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World Sailor, Business and Workplace Strategist

Steve Long has lived a life that has been a roller coaster of adventure, hard work, and risk since the 1990’s. Beginning with his days as a college dropout to the very successful business man he is today, Steve Long has always drawn strength from the techniques he personally developed to combat stress and adversity along his journey.

His passions have brought him many successes in life; he is the founder of several start-ups, he is an accomplished boat builder and international sailor, and he is a respected management expert and innovator in his field. Now a renowned keynote speaker and author, he likes to share his passions for accomplishment and impeccable work ethics with others. As a management expert, innovator, business man, world sailor, writer and the founder of the Leaders Factory, Steve Long inspires his audiences with the techniques he has developed over the years to combat stress and adversity during his breath-taking life history.

From college dropout to the very prosperous business man he is today, Steve Long has wanted everything from life, driving him to push his limits further continually. Committed to his goal list, it is that list that led him to sail around the world on a trimaran he designed, drew and built himself. His face-to-face with Hurricane Katrina while sailing on the Atlantic in September 2005 will leave you speechless. Steve Long covers subjects mainly centered around goal achievement, teamwork, and equilibrium. There is a time for resourcing oneself, and a time for getting up off that and start making your life a masterpiece. Steve’s experience of circumnavigating the globe and achieving great successes in business have given a refreshing and highly credible perspective to his message.

When Steve Long faced a hurricane in the middle of the Ocean it put things in perspective, so be sure your audience is going to feel extremely motivated to overcome their daily challenges once Steve is done speaking.

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A Power Struggle by definition is a situation in which two or more people compete for control.

Steve’s definition of a Power Struggle is cancer that grows into every human being during their lifetime if they don’t act on it.

In this program, Steve helps his audience apply simple changes and give you a set of tools to get rid of this destructive behavior.

Get ready to transform your relationships, and change your life.

Generally, everyone has dreams or goals that they want to make happen.

But have you already written a list of them?

Steve has reached colossal heights thanks to his list of personal goals to which he has committed himself.

But how do you stay faithful to your dreams?

This program of Steve’s will show you that reverse engineering is the key to success in the accomplishment of goals. In other words, break down your goal into daily tasks.

For some, success is abstract. What can you do so that you can achieve the success you dream of?

You have to fight the inaction and do something as quickly as possible to work towards your dreams.

To achieve that, using metrics is essential. The art of accumulating metrics let Steve continually adjust his actions until he found the winning formula.

In this program, Steve will explain what these metrics are, how to apply them, and how they will help you combat the inaction that’s slowing up your progress.

Steve has always been drawn to adrenaline-fueled activities, both physically and mentally. He loves to push his limits, but does so while also giving considerable thought to his actions. He has pushed his limits so far that he could have been killed several times. His face-down with Hurricane Katrina on-board Atlantis, the 65-foot yacht that he built, proved to be the experience that really tested and pushed those limits.

By living through such an experience, and coming out unscathed, Steve realized that those same principles that led him to succeed in business also proved to be a considerable asset when confronting Earth’s natural forces. In this program, Steve reveals exactly how these principles can be applied to every area of your life.

The decision to undertake a new project or position can be very difficult – a mountain for some. In order to adapt to new business and personal change one must draw on courage and determination. The kind of determination that is stronger than any challenge. In this program, Steve invites you into his world where all is possible – a world that he’s been shaping day after day for years. Steve is an expert in stimulating and instilling a constructive and positive energy in his audiences, but – above all – he wants to put across the needs to take action, and to take action right now.

Relationships based on strength and weakness are all around us: an employee who closes a door a little too hard, a supervisor who uses the power of his position to further his personal interests, or a parent who gives way before a child’s outbursts.

Steve’s experiences during his childhood have now made him unbending about these relationships.

Discipline is important.

Steve shows that it is possible to maintain equilibrium in one’s relationships through discipline, the right choice of words, and correct tones for putting across one’s message, with concrete examples and solutions.

Steve’s program will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of relationships. He will teach you the identifying marks of toxic behavior so that you can rely on having appropriate responses and learn how to eliminate these behaviors.

Is your business model not working? Are you finding it hard to motivate your staff to work as a team? Does your group need to improve?

Maybe you are hesitant about launching a project, or are you wondering how and where to start?

If you let doubt and fear work its way into your daily life, it could be very costly for your goals.

In this program, Steve teaches how to prevent conflicts and optimize teamwork.

If you want to sail around the world on a yacht that you’ve built yourself, you need to make the right choices.

We live in a world where people let themselves be ruled by their emotions. Who hasn’t already attended a motivational event and come out swelled with emotion and ready to move mountains? But what about the next day, when the motivation has worn off? Was it positive, or are you worse off because of inaction?

Steve has never been a lover of artistic flourish; he has always applied logic to circumstances.

Steve says that “Logic is the key to success”. When you’re taking a decision, it is essential to put your emotions and feelings to one side, so that you can make an enlightened choice.

Letting yourself be guided by your emotions and not rationalizing through logic is to gravitate towards a panoply of bad choices and miss out on multiple opportunities.

Thanks to this program, learn how you can use logic to make the right decisions and keep yourself motivated every day, without constantly questioning your success.

Having accumulated a very wide range of business and personal expertise, Steve has been able to create a variety of personalized programs that are sure to fit your needs.​

  • conferences

  • full days of training

  • sales and 4-hour workshops

  • and more…just give us a call and we can customize a program to fit your needs.

Steve researches and addresses tangible concepts with a multitude of metrics and techniques tested and proven over the years. You can be sure that the program will meet your criteria and requirements while inspiring your audience. ​

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Montreal, Quebec

SAIL FREE By Steve Long

From humble, working-class roots in Montreal, to becoming the international businessman he is today, Steve Long has been on quite the journey. From college-dropout to millionaire, Steve has created his path to success. After 15 years of coaching others with his unique, logical approach to business and life-coaching, Steve is finally sharing his story in this book. As an inspirational figure, Steve is hoping his story will inspire others to follow his path. His beginnings were relatively modest as a student and he had to overcome many obstacles to be in the position he is now. While reading this book, you will gain some “tricks of the trade” from a man who has overcome many challenges, and who built a one of a kind sailboat to circle the globe with. This book isn’t any old biography. Instead, it’s a book filled with snapshots from Steve’s life that will make you laugh, smile and possibly think about your life differently. It’s a book filled with the visions of a man who refused to leave it all to luck and coincidence and was able to create a road to success. Steve knows the importance of utilizing a compass…he never would have made it through his life at sea without one…so let him be yours. Use his programs to get yourself on the right course to success.

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