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Find employee engagement experts & employee engagement keynote speakers for employee engagement conferences & summits. Hire employee engagement specialists & employee engagement speakers for engaging employees events & gatherings. Book Canadian guest speakers for employee engagement, engaging employees & employee retreats. speakers bureau Canada has top employee engagement experts & best employee engagement keynote speakers for employee engagement conventions & symposiums. search our public speakers, employee engagement specialists that deliver presentations, speeches & talks to provide insights & improve skills for employee engagement at awareness days/weeks/months events in the workplace.

Paula Goebel

Communications, Productivity, Inter-generational Workplace Expert

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Behaviour Scientist & TEDx Speaker - Compassion-Cultivator & Change Agent

Ann Gomez

Hybrid Workplace, High Performance & Team Collaboration Thought Leader

Bob Gray

Sales, Customer Service/Relationships, Health & Wellness, Brain, Memory.

Marc Haine

Brand Strategist, Business Marketing Specialist, And Service Specialization Expert

Nathan Hall

Award-winning entrepreneur, business leader and educator

Carissa Halton

Community and Social Justice Advocate, Writer, Facilitator and Strategic Planner

Charmaine Hammond

Conflict Management, Communication, Collaboration & Resilience Expert

Stephen Hammond

Author, Speaker, Trainer And Consultant

Beth Hanishewski

Resilience, Teamwork and Relationship Expert

Jim Harris

Futures, Strategy, Innovation, Change Expert

Tyler Hayden

Teamwork, Leadership and Peak Performance Expert

Theo Heineman

Safety Management Systems and Workplace Health and Safety Expert

Keith Herman

Futurist and Business Expert

Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus, Business Strategy, Performance and Productivity Expert

Tom Hierck

Classroom, Learning and Education Workforce Expert

Tom Higgins

Leadership and Accountability Expert

Lisa Hrabluk

Deep Change Expert

Keld Jensen

Communication, Negotiation, Behavioral Economics Expert

Vanessa Judelman

Leadership Development, Human Resources and Intergenerational Workplace Expert

Kyle Kalloo

Leadership, Teams & Workplace Culture Expert

Doug Keeley

Leadership, Creativity and Corporate Culture Expert

Ken Keis

Leadership, Life Purpose, Wellness and Behavioral Assessment Strategies Expert

Michael Kerr

Workplace Energizer - Leadership, Change, Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Sharon Koifman

Productivity and longevity in remote work

Randy Kolibaba

Leadership, Employee Engagement, Change Management, PTSD and Mindful Living Expert

Adam Kreek

Canadian Gold Medalist - Leadership, Change and Peak Performance Expert

Paul Krismer

Positive Psychology, Engagement, Happiness and Safety Expert

Sanjeev Kumar

Workplace Wellness Strategist - Gratitude, Work-Life Balance, Mindfulness & Productivity Expert

Darren Lang

Stress Management, Resiliency and Productivity Expert

Étienne Steven Langlois

K-12 Educational Consultant , Social Emotional Learning and Edutainment Expert

Lionel Laroche

Diversity in the Workplace and Multicultural Workforce Expert

Terry Lashyn

Business Intelligence, Human Resources and Retirement Expert

Deri Latimer

Leadership, Change, Resilience, Mental Health & Wellness Expert

Alvin Law

Leadership, Resilience, Change, Attitude & Productivity Expert

Doug Lawrence

Mentoring and Engagement Expert

Wayne Lee

Best Corporate Hypnotist in Canada & Peak Performance Expert

Bruce Lee

Productivity, Engagement and Accountability Expert

Filipe Masetti Leite

Long Rider, Best-Selling Author and Film Maker

Eddie LeMoine

Leadership, Workforce Engagement, Generations at Work, Talent Management & Staff Retention Expert

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