Small Business Development Speakers

Lindsay Angelo

Business Strategy, Retail/Consumerism, Futures and Innovation Expert

Scott Armstrong

Entrepreneur, Productivity and Innovation Expert

Avijit Arya

Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategist & Small Business Expert

Nikolas Badminton

Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert

Rachel Baptiste

Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Cheryl Bernard

Olympic Speaker, Resilience, Business and Preparation & Excellence Expert

Nicholas Boothman

The People Skills Expert

Alizabeth Calder

Business Leadership, Innovation & Digital Tranformation Thought Leader

Shawn Casemore

Consultant, Speaker, And Executive Advisor- Sales Expert

Tony Chapman

Futurist & Emcee - Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Disruption Expert

David Chilton

Bestselling Author, Investor & TV Personality

Steve Collette

Franchising, Team Building, Entrepreneurship & Philosophical Approach to Business, Wellness and Life

Jon Cornish

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFA Charterholder

Sabrina Craig

Director, Doris Anderson Woman of the Year Award Holder

Cindy Crowe

Identity and Purpose Coach, Interconnectedness Expert, Lodgekeeper, Author, and Public Speaker

Alnoor Damji

Personality Dimensions, Generations at Work, Teamwork, Productivity & Communications Expert

Keita Demming

Leadership, Disruptive Innovation and Performance Management Expert

Sanjay Dhebar

Schulich Teacher, Author, Business Growth, Sales Marketing & Strategy Expert

Arlene Dickinson

Dragons Den - Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

Sam Effah

2-Time Canadian 100m Champion

Daniel Francavilla

Creative strategist and mentor making a positive impact

Kevin Gangel

Leadership, Transformation and Communication Expert

Mike Garska

Teamwork, Communications and Mentoring Expert

Marc Gordon

Branding, Marketing and Customer Experience Expert

Anne C. Graham

Bestselling Author, Profit Accelerator

Kristjan Hebert

Agriculture and Farming Business Leader - Successful Entrepreneur

Theo Heineman

Safety Management Systems and Workplace Health and Safety Expert

Carol Anne Hilton

International Indigenous Business Leader, Advisor, Facilitator & Award-winning Author

Greg Hopf

Indigenous Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Storytelling, First Nation Relationship Expert

Dave Howard

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Pauline James

Leadership Development & Engagment, Employee & Labour Relations Expert

Debra Jasper

Founder and CEO Mindset Digital & Advisor - Strategic Communicator And Visual Storytelling Expert

Ken Keis

Leadership, Life Purpose, Wellness and Behavioral Assessment Strategies Expert

Sharon Koifman

CEO - Business Leadership, Remote Workers, Hybrid Workplace & Corporate Culture Expert

Adam Kreek

Canadian Gold Medalist - Leadership, Change and Peak Performance Expert

Robert Laboucane

Aboriginal Awareness Trainer, Treaties, Reserves, Taxation And Economic Development Expert

Bruce Lee

Productivity, Engagement and Accountability Expert

Eddie LeMoine

Leadership, Workforce Engagement, Generations at Work, Talent Management & Staff Retention Expert

Chief Clarence Louie

Indigenous Inclusion, First Nation Leadership, & Economic Development Expert

Tod Maffin

Digital Marketing Strategist - Futurist & Human Workplace

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