Speaker Last Name:

Janelle Abela

Equity Strategist, Researcher, Business Advisor & Coach

Dr. Mitch Abrams

Physician, Social Architect & Educator and Expert on Energy, Work Life Balance, Health & Wellness

Angela Adsit

Indigenous Inclusivity & First Nation Community Development

Susan Aglukark

Performing Artist - First Nation Expert & Indigenous Advocate

Jann Arden

Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Bestselling Author

Sally Armstrong

Journalist - World Affairs, Human Rights and Women's Rights Expert

Don Armstrong

Keynote Speaker, Change Manager, Thought Leader, Author

Avijit Arya

Writer, Columnist, Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert

Michael Bach

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author, Global Executive - Inclusion And Diversity Expert

Nikolas Badminton

Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert

Rachel Baptiste

Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Catherine Bell

Best Selling Author, founder and CEO of the Awakened Company

Ramona Braganza

Fitness, Health and Wellness Expert

Frank Brown

Business Relationships & Consumer Packaged Goods Expert

Marion Buller

First Nation and Indigenous Expert

CJ Calvert

TEDx Speaker. Author of Bouncing Back - Stress, Change, and Burnout Expert

Cassie Campbell

3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Canadian Women's Hockey Team Former Captain & Author

Peter Cardinal

First Nation Economic and Business Innovation

Jeffrey Cartwright

Mental Health, Emotional Wellness & Conscious Leadership Expert

David Chilton

Bestselling Author, Investor & TV Personality

Dr Rafael Chiuzi

Organizational Psychologist, Assistant Professor And Organizational Behaviour expert

Devon & Pearlene Clunis

Personal & Professional Life Growth, Diversity & Inclusion Experts

Devon Clunis

Winnipeg Chief of Police, Personal & Professional Life Growth, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Trevor Copp

Playwright, Movement Coach, and First Dance Expert

Jon Cornish

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFA Charterholder

Jessica Correa

Climate Action Engagement Expert

The Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Christine Couvelier

Global Culinary Trendologist, Executive Chef & Culinary Executive,

Sabrina Craig

Director, Doris Anderson Woman of the Year Award Holder

Cindy Crowe

Identity and Purpose Coach, Interconnectedness Expert, Lodgekeeper, Author, and Public Speaker

Carla Cuglietta

Educator, consultant, humanitarian and keynote speaker

Christine Dernederlanden

Grief and Bereavement Trauma Specialist

David Derpak

Education Consultant, Community And Leadership Expert


Musician, Writer, and Activist

Susan Eaton

Geoscientist/ Journalist/ Polar Explorer

Sam Effah

2-Time Canadian 100m Champion

Makokis Family

A Full Indigenous Perspective

Crystal Flaman

Social Entrepreneur, Author and Adventure-Seeker

Daniel Francavilla

Creative strategist and mentor making a positive impact

Laval St. Germain

Mountain Climber - Airline Captain and Global Adventurer

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