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Jean-Francois Dupras

Alpinist, Adventurer and Mental Health Advocate

Susan Eaton

Geoscientist/ Journalist/ Polar Explorer

Lisa Elle

Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Strategist & Financial Author

Robin Esrock

International Travel Broadcaster, Journalist & Bestselling Author

Brandon Evans


Dyan Eybergen

Mental Health, Education and Parenting Expert

Makokis Family

A Full Indigenous Perspective

Guy Felicella

Harm Reduction Advocate, Advisor and Addiction Educator

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Cyber Bullying, Communication Health & Wellness and Psychology Expert

Crystal Flaman

Social Entrepreneur, Author and Adventure-Seeker

Viviane Forest

Gold Medalist, Paralympic Athlete and Overcoming Adversity Expert

Sonia Funk

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Expert

Dr. Darryl Jordan Gebien

Compassion, Resiliency, Addiction and the Opioid Crisis Expert

Liz Gleadle

3x Olympian, High Performance Habits Specialist and Motivational Speaker

Paula Goebel

Communications, Productivity, Inter-generational Workplace Expert

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Behaviour Scientist & TEDx Speaker - Compassion-Cultivator & Change Agent

Ann Gomez

Hybrid Workplace, High Performance & Team Collaboration Thought Leader

Bob Gray

Sales, Customer Service/Relationships, Health & Wellness, Brain, Memory.

Andrew Haley

Paralympic Gold Medalist & Cancer Survivor - Leadership, Determination & Resilience Expert

Stephen Hammond

Author, Speaker, Trainer And Consultant

Beth Hanishewski

Resilience, Teamwork and Relationship Expert

Akeem Haynes

Olympic Bronze Medalist - Mindset Resilience, Determination & Overcoming Adversity Expert

Fabian Henry

PTSD, Mental Health and Military Expert

Mathew Hill

Motivational and Awareness Speaker

Corey Hirsch

NHL Goalie & Silver Medalist - MENtal Health & Wellness

Alan Hobson

Mountain Climber & Cancer Survivor - Leadership, Change, Adversity & Teamwork Expert

Andrea Holwegner

Nutrition, Energy and Mental Performance, Wellness Expert

Greg Hopf

Indigenous Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Storytelling, First Nation Relationship Expert

David Houle

Bilingual, Addiction and Recovery Expert, Singer and Choreographer

Dave Howard

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Benoit Huot

Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership, Adversity, Teamwork and Disability Inclusion Expert

Jessica Janzen

Author, Coach And Philanthropist - Bring The Joy Expert

Anthony Johnson

LGBTQ2S+, Two-Spirit and Diversity Expert

Ann Dowsett Johnston

Psychotherapist & Award Winning Journalist - Mental Health, Trauma and Addictions Expert

Florence K

Florence Riley is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter from Quebec

Brian Keating

Award Winning Conservationist, Naturalist, Educator, Adventure and Wildlife Expert

Allan Kehler

Resilience and Stress Management Expert & Mental Health Advocate

Ken Keis

Leadership, Life Purpose, Wellness and Behavioral Assessment Strategies Expert

Michael Kerr

Workplace Energizer - Leadership, Change, Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Allan Knight

Former Monk - Self Awareness, Connection & Communication Expert

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