David Dyck & Jamie Dyck

PPE Protection, Explosion Survivor and Safety Experts

David Dyck and Jamie Dyck deliver a powerful true story on the subject of Workplace Safety – Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). David was involved in a horrendous workplace explosion in 2003. His miraculous survival has led to him to now be known as “THE EXPLOSION MAN – The Man Who Lived.”.

David Dyck was working at an oilfield services company in Standard, Alberta where he was washing sand out of a tank truck. While kneeling on top of the truck, with his right arm through the hatch holding onto a hose and his head directly over the opening, there was a sudden explosion. The blast blew a hole in the metal roof of the truck wash, three metres above David. He was pushed through that opening, 10 meters into the air, with his right leg hitting a metal truss. He then fell back through the same hole, landing on top of the tank of the same truck.

David Dyck was taken to the Trauma Centre in Calgary via STARS helicopter. After an assessment, the doctors found David had a broken left leg, his right kneecap had split, his right femur was shattered into more than 20 pieces, he had a bruised lung, his left eardrum was perforated and there were severe burns to his face, neck, right hand and arm. David Dyck was in a coma for 5 days and remained in hospital for five weeks, undergoing surgery for his shattered femur and skin grafting for his burns. His injuries confined him to a wheelchair for several months.

Through his absolute grit and determination, he was able to return to work nine months after the explosion. Beginning with STARS at their annual general meeting in 2004, David and his wife Jamie shared their story to a wide range of groups promoting workplace safety and/or as a motivational/inspirational keynote speaker.

David Dyck and Jamie Dyck are both expert presenters. They deliver 35 minute keynote addresses plus Q&As. They receive enthusiastic feedback from their audiences and their story has a positive impact on those who attend. At the end of their keynote presentation, the couple often receives a standing ovation and many people have teary eyes. Why? Because they bring the story home. From the heart, they talk about the effect of the accident on their family life.

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Jamie, David’s wife, was preparing to leave work on a typical Tuesday when she was greeted by two co-workers. They had received a call that David had been hurt and after studying the look on their faces, she realized it must have been serious. She could barely steady her fingers as she called David’s employer. The person who answered told her that a tank truck had exploded.

David was a truck driver and dispatcher for an oilfield services company. On the day of the incident, he had brought a tank truck into the truck wash to wash some sand out of the tank. When he got on top of the truck, David got down on his hands and knees and reached through a 20-inch opening with a hose in his hand. Covering the hole with his head and shoulders, there was just enough light to get through with the trouble light he held in his left hand. There was an metal-insulated roof eight feet above David.

When the explosion occurred, it instantly removed a huge chuck of the roof and he went through it. David was told he went 30 feet into the air. He came back down through the hole and landed on his back; had he landed nine inches over in either direction, he would have had one of the six-inch steel plates that line the tank’s walkway down the middle of his back.

The powerful message of this dynamic presentation is threefold: - Be Smart, Be Selfish, Be Safe - Wear your Personal Protective Equipment for You, and - No matter how safe you conduct yourself in the workplace, incidents happen. Being prepared can save your life.

Their story has a lasting impact and encompasses not just the elements of workplace safety, it also includes a story of motivation, determination and inspiration coupled with believing!

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