. Get the information you need from a professional, get educated, and gain the confidence to overcome it.  

 From time to time, we need to back up a few strides before we advance, in small steps to succeed. This all leads to one Giant Step.   

 Breathe through your stomach, return to the matters at hand and succeed, succeed, succeed.  

  • Stay yourself and have confidence in your ability. When you want, you can! 

  • In the circus school we grew up and learned: Practice, practice, practice to achieve perfection; BUT accept imperfection. 

  • Pay attention to detail to create a magical and aesthetic product. 

  • Have harmony in relation to all those around our success.

  • Do mental practice to imagine yourself in detail reaching the goal. 

  • Establish a specific date to reach the completion of the project.

  • Every time we fall, we get stronger, so mistakes are our allies! 

  • Keep the Authenticity (remain YOURSELF) to communicate with your personal story through your products, salesand performances. 

  • When we were caught not being able to move forward; simply say5-4-3-2-1” and G0!”   Next. 

  • Learn to say to yourself: I am capable, I will succeed, I trust myself. 

  •  Borrow creations that already exist, and adapt it to your needs to create a unique and never seen project. 

  • Persevere, persevere, persevere. There is no other way or someone else "who will do it for you" to reach your goal, your success. 

Communication is a "MUST! " in teamwork.

  • Clearly define the objectives for each day. 

  • Ensure good continuous communication, before work, during and after finished work. 

  • Briefly share their emotions / events at the start of the day, taking time to summarize how our teammates are doing, to cultivate compassion in the team. To be on the same page and know how to understand our colleagues and co-workers to better support those who need support that day or to share the inspiration or the happiness of good news. 

  • Take the time to offer compliments on the work of your teammates 

  •  When the partners are also responsible, define who will lead the day, the work to be done and alternate the next day, if appropriate. 

  •  Determine our each’s strengths and weaknesses and work with it. 

  •  Define and respect roles. 

  •  In so many conflicts, take the time to listen to the other while listening without interruption and then take your turn with a timer of about 4 to 5 minutes. 

You will only change yourself, allow everyone to think in their own way.

  • We are all unique, creative people, full of different talents and knowledge and experiences. 

  •  Share your way of thinking about your values ​​only if you are asked or if it is important for the project. 

  •  We all have a quality that someone else claims to have a weakness. So, with this information, we need to recognize our weak and strong points and use them to the best of our ability. 

  • You don't have to agree with what your partners believe or think: Agreeing to disagree brings peace in work and in the world! 

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