Brian Aspinall - TEDx Speaker, Education & Technology Expert
Brian Aspinall

Brian Aspinall

London, Ontario
TEDx Speaker, Education & Teacher - STEM/STEAM, Technology and Education Innovation Expert
Brian Aspinall is an award-winning educator, bestselling author & one of the brightest STEM & STEAM innovators for teachers, students and the education system. Well known as a thought leader in education and his lifelong dedication to improving the classroom, Brian's programs teach how to engage students and prepare them for the future. Brian Aspinall creates an inclusive, innovative, supportive, and empowering atmosphere that helps students take advantage of technology empowering their ability to create. Brian is an award-winning educator steam innovation expert, technology and education innovation expert & keynote speaker on technology and education innovation for the classroom.
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Brian Aspinall is a teacher, learner, thinker, author, problem solver, and question asker. He is a seasoned speaker professionally on the topics of 21st century education, assessment and evaluation and he has delivered given three TEDx talks on education reform. A 3x TEDx speaker, Brian knows the stage well and has dedicated his career and successfully made a push for education reform and reinvention to bring STEAM or STEM learning to the classroom.

Brian Aspinall has had a life-long fascination with innovative people and strives to be one himself. In high school, he began writing software for local businesses and was featured in the media as someone to watch. He sometimes still builds web tools, apps and widgets to further progress education or just to share his own learning with others. He is a current ACSE K-8 Representative for the Association for Computer Studies Education (ACSE). ASCE is a non-profit province-wide professional association dedicated to supporting Computer Studies and Computer Technology education in Ontario.

Brian Aspinall was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence for his work with coding and computational thinking. Brian Aspinall has worked with ministries, union teams, district school boards, teachers conferences, corporate teams and individuals by providing thought leadership around new pedagogies and best practices. His passions are rooted in the belief that all students can reach their potential if given a fair chance and that technology can be the vehicle to uncover human potential.

Aspinall is a firm believer in portfolios as criteria for assessment and evaluation. Documentation is changing the rules and, as educators, we should be documenting our learning as well as our student’s learning. He is an avid blogger and social media personality who has also developed and now offers extracurricular courses for students for online education. He is passionate about inspiring people to create rich, curious-seeking individuals in classrooms built on a community of trust, risk-taking, and the freedom to fail.

He believes that “maker” is more of a culture than a space and he loves watching leaders, teachers, and students engaged in hands-on kinesthetic activities. Brian holds a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Professional Education from Western University.



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Brian Aspinall Topic Presentations

hacking the classroom

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Brian Aspinall is an educator on a mission to expose as many kids as he can to coding and computer science. In this passionate talk, he makes a case for the importance of exposing youth to the principles of coding and computational thinking to prepare them for a rapidly changing future utilizing 21st Century competencies.

    This presentation will explore the use of digital tools to engage learners, build knowledge construction and revisit the pedagogical history of Jean Piaget’s Constructivist Learning Theory. By enabling the “maker” in all of us, assessment and evaluation become immediate, effective, and ongoing using digital technologies to communicate thinking with staff, students and parents.

code breaker - increase creativity, remix assessment and develop a class of coder ninjas

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Twenty first century learning requires students to create, collaborate and think critically. Progress “STEMs” directly from immediate feedback and a personalized learning platform. Coding forces students to problem solve, make mistakes and overcome barriers because programs can only run if written correctly. In this passionate talk, Brian makes a case for the importance of exposing youth to the principles of coding and computational thinking to prepare them for a rapidly changing future.

    Crack the code for your student’s success! future-ready students need to be creative. They need to know how to communicate their ideas and how to collaborate as problem solvers. And to master these and other twenty-first-century requirements, they will need to be critical thinkers. In this talk, Brian Aspinall shares his insights on how to turn curriculum expectations into skills. Students identify problems, develop solutions, and use coding and computational thinking to apply and demonstrate their learning.

education reform - hacking assessment and evaluation

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In 2012, Brian and his colleagues decided to try a new approach to teaching and learning. Just feedback, no grades. With the exception of report cards, students were never given numerical values over the course of their school year. Not only did engagement increase, but so did student interest, curiosity, and learning. Let Brian share the ups and downs of going gradeless as well as how you can start in your school today!

beyond rote learning

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • We used to attend school because that is where the knowledge was. Rote learning is still relevant, but it is more important for today’s students to apply knowledge in a deeper way. In this talk, participants will learn about the history and pedagogy of computer science, its importance for the future as well as how to integrate it into existing curriculums. With a focus on 21st-century competencies, participants will explore assessment and evaluation while engaging in the process of learning.


Brian Aspinall is probably the most passionate advocate for computer science in education we have in Ontario. Smart guy, thoughtful guy, and inspires a lot of people!

Matthew Oldridge

Mathematics Educator
Thinker About Things

Articles & Media

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